Top 10 Daedric Quests

September 30, 2015

Of course, all of this is my opinion, but here’s the most memorable and entertaining of the bunch:

10. A Daedra’s Best Friend


Ah yes, the infamously annoying quest because you have the most infamously annoying dog to follow you around forever until you actually complete the damn thing. I don’t know how many times Barbas has pushed me to my death, I swear that little Daedric dog has it out for me. If I didn’t like his accent so much I would have just said “fuck it” and whipped out the animal abuse, too bad he’s fucking immortal, so I guess that wouldn’t really work, either. Overall the quest was okay, and reuniting Barbas with Clavicus Vile was kinda cute…until he tells you to kill Barbas! :O

9. The Only Cure

cuz i got high

cuz i got high

I actually didn’t enjoy the quest too much, but I got A LOT of use out of the Spellbreaker shield, espcially on lower levels. I mean, it’s a shit ton of work to go through the Dwarven ruins while hundreds of sick people constantly vomit on you, but I’d say it’s worth it, with all those elemental resists on dat shield. Awww yeee.

8. The Taste of Death


I don’t know why, but quests involving cannibals always fascinated me. I’m just getting flashback’s Fallout 3 family that invited you to “stay for dinner”…and then you find all the dead bodies in the freezer. Good times, good times. You have to stop or join a group of cannibals hidden outside of Markarth. Will you wipe them out, or join them and receive the Ring of Namira?

7. The Whispering Door

Nothing like listening to the whisperings behind a mysterious door. It’s the kind of thing that almost makes you think you’re insane. Plus it involes that creepy depressed kid Jarl Balgruuf has. You remember the one “Here to lick my father’s boots?” Yeah, that brat. Now you can either pickpocket or kill Farengar to get the key, either way though there’s no one on the otherside of the damn door…but there is the sweet-ass Ebony Blade. Mmmmm.

6. The House of Horrors

The only Daedra that I might actually be scared of.

The only Daedra that I might actually be scared of.

I didn’t think this one was too particularly interesting, except for well, the beginning. You go into this old creepy abandoned house in Markarth, shit flies around like crazy and it’s actually genuinely creepy. Plus you got one of the most badass and evil Daedra, Molag Bal talking to you the entire time, it definitely sets up a really good atmosphere. Bring a priest and kill him in front of Molag Bal’s shrine and you will get the Mace of Molag Bal, which is also pretty damn useful.

5. Discerning the Transmundane


This is what nightmares are made of.

When I first played this quest, it was back in the days before Hermaus Mora was a massive creepy pile of tentacles, he was more like…summon gate. At least he didn’t look to scary. Now imagine my surprise playing on PC a few years later and seeing him as the tentacles…yikes. Definitely a lot creepier, and a lot better. Paired with that voice too… it makes for a quest that kind of lures you in even though in the back of your mind you’re thinking…”This is probably going to end badly for someone.” Luckily it’s not going to be you. Getting the Oghma Infinium makes it all worth it though, once you power level through your chosen skill path. Damn I love reading.

4. Boethiah’s Calling

Nothing is more evil than kiling someone who completely trusts you. …And so is the basis for Boethiah’s quest. After finding the Black Book that will lead you to the Sacellum of Boethiah, you are given the Blade of Sacrifice, and asked to kill your follower. If you do, you are then asked to find and kill the Champion of Boethiah, which will give you the Ebony Mail, and you will be come the new champion. Damn the amount of betrayal in this quest makes it pretty dark indeed.

3. Ill Met by Moonlight

Tricky bastard.

Tricky bastard.

Now if you’re a regular to this blog you know how much I like werewolves, so, this quest was definitely one of my favourites. You venture to the jail in Falkreeath and talk to a man called Sinding, who apparently killed a little girl by accident when he became a werewolf. He gives you the Cursed Ring of Hircine, and that you have to kill the beast in the woods to applease Hircine. Alrighty, no problem…go off to kill the White Stag. It was a bit tricky however, as that thing has crazy agility, jumping all over the place, weaving through trees like nothing. Of course, being a werewolf and chasing the stag was hella fun though, so I can’t complain. Anyway, once you kill him Hircine will tell you go to find Sinding and kill him. But, you have a choice with siding with Sinding or killing the hunters after him. Of course I’m all about being werewolf-bros so I’d help Sinding out. And then you get the uncursed Ring of Hircine for your trouble. Sweeeet.

2. Mind of Madness


Everything Sheogorath=automatically amazing. No one is quite as entertaining as the god of madness. First you talk to some crazy man wandering Solitude, and then you sneak off into the Pelagius Wing in the Blue Palace, and get transported into the mind of Pelagius the Third. Sheogorath’s there to greet you, casually eating a snack. You have three tasks to complete to help Pelagius, by helping him overcome his paranoia, or build his confidence by making the mini-Pelagius into a huge giant Pelagius, and waking him up from night terrors. For some reason I really had a hard time with the last one. And no, punching him repeatedly isn’t going to wake his ass up. And after all this work you get the glorious Wabbajack staff, from which you can turn people into sweetrolls and eat them too…There’s something really hilarious and disturbing about that last part.

1. A Night to Remember

Your waifu.

Your waifu.

Okay, if your character is wandering around Skyrim for some amount of time, they should have a pretty high alcohol tolerance. If not…well shame on you, you must not be a Nord. Anyway, turns out you’ll lose this drinking bet against Sam Guevenne anyway, so don’t practice too hard. You’ll wake up at the Temple of Dibella in Markarth, wondering how the fuck you got there. Of course the priestess isn’t happy with you, and tells you to clean up. That’s relatively tame compaired to the rest of this crazy quest. Following this you’ll head off to Rorikstead to chase after some poor bastard’s goat. Turns out you’ll have to take it back from a giant…well you know how smoothly that’ll go. And then you’ll end up in Whiterun, find out you’re engaged to a Hagraven…meanwhile you still have no idea what the fuck is going on. This quest was relatively fun up until the part I had to fight a whole fucking army of mages, goddamn I died way too much to that before I jumped into the portal and ended up at Sanguine’s sex party. But it was all worth it for Sanguine’s Rose, a staff that will summon a Daedra to fight for you for 60 seconds, which is hella useful at lower levels. Damn it, if only I got this BEFORE fighting those mages…

PROTIP: Don’t go back into the portal after leaving it the first time. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in Misty Grove for all eternity. Not that that would be the worst thing, mind you…

Image Credits: UESP Wiki


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