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June 30, 2014

As I find myself (slowly) nearing the end of Dark Souls, I find myself wondering, “What next?” Probably a New Game+ in all likelihood, but sometimes I miss that cold tundra of Skyrim.

Which is fortunate with Steam’s summer sale.

I’ve bought the Legendary Edition of Skyrim–which means finally, FINALLY I can play all the DLC. I may be a year late, but I’ve been patient–and I’ll be playing it completely blind in that aspect. Be a vampire? Or kick vampiric ass? Visit Morrowind in Dragonborn? Hell yeah. Make my own house without stupid ass Lydia watching me while I sleep? Sounds fucking good to me!

And of course…there’s all these mods.

I’ve already begun making a list of mods I want to try–Another Start, Higher Difficulty, Better Horses, etc, plus whatever I can find that looks really interesting (suggestions welcome, of course!)

I’ll be recounting my experiences as I go. Of course, getting used to the controls again will be a bit difficult after being away for a few months, but I’ll get the hang of it again soon enough. And this time…some of my own SCREENSHOTS, FUCK YEAH!