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Glutton for Punishment

February 12, 2012

It was a cold winter night, as I approached the Imperial soldiers at our rendezvous-point upon my steed Shadowmere. I dismounted, and Lydia finally caught up to join us. We were about to storm into Fort Dunstad.

For the Empire! (Nevermind the fact I'm in the Dark Brotherhood and well upon my way to ultimately assassinate the Emperor...Oh, the irony!)

We took out the archers with ease, and stormed into the battle grounds. The fight was bloody, blades flying from both Stormcloaks and Imperials.

Sure, pull out your mace when I get close. Just stand still and take it, cheater.

When it finally was all over, I started looting the bodies for arrows and helmets before I skipped over to find Lydia, so she could be my storage container.

“Lydia? Where’d you go?” I called as the Imperials patrolled their newly acquired fort.


And right there, between a dead Imperial and a dead Stormcloak, was a very dead Lydia.

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February 1, 2012

I can't believe I paid for this guy 3 times.

Alright, alright, Marcurio. I’ll try to remember that for the next time. Now here, hold onto these dragon bones, this iron mace, and this ebony shield, and about half a dozen corundum ingots for me, kthnx.

(sigh) “Oh, very well, butmakeitquick!”

To be honest, I find followers good for these 3 things (in order):

1. To hold all my extra loot so I don’t become over-encumbered.
2. To provide support while fighting enemies.
3. To provide company and insight during a trek across the land. Because let’s face it, sometimes it gets lonely out there.

For the few followers I had, few were useful, and more were just annoying. The 3 reasons why they’re bad:

1. They’re an extra person to take care of.
2. They set off traps. All. The. Damn. Time.
3. They’re usually terrible for sneaking. I mean, really.

Would I rather travel on my own then? Well, it depends. Sometimes, yes. Other times, no. It just depends on what kind of character you chose to play as, and whether or not they’re up to par to actually help you out (i.e., pairing the opposites: ranged/melee, warrior/mage, etc.).

These are the following followers (heh), I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with so far:


"Honored to you, my Thane." PLZ GTFO MY HOUSE.

I think for most people, Lydia was probably their first follower (that, or Sven/Faendal from Riverwood). I kept her around for a little while, but I just found her line, “I am SWORN to carry your burdens…” to be incredibly annoying, especially HOW she said it. I parted ways with her pretty quick. I don’t even remember how good she was at fighting. I don’t think I would have kept her anyway.


"I like to kill things. Therefore, you should hire me."

Jenassa was my first hired helper. She was pretty damn good, once armored up with some Elven armor. She held up on her own pretty well, but I parted ways from her eventually (I think it was because of a Companions’ quest, which sometimes removes your followers). I say hi to her in the bar sometimes, other than that, haven’t really thought of her since. At least I earned her respect, provided she still holds true on that offer to join me again for free. Yay.


"So you think you can make it on your own then. We'll see about that."

I’m not sure why exactly I hired him, maybe it was his laughable arrogant attitude or something, but he far surpassed the previous companions I had before. I found him drinking away on a bench in Riften the first time I entered the city. It seems like he has endless magicka, or at least a lot of it, and, he tends to observe the actions and the areas we visit, and provides his input on it. I quite enjoyed exploring Skyrim with him, yes, even with his constant complaints about having to carry things. Geez. Unfortunately, he was removed as a follower several times as I completed quests for The Companions. Thus, I actually paid 1500 gold for his services. Worried that I’d have to waste money on him AGAIN, and plus he kind of grew on me, I equipped the Amulet of Mara and promptly married him. Damn, he makes some good home-cooked meals! Plus, I still take him on adventures sometimes (I’m less worried about him dying now that I have Healing Hands equipped). At least now, it’s free. Just wish he’d stop walking into traps all the time…and stop trying to sell me the stuff I give him to equip! 😛

Aela the Huntress

The only one who stayed as a...wait, spoilers.

I kinda kept her around for a bit here and there during Totem or Animal Extermination quests. Being an essential follower, she’s quite useful to use as a distraction. Unfortunately, due to a glitch, she keeps her default hunting bow, even when giving her a much better bow to equip. Also, I’m a bit disappointed she doesn’t use her other “power” once and awhile. That would have been cool. Us shield sisters watch each other’s backs. 😉


One of the few nice ones that actually welcomed me into the Companions. Yay!

She was okay. I didn’t kept her long, though. I just happened to be in Whiterun at the time, and she was just on hand. She’s prone to dying way too easy.


"Did I scare you?"

I fell in love with Farkas’s voice almost immediately after I met him. My love was further reaffirmed during the quest Proving Honor. I just thought he was so cool and sweet. I definitely had a hard time between choosing him, Aela, or Marcurio to marry. He was pretty useful, and his phobia is pretty relatable. He’s my bro.


Supposedly the "smarter" one of the two brothers.

I can’t really remember him to much (in terms of having him as a follower, of course. He’s pretty prominent in the Companions’ questline. I guess he was pretty good, never really had an issue with him that I could remember. I still like Farkas better, though.

Uthgerd the Unbroken

"I could take you. I could beat anyone in this city."

After a nice brawl near the beginning of the game and getting my 100 septims, I asked for her help a lot further in the game. She was pretty tough, but I lost interest in her quickly.


"If anyone sneaks up on us, I'll smell them coming. Or I will not. We'll see."

“Khajiit will watch your back.” Indeed they do. I asked him to follow me once I found his Moon Amulet. It took me awhile to track him down, considering he works as a guard for the Khajiit Caravans. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to keep him long (I just got him today, actually), before he was dismissed due to Aela giving me a Totem of Hircine quest. Hopefully I’ll be able to track him down again soon.


"J'zargo can learn magic from these men and elves, but they cannot learn to be as dashing as he. J'Zargo comes out on top."

Charming indeed. As charming as a Khajiit mage trying to kill me could be. Fortunately, you gain his respect after surviving the effects of his fire-cloak scrolls. To be honest, I actually found them useful (besides that one time I accidently hit Kharjo with it, and he tried to kill me. Whoops. I died anyway.), running kamikaze style at Draugr and annoying mages. Seeing as I just recruited him today, after hearing how useful he is (apparently his level cap is 81–the same as yours), I haven’t had much of a chance to use him, but his charming personality and strong magic attacks have won me over so far. I’ll just see how long this holds up.

It’s funny how I usually become over-cumbered even with a companion to hold all my stuff…guess it’s that greedy-ness.

Misc. Followers:


Bark! Bark! (pant, pant)

He’s a cute dog I stumbled across while venturing through the woods aimlessly. I felt sorry for him, plus I love dogs, so I took him with me (and took extra precaution to make sure he didn’t get killed–he’s actually at lot tougher than he looks). Unfortunately, he barks way too much (somehow I feel the other three dogs are probably the same way. Heh, Three Dog. XD), so I usually made him sit at my home in Whiterum in front of the fireplace. And, like all followers, he usually leaves if you make him wait too long. I retrieved him a second time after that, but the same thing happened and I haven’t bothered since. Nice dog, though, and a good fighter. Just really annoying. I wish he was a bit more like Dogmeat from Fallout 3 and bark a little less (Dogmeat actually very rarely barked, and when he did, it surprised the heck of out me). If he was a bit more like that, I’d probably make the effort to go get him for a third time.

Horse (Black, Palomino & Frost)

I like to run into battle and get eaten by dragons. 🙂

Quite useful when at lower levels, not only are the horses a way to travel quite quickly across the harsh terrain of Skyrim, the horses you actually own will assist you in battle when you dismount (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on what it is. Wolf=Fine. Elder Dragon=Not so fine). Especially in a party with a human and dog companion, plus an optional summon, it’s another useful aid to assist you in battle. If only my Palomino and Frost hadn’t disappeared on me…I swear they didn’t get killed, which leaves me with only my original horse, which I wanted to retire. At least now, with Katla’s Farm and Riften Stables (thanks to winning a brawl with the stable owner!) I can rid their horses for free. Just too bad they leave you as soon as you dismount.

There’s plenty of other followers to find, and perhaps I’ll switch them up even more. Perhaps they’ll be a second post about followers, perhaps not. We shall see.

Anyway, it’s quite late now and I’m ready to go to sleep. Until next time!

Image credits: UESP Wiki, Elder Scrolls Wiki.

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