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Elder Scrolls Online Beta

March 31, 2014

Alright, considering it’s less than a week until full release, I guess I should get this review started!

I’ll be giving a very quick run though on the story, because I don’t want to ruin it if you decide to experience it for yourself! (Plus I forgot a lot of the story details shush.)

Getting into the Beta for me was an extremely exciting experience. I’ve seen screenshots and gameplay footage before then, of which were exclusively released by the company, and I was still wary about buying a game without any customer feedback. I think though the biggest mistake I made was going in expecting Skyrim…because that’s definitely NOT what you get.

It actually didn't happen as much as I thought it would.

The welcome screen. (Don’t worry, it actually wasn’t that buggy. Zenimax Online actually did a pretty decent job)

Without an opening movie (a place holder was set), you don’t get much backstory as why you’re a prisoner in the realm of Oblivion, but from what I can remember your soul ends up a slave to Molag Bal. You have to help this prophet to stop Molag Bal from his evil plans. Of course there’s the faction/civil war gameplay but I didn’t get to touch on that.

The first few minutes of gameplay are alone; you do not get to interact or see other players until you beat the basic tutorial. It then opens up into a large open area with plenty of lost souls and flame atronachs to fight, and other players to see and interact with. It was here I got stuck, because after you talk to this crazy man, the directions and map markers were quite unclear. Most players had the same problem as I did, we stood in front of the wrong door, wondering why the map marker was on it and why it wouldn’t open.

Once you realize your destination is actually underneath, you are again separated from other players where you play out more of the early story, and from there you are transferred to your starter island (it depends where you go by what race and faction you pick, I picked Nord so I ended up on a small island in Skyrim, my other character was a Khajiit and ended up somewhere in Elsweyr) and back into the MMO world. From there you can do more “beginner” style quests, and can leave at any time (usually by completing the main quest in that area).

And that’s basically the first 1-3 hours of playing (depending on how fast you get the controls down and figuring out what to do).

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