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Fallout 4 – An Unlikely Valentine (Main Quest, Part 4)

March 31, 2016

Fallout 4_20160406213912223

So getting to Park Street Station/Vault 114 wasn’t too bad–I mean, it’s been awhile since I’ve done it but I don’t remember any significant asskicking. However, entering the subway station was another story. I had Piper along with me, because why not. It’s important for someone to be my meat shield have my back due to my terrible aim. And of course, I’m met by goons with fucking machine guns.

Piper: “Blue, we’re surrounded here!”

Me: “Noooo shit!” (fires shitty weapon back at the thugs while hiding)

Goddamn I went through a lot of molotovs with these assholes. I finally got a chance to pick up a submachine gun from a ghoul thug’s dead body, boy did I make use of that. Time to eat some lead, bitches! Open up!

The subway leads to an entrance of Vault 114, and from there…more Triggermen.

Fallout 4_20151204170312

The entrance to my second vault!

Damn Piper though…runs ahead and gets mowed down pretty quick. Whoops. Guess I should’ve gave her some armor.

Piper: “Ow!”

Me: “Goddamn it, Piper. You need to stop going in kamikaze style. If you’re gonna do that at least throw some rolled-up newspapers.”

Of course since I suck I don’t exactly have a lot of stimpacks to spare for her so…I had a tendency to flee back and set down a shit ton of mines (last resort). I was also low on bullets. At this point I was furiously looting bodies looking for any type of ammunition while I fled backwards…shit was getting dangerous. I spammed the hell of VATS for what ammo I did have…and that’s when I experienced the teleportation glitch where if you aim near a wall you teleport in VATS until you’re in front of a wall. WTF?

Eventually I clear out most of the thugs, minus the main room. I sneak around the corner with a sniper rifle and limited ammo in hand. First try, I snuck in but got destroyed by some Triggermen guards and some asshole named Dino, who before entering the main room is busy talking to whom I assume is a Nick Valentine, locked up in the Overseer’s office bove. Second time, I tried luring out two of the guards without alerting Dino…I tossed a lot of mines that time, but I still died. Third time, guards weren’t around. Got back to the main hall and proceeded to shoot Dino in the face. He ducked behind a container, and every few seconds he’d peak his head out and I’d proceed to shoot him. He died pretty quick because he couldn’t see me. That wasn’t…too bad. I will still worried that the guards would suddenly appear to I proceeded with caution to the Overseer’s door and hacked it open.

Damn. I knew I was going to like this guy…err, synth. Also, fuck yeah Bobblehead!

I mean my god, you probably don’t know this but I have a boner for 1940’s noir detectives. I mean sure, this one’s falling apart and he’s got wiring exposed–but he’s still seductive in his own charm and whitty phrases. This Valentine’s got my heart. He explains that he got held up here for weeks on end–good thing he doesn’t exactly need to eat–turns out the runaway daughter case he was chasing was actually in love with Skinny Malone–the big baddy of the Triggermen. Geez, to get caught up in this shit!

Me: “Okay. Help me find my son!” (why the fuck would I say that?)

Nick: “Sure, I’ll be glad to help you out but right now we have more important things to concern ourselves with. Let’s blow this popsicle stand!”

So while we run through the Vault to escape, Piper kinda goes MIA, but whatever, I’m crouched behind this old time robot, hiding our asses as we try to escape. His commentary certainly spices things up–“I hear fat footsteps through the door”–so yeah, I’m pretty infatuated with this guy. New companion once things smooth over. Uh, who’s Piper again?

Unfortunately, our escape is botched by Malone and the runaway daughter–his girl now. She taunts us with a baseball bat and her voice is grating on the ears…ahhh fuck that shit.

Fallout 4_20151204180124

Damn it, I knew they weren’t going to make this easy.

Dumb bitch: “Awwww…poor little Valentine. Ashamed you got beat up by a girrrrl? I’ll just run home back to daddy, shall I?” (and yes, it sounds as annoying as it reads)

Malone: (shoots threats but sounds scared shitless) “Blah blah blah detective dick on my turf blah blah…don’t hurt me.” o:

Me: (facepalm)

Dumb bitch: “Oh no! Valentine must’ve sent her here to kill us!”

Me: “Wait, what? I didn’t know jack shit before I got here. I just want Valentine. You got a home you can go back to, why the fuck are you hanging around these idiots?”

(passes speech check) 😀

Dumb bitch: “Oh my God, you’re right! I’ve gotten all mixed up! I’m going home!”

Malone: “Darla? Where are ya going? Darla?!”

Maybe not so dumb bitch: “Back home, where I belong! This is goodbye for us!” (runs away)

Malone: “Oh come on, Nicky! It’s bad enough you cost me my men, now you cost me my girl too?!”

Me: “Uh…that was me that convinced her…”

Nick: “My friend did you a favour, Skinny. You always did have bad taste in women.”


Malone: (flustered) “You know what, Nick! I’ll let you go this time, but you have 10 seconds to get the fuck out of my Vault! 10…9…”

Nick: “Let’s skedaddle!”

Oh fuck, do we even have enough time?

Malone: “3…2…”


Malone: “1…”


Me: “Yess! We made it!! :D”

Nick: “Thanks for your help.” (backstory on how he’s a synth and he woke up in a trash can. Shit. He’s like a Chobit. Maybe secretly all synths are failed sex dolls I mean what) “Meet me back in Diamond City, and we can set up a case to find your missing son.”

Fallout 4_20151209191543

“Beep…beep.” :>


So guess what I did after that?

Back to Diamond City!

Image Credits: Screenshots taken by me. Please do not repost without my permission.


Fallout 4 – Main Quest (Part 2)

December 31, 2015

This post is a continuation from the previous.

So upon returning to the surface from Vault 111 I’m immediately blinded by light (huh, isn’t that a familiar feeling).

…Annnnd predictablity everything looks like shit. Well, shittier than before the bombs dropped, but it actually looks…pretty good. Nice, clear sky. Perfect post-apocalypse weather.

Time for a nice stroll through a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland. Not bad after 210 years.

Time for a nice stroll through a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland. Not bad after 210 years.

I descend the path back to my neighbourhood and lo and behold…it looks like shit. No surprise there. I find my house…and Codsworth!


Codsworth: “Mum, is that you? It’s been so long, and I’ve been so lonely. Where’s sir, and Shaun?”

Me: “Nate is…Nate is dead.”

Codsworth: “These terrible things you’re saying…I think it’s because you’re hungry! Being late to dinner 210 years will do that!”

Me: “210 years?!”

Codsworth: “Where’s Shaun? I do believe he loves a game of charades.”

Me: “Someone kidnapped him!”

Codsworth: “Nonsense! You’re just hungry. Should I fix something up for you! I’m sure Nate and Shaun will turn up yet.”

Me: “I don’t think so…”

So he goes off to find me food and because I’m an impatient fuck I just wander off until I’m out of Sanctuary (oops, bye Codsworth?). And then I find…Dogmeat!

And you can give him items to wear! Too cute!

And you can give him items to wear! Too cute!

Of course I’m gonna take dog with me, he’s too precious and I need cuteness in this wasteland, goddamn it. Plus he can destroy those pesky molerats no problem. AND HE EVEN DOES TRICKS (even though it’s like…one trick).

So after dicking around for a bit, I wandered off in a random direction and wandered into a shipment yard, and got attacked by feral ghouls. Now let me tell you something. In Fallout 3, feral ghouls in the transit tunnels sometimes scared the shit out of me. It would be dark as fuck, and suddenly you hear their snarl and they’re fucking on your ass. They aren’t exactly hard to kill, and a bit of a joke, but they’re annoying enough and they had the tendency to startle me. Well, in this game I don’t even have to be in a tunnel and they still manage to scare me. This time around Bethesda was clever, they made the ghouls smarter. Now they hide under things, or above things, play dead etc. And before you know it they are literally throwing themselves at you and trying to eat your face. I mean, it’s a bit comical when they miss and go flying and fall on their face, but it still had me scared enough that I’m frantically firing my shitty pistol and regretting straying from the main path, goddamn.

Anyway, back on point, and after dicking around in Sanctuary for a bit (no idea where Codsworth went, oh well), I wander off into a town which is, predictably, full of raiders. Well, guess it’s time for my first gunfight. It went pretty smoothly, I guess because it’s the beginning of the game and they were pretty preoccupied by shooting at this one building I was able to pick them off fairly easily. Some guy in a cowboy hat or something yells at me to pick up a laser musket on the ground and help them inside the building…err, okay. I guess since you gave me a free gun.

…That gun is shit.

Anyway, I beat some more raider heads in, get scared shitless by some American patriotic tour. I don’t know what it is, I’m too busy killing raiders to pay attention, I’m not American, so. 😛 I finally manage to pick them off (I guess Dogmeat helped a little), and I meet a bunch of people in the backroom who explain how they’ve been hiding from the raiders. Meanwhile, a guy named Sturges messes with a computer, and I swear he just reminds me of a Final Fantasy character or something.

…He also never shuts up.

So the man in the hat introduces himself as Preston Gravy or something I dunno, and he’s part of the Minutemen, whatever the fuck that is. Apparently it’s a group that helps people at a minutes notice…guess I’m the new Minutemen because I just rescued their asses in a minute’s notice. With him he’s got Mama Murphy (best character 2015), some depressed man, and a woman with a mutfruit stuck up her ass) Anyway, Preston suggests I get some power armor and kick the rest of the raider’s asses…I’m thinking, why can’t they? But then I realize that’s what Sturges is whining about…he can’t crack the computer to open the gate to get the fusion core, which is needed for the power armor.

So of course, because I’m a smart lady I hack that novice level terminal no problem. I get the fusion core, head up to the roof, stick it in dat power armor, pick up that minigun and it’s fucking time to kick ass. I jump off the ledge like a bad ass and land on the ground like a heavy boss ass bitch, and it’s go time.

I revv up the minigun and basically mow down these fuckers, damn I’m only like 2 hours into the game and already it’s making me feel like a bad ass. This is great.

…Until a deathclaw comes out of the ground.


So I’m frantically trying to move backwards in this slow-ass power armor, this deathclaw is straight up coming to claim my ass. For some dumb reason these raiders are determined to kill me, but that’s okay because apparently they like claws up the butt so. I try to minigun a car to blow it up but the goddamn thing is way too fast, I run out of bullets and I’m…c95f729b67bb87bf0d1bedfee5a51cf3

…and I…get killed.

Well fuck me.

I reload from the autosave, but this time I save my fucking bullets. I fucking kill the raiders with some smaller ass gun and get ready for the the deathclaw. As soon as that thing comes out of the ground I am sprinting backwards and I just unload on this guy. I have never held down the trigger button so hard in my life. Woah. We dance around this car for a bit before I finally, FINALLY take this motherfucker down.

Goddamn. I’m like barely alive, who the fuck knows where Dogmeat went…probably to find a new owner, and I don’t blame him. JFC that is a lot of shit to throw at a freshly made character. Damn.

So I make my way back to Preston and he thanks me and decides he’s gonna take his group to Sanctuary. I get some weird ass prediction from Mama Murphy (still the best), I don’t even pay attention to whatever her drug-fueled prediction was as I’m too busy staring at her dislocated jaw. Fun times.

So I find Dogmeat finally, make him do some tricks, trip over him as I stomp out the door and follow the group back to Sanctuary.

Guess I found my new nuclear family.

Guess I found my new nuclear family.

…I never want to see another deathclaw again.

Image Credits: All screenshots taken by me, except the deathclaw meme graphic thing.


Top 10 Dragon Shouts

July 31, 2015


Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a top 10 list of anything, so I’d figure a list for the best and most useful shouts (in my opinion) was an order. Of course, this ranking is pretty loose, I tried setting them in order but like most gameplay elements shouts have more usefulness depending on the situation.

Also mild spoilers.

Anyway, let’s get to it!

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Dovah Frunt, Kotin Strunmah

February 13, 2012

Oh dragons, you lovely dovah, you. You always show up at the worst times, insult me, then bite my head off and toss me away like a ragdoll. Oh dragons, you’re the best.

Is there a shout for, “FUCK OFF!”? XD

I swear, everytime Alduin talks to my Dovahkiin, it always feels insulting even though I usually have no idea what he’s really saying. So I say, “Back up yours, dragon breath!” Ha! That’ll teach him.

…Or he can just summon meteors and not give a fuck, either or.

I haven’t had many dragon glitches in my…200 hours? of Skyrim so far. No, dragons randomly flying away in the middle of battle don’t really count. I like to think of them as chickens and I try to chase them, but they fly, so they cheat and get away. Thanks, stupid dragon. I wasted like 50 arrows on you.

Anyway, here’s some of the issues and odd moments I’ve come across:

Surprise! Dragon attack! Mmmm, delicious Dovahkiin…OM NOM NOM NOM!!

Once, I was near a mine–perhaps it was Darkwater Crossing, I can’t remember–I was on a hunt for a pickaxe because I recently found some silver ore somewhere. Anyway, as soon as I fast traveled there with Marcurio (this was my first character), I heard a roar and thought, yeah, bring it on!

So a dragon arrives, lands on a house and starts breathing fire everywhere. No big deal.

Until another roar.


So, I ended up with a lot of dragon bones and scales when I was finished, funny thing was they both died right on top of each other. So it was just a pile of dragon skeletons! XD

Afterwords, I finally got my pickaxe and set out aways to check out the area.

…And a Blood Dragon landed right in front of me.



After I killed him, me and Marcurio had wayy to many dragon bones to carry. XD

Also, there’s the “Surprise! Peak-a-boo!” dragon that’s just a tease, shows up then disappears, shows up at the same place later, and flies away, etc. I had this problem with a Blood Dragon outside of Riften for a long time…it always seems to be those damn Blood Dragons!!

Then more recently, the same thing happened (ironically), at the Dragon Bridge. The dragon killed me twice, and the third fast travel there, he flew around and roared a bit, then he left. I guess he didn’t like the rain or something…

For the very first dragon fight in the game, I had a dragon who suddenly decided to fly very, very slowly, literally maybe more like 75% slower than it should be. It certainly liked the hang time it had doing a nose dive, and breathing fire everywhere. Made it really easy to shoot though, but it looked really weird when he started roaring.

The rest of this post contains moderate spoilers for the Main Quest. If you haven’t gotten past The Throat of the World quest, and don’t want to get spoiled…I wouldn’t read anymore. Plus it also contains a few end-game spoilers, too.

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Special Post: I Finished The Game!!

February 7, 2012

Well, okay…you can’t really FINISH Skyrim, I mean, come on, really…but, I did finish THE MAIN QUEST!!


I finally got my ass into gear and sat myself in front of the television today and told myself, “Enough excuses!! Today is the day you defeat the World-Eater with your mighty Thu’um and save all of Tamriel from destruction!!”

And so I did.

(The rest of this post contains HUGE SPOILERS from here on out for SKYRIM and the…well, you guessed it…THE MAIN QUESTLINE!!)

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The Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies of Skyrim

February 4, 2012

Okay, okay. I know I was going to name this “The Enemies that Usually Kill Me” or whatever, but this is pretty much same the same thing.

Anyway, these count under my first character’s playthrough, the difficulty of enemies might vary with a different play style.

10. Dragons

See, dragons have this nasty habit of showing up when you really don’t particularly want or need them to. When I started out in the game, I was itching to battle dragons all the time. Now, when I’m fighting mages or bandits or other shit, poof, an Elder Dragon. FUCK OFF, I’M BUSY. They’re not too had to kill, at least when I played on Adept for my first playthrough, but it also depends on your armor and the way you attack them.

9. Skeevers

Skeevers aren’t particularly hard to beat, unless you’re just starting out the game, but geez, these mother fuckers are as fast as hell. They tend to jump you by surprise, and run around you, biting you before you can turn fast enough to retaliate. I especially HATE them coming upwards on winding stairs.

8. Sabre Cat

Like a boss.

These cats have a habit of taking you by surprise and saying hello with a quick swipe of their claws. They’ll often leave the prey they’re chasing if they manage to spot you. While not difficult to kill, I’m not very fond of a ninja cat this size…

7. Ice Wraiths

At first, these things annoyed the hell out of me and sent me into panic mode (i.e., holy fuck, I need to run as fast as hell or I’m gonna die), but once I learned dual casting flames spell, these guys got a lot easier to kill. Even while sneaking in the mountains, these guys are quite difficult to spot as they blend in quite well with their surroundings.

6. Draugr

They’re not exactly difficult to kill per say, but sometimes they swarm in numbers. Coupled with the shouting ability, they are annoying, especially when overwhelmed by them (I had this problem a lot during the quest, The World-Eater’s Eyrie). Usually I use the Aura Whisper shout, spot them before they spot me, and I take them out with one shot from my bow.

5. Thalmor

They just kind of pissed me off when I first ran into them. I asked them about Talos and they immediately labeled me as a heretic…so, to defend myself…I killed them. 🙂 I started doing this over and over after that, mainly because I can harvest their clothing and armor. 😀 Once they said they were going to eliminate the Nord race, I immediately went into rage mode and just kill them as soon as I see them now.

4. Chaurus

I was lucky, only running into these guys once during the main quest. There were a lot of them, but because I was running low on health, I avoided them as much as possible. They’re creepy looking and really annoying.

3. Mages/Hagravens

I cannot tell you how much I fucking hate mages. Of all the times I died in this game, 70% of the time it was due to fucking mages. Conjurers, Summoners, whatever. I think I just have a natural weakness to magic or something. I especially hate it when they constantly heal themselves. Do they ever run out of magic?! The Conjurers are annoying because they summon Frost Atronachs constantly, but the good thing is if you kill the Conjurer they go away. A Night to Remember‘s quest was especially annoying in this sense. God. At least in the beginning of the game, my werewolf fear shout was strong enough to make them cower in fear and stop attacking so I could just claw them and eat them to death, but alas, that no longer works. So I’ll say this again: I hate mages.

2. Wisps & The Wisp Mother

Pretty, but deadly.

…The first time I ran into a wisp, I followed it like an idiot, unsure of what it actually was. Then all of a sudden it was like, “HOLY SHIT, WISPS EVERYWHERE!!”, and wow, they started kicking my ass almost immediately. It also doesn’t help when the Wisp Mother starts summoning additional Shades, so it definitely is a good idea to take her out as soon as possible before you end up with a whole army of wisps in front of you. I still haven’t figured out how to kill them fast enough, perhaps I should look that up…Thankfully, I haven’t run into them very often!

1. Dwarven Automatons

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!! Basically sums up my first reaction to meeting these, especially the spheres. They just take awhile to chip down their health, at least, at the level I was at. Plus, with the spiders and the spheres, it usually equals a deadly attack. Too fast, too fast! Centurions weren’t too bad, because they were mega slow. At least now, I know they’re immune to ice attacks, but at least, with a good double cast of sparks, they can overcharge quite easily.

Image Credits: UESP Wiki, The Elder Scrolls Wiki

2/13/12 Edit: Also bears. Fuck bears.


Special Post: The End is Near

February 3, 2012

Whenever I get close to an end of a game (at least, the main quest, anyway…but some games don’t let you play after it’s completed), I tend to drag it out as long as possible. I take my time, I don’t rush into it, and I enjoy it. I think about how long it took me to get to where I’m at, and what kind of game I played up until then.

…And to be honest, it makes me a little sad.

For example, when I played Final Fantasy X a long time ago (it was my first Final Fantasy, to be honest), I played 36 hours of it, before finishing it a few months later. The first time I completed it, I was surprised at the ending, but I felt quite satisfied. The second time I played it…I almost cried. It’s that kind of finality, the end, what you’ve enjoyed for days/weeks/months/years…the main story comes to a close. And it’s never quite the same the second time you do it…not only because you KNOW what happens…but also because it’s just not the first time…the excitement of the unknown.

Thus, I’m almost to the end of Skyrim’s main quest. Almost at the end of beating Alduin, the World Eater.

Honestly, I felt the main quest was really fun, but it seemed sort of short (I weaved in and out of it through the whole 130 hours of playing). There were some annoying parts, sure, but some of my favourite quests WERE from the main questline. I liked to see how the story played out, how the other characters changed and grew (and my own, too). I liked fighting dragons like a badass Dovahkiin mofo. I really got into it as I got further along…for example, during “Season Unending” I actually TALKED to the screen, but it was all in trying to become more engaged to the story (BTW, I remained neutral, if you haven’t picked sides in the Civil War quests you’ll know what I mean).

It was also interesting to see what kind of character mine had become. I went into this game without an idea for what kind of style or class I wanted to play. I experimented in virtually everything…well, except I was terrible at pick-pocketing, so I kind of gave up on that. 😛

I played how I would really react if I was in such situations, so really Lilian, my first character, was like a badass Nord version of myself…but more brave and crazy.

Unfortunately (or not), I hadn’t unlocked all the dragon shouts…or found them, for that matter.  Guess I can save it for the next playthrough. Which is exactly why I try not to do too much during a first run.

When I’m done the story, I’ll probably fuck around a little, finish the other non-main quests, level up to 50 and get my last few perks (I’m almost level 39 now). Then I’ll focus on my other characters, Käianne (stupid name, I know), a evil Khajiit, and Lilith, a full-of-herself Wood Elf mage.

So Lilian, my Nord couterpart, it’s been a great run. You’ve been a good character to begin my adventure and introduction into Skyrim.

Let the final battle commence!!

(PS: I haven’t beaten the Main Quest in Oblivion yet. Oh, I am so bad! :P)

Image Credits: Elder Scrolls Wiki, Bethesda Softworks