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Oblivion – My First Elder Scrolls Experience

January 31, 2012

When I picked up Oblivion again for the 360 after a long point of leaving it to collect dust (see my introduction post here for more information), I honestly couldn’t remember why I chose Khajiit to play as my first character. In these games, I usually play as female, and I just lazily set my name as “Ren”. I planned on making this playthrough a thief/warrior, but it ended up as a jack-of-all-trades kind of deal (which, usually happens on my first run). And, first thing’s first (and continuing that trend in Skyrim), I stole a horse as soon as I got through that awfully long and boring intro and out into the world of Cyrodiil. I joined every single guild, I robbed what I could to sell to Ongar, and originally I was going to be a good character, but being convinced to get Shadowmere, that didn’t last long (although, admittedly, I kind of lazied around after obtaining her, heh). I put 61 hours into this playthrough, without even going into Kvatch’s Oblivion gate.

Then, Steam had a sale going on for Oblivion: GOTY Edition. For a mere $5, I could have the game on my PC, plus all the DLC included. My friend Hitomi and immediately jumped on this deal and I started playing on the PC. Not before I heavily modded it, of course.

The problem with character creation in the beginning of the game is how close your face is to the damn camera. I had the opposite issue with Fallout. At least with the multiple mods I downloaded, I could actually make a humanoid character that was relatively pleasing to the eyes. But, as with the “face-too-close-to-the-camera” issue, I happened to make the character’s face way too pale, or just an odd colour in contrast with the rest of the body.

The exact issue as mentioned above, and only noticed after spending a lot of time trying to make a good looking character.

(I also realize this is a first-person game, but hey…it’s kinda fun…)

After a few false starts, I finally managed to create a character I actually liked, and didn’t have the face/body issue. I named her Ezra.

Ezra mostly focused in archery, a bit of sword-wielding, magic and alchemy…basically just like my first character, minus the murdering rampages. I quickly clocked in 61 hours, having fun killing Daedra and the like…sniping people with my arrows, and just selling my potions for lots of cash (thanks to the Wizard Tower plug-in, hooray for personal garden!!). I began to collect horses shortly after, not sure exactly why, since I had my perfectly good demon-horse summons.

Ezra, with demon horse summon "Spike", on top of Wizard's Tower.

I tried to play the PC version a bit differently from the 360’s, and to be honest, playing both have been quite unique. The only issue I had with the PC version was, despite fast loading times, the game seems to crash randomly for me all the time. Yes, even without all the mods installed. So I have to quicksave often. It’s different from the console, as the gaming community, thanks to their mods, add their own unique flavour to the game that wasn’t present in the vanilla version (not to say Oblivion on its own isn’t very good, quite the opposite, in fact).

I hope to finish the game (well, the main questline…or any questline for that matter, anyway…) sometime soon. as soon I can drag myself away from Skyrim long enough. 😀



An Introduction

January 30, 2012

Hello, and welcome to Monahven, or, as the citizens of Skyrim call it, The Throat of the World; a blog dedicated to my thoughts, experiences and rants of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

But, I suppose I should introduce myself first.

My name is Ren. I first started playing Bethesda games about a year ago. I’m still relatively new to their catalog.

I started first with borrowing Fallout 3 for the XBOX 360 after hearing my boyfriend tell me about it. I got into it right away, the expansive dialogue choices and story kept me enticed though the 65 hours I put into it. It was the kind of game, while not only was fun (who doesn’t like shooting super mutants in the face…?), but it had a large area to explore and discover, which kept me occupied long after the main questline was finished. I found myself playing more and more, wanting to find out what happened next, where your father actually disappeared, what other sorts of bizarre irradiated creatures I would find next. I finished the game at level 17 with good karma, and a satisfied smirk on my face. I immediately reloaded an earlier save and went to do more exploring.

Shortly after I decided to play Fallout: New Vegas for the PC (after hearing how bugged it was, I figure it would be easier to obtain patches on the PC rather than a console without XBOX Live). Unfortunately, I almost gave up playing it, as at first it lagged horribly on my PC and was almost unplayable (not due to specs, but a known issue with a missing .dll file). Fortunately, I bought a laptop that summer and decided to try giving it a go again. I put another 50 hours into it, a good portion of that was spent trying to get out of the Sierra Madre casino in the DLC Dead Money. I haven’t completed the game yet, and don’t think I will for awhile. There just seems like a lot of things to do.

I also borrowed Oblivion in the Spring of ’11 after asking to for weeks. I finally got it and was rather excited to try it. Unfortunately, it was plagued by frame rate issues and long loading times on my 360, so I stopped playing shortly after. In October, I picked it up again, in anticipation of Skyrim. This time I cleared the system cache and the loading was tolerable, and I went and put in 61 hours in it. But more about my thoughts on Oblivion in another post.

I got Skyrim for Christmas, and after a few hiccups with the 360, began playing it feverishly. What I had looked forward to the most was the dragon fights and the possibility of becoming a werewolf. To this day exactly, I have put in 121 hours into it and I’ve almost completed the main quest. The game is absolutely stunning, and MASSIVE. Yes, there were a few bugs here and there, but they were relatively minor (i.e., low-res textures even WITHOUT installing to the hard drive), occasional frame-rate drops in Riften, and a certain spinning dragon. Other than that, I hadn’t found any issue, but my save file is dangerously climbing to about 14 MB now. Hopefully, I can put many more hours into it without any huge glitches or slowdowns.

And that’s basically it. My experiences with Bethesda games. I’m not a Bethesda fangirl by any means, but I certainly enjoy their games, and thus, with Skyrim being so huge and everyone’s experiences being so diverse, I thought I would use this blog to share mine.

Besides, I like ranting.

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