Who I am.

A 24 year old female dragon slayer wandering the province of Skyrim, who swears and drinks too much like a true Nord should.

What this blog is for.

Putting my experiences with Skyrim into words. Everyone’s playthrough and experiences will be different, thus, this is my share of a story. I will also use this for thoughts on different games as well. I’m really writing this for myself, and my friends, and not really looking for blog fame or whatever that shit is, but if you enjoy a post, all the better. 🙂

Eventually older entries will get a bit of an overhaul, editing things like spelling errors, or incoherent sentences. They might change a little, but if you notice anything really out of it (IE, doesn’t make sense at all), send me a PM and I’ll try to fix it. 🙂


I apologize for the lack of coherent writing. I just write as it comes to me.


My characters referenced to in this blog:


PC Characters:


lyra3Age: Early 20s
Race: Imperial
Level: 37
Class: Archer/Warrior, occasionally uses magic. Werewolf.
Favourite Weapon: Whatever has the best enchantment at the time. I don’t have a set one yet. I do like the crossbows, however.
Favourite Shout: Become Ethereal/Unrelenting Force (I don’t use them often yet)
Guilds: Companions, Mages, Thieves’
Spouse: Marcurio…again.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Civil War: Neutral
Residing In: Blue Bear Lodge, south-east of Windhelm.
Current Travel Companion(s): Serana, Marcurio, Inigo
Time Invested: 100+ hours
In Game Days Past: 160?


XBOX Characters (mostly retired):


Lilian/Lillian (I constantly keep mixing up the spelling of her name. Oh well. C’est la vie.)
lillianAge: Somewhere in her 20’s
Race: Nord
Level: 56
Class: Archer. Sometimes mage. Werewolf.
Favourite Weapon: Daedric Bow
Favourite Shout: Aura Whisper
Guilds: Companions/Mages/Thieves’
Spouse: Marcurio
Alignment: Neutral Good
Civil War: Neutral
Residing In: Markarth
Current Travel Companion: No one
Time Invested: 264 hours
In Game Days Past: 254 (approx.)



Age: 19
Race: Khajiit
Level: 36…I think.
Class: Assassin
Guilds: Dark Brotherhood, Thieves’
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Civil War: Imperial Legion
Residing In: Solitude/Dawnstar Sanctuary
Current Travel Companion: Cicero





If you could have any Shout in real life, what would it be?

Wow, this is a tough one. ODAHVIING immediately comes to mind, I mean, who wouldn’t want a dragon at their beEck and call? Followed by…Aura Whisper, Slow Time, Clear Skies, Whirlwind Spirit, FUS RO DAH!!ohgodIdon’tknowanymore.

PS: UESP or ES Wiki – If you want to me to remove the images borrowed from your sites, please contact me.



  1. Ok, after seeing your latest post and just getting over-ridiculously excited that you have 47 posts under the ‘Skyrim’ category, don’t be surprised if I stalk through your blog later 😀 I would have to go with Fus Roh Dah, I have far too much fun Fus Roh Dah-ing annoying characters off of the top of Throat of the World 😀

  2. Hey there love! Just letting you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award and the Sunshine Award! 🙂 The rules are: Mention the blog/s that nominated you, nominate some blogs of your own choice, answer a series of questions about yourself, and if you feel like it also post 7 random facts about yourself! You can see the details here: http://therantommenace.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/happy-blogiversary-remain-insane/

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