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Favourite Cities

October 30, 2012

So if you’re on this blog fairly often, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t updated the monthly poll in quite some time.

…It’s because I’m lazy and I’ve forgotten.

But! I have closed it now. With 19 votes for what city in Skyrim is your favourite, there’s quite a bit of diversity among the votes.

Here’s my personal opinion on them.

Morthal – 0 votes

What’s a Morthal?

No surprise here. Even to me, Morthal was a city I had to look up, because I could barely remember anything about it. It’s drab, boring, and I think it only has a few, small side quests in here (well, actually, there’s that quest about the house fire and the little girl ghost, finding pieces of Mehrunes’ Razor, and killing that fucking annoying bard for the Dark Brotherhod). But other than that? I had completely forgotten about this place. Where is it again?

Winterhold – 1 vote

It never looks like this. I hope you like snow. Because you’ll be eating, drinking, sleeping, beathing, and shitting snow for as long as you’re there.

I like Winterhold…well, for the most part. It’s scenic, pretty, secluded, has the college for mages…and it has a pretty name. Oh I don’t know. All those are all fun until you realize you can’t see jack shit with the amount of snow floating around, it’s at the top of the map and in the middle of nowhere, has a college for mages which is completely useless if you’re not a mage, and the damn carriages go there but you can’t take one back out from Winterhold. Goddamn it. And fuck ice wraiths. And the five million saber cats that spawn in the same place by the road, waiting to ambush you as you walk by. URGH.

Windhelm – 1 vote

Like Winterhold, it also never looks this clear.

See, I mostly dislike Windhelm, but there’s a few things I do like about it. I like the old look it’s got going on (which I guess a lot of people would just call “run down”…), and the amount of snow (I like snow). Other than that…meh. I’m neutral in the civil war, not liking either Stormcloaks or Imperials, so hearing the same drab over and over from Stormcloaks in the city (that stupid smith’s assistant comes to mind…”OMG BEING SO CLOSE TO ULFRIC MAKES ME SO HORNY!”), and hearing about how everyone’s an asshole to the Dunmer, it just gets on my nerves. And not to mention the sky is always grey. ALWAYS. I do like the tavern, though. Fun times.

Falkreath – 1 vote

Talking dogs and crazy-ass werewolves are what you’re going to find here. Aroo!!

I like Falkreath. It’s not my FAVOURITE city, but it’s nice. More like a village, I guess. In the middle of the woods, close to the Skyrim/Cyrodiil border. Kind of depressing though, with all the tomb stones. Again, like Morthal, not a lot of missions here, but there’s two fairly important ones, so it’s still a place worth visiting. Plus, it’s close to the Dark Brotherhood hideout earlier on in the game. Score!

Dawnstar – 1 vote

I think it’s the second most northern city, where snow is always on the ground, and one of the few places that has an actual harbor (Solitude being the other). It’s more of an open city, with no city walls surrounding it. There’s a few important missions here, including the one about nightmares (which I don’t think I’ve ever finished…oh well). Plus, again, close to another Dark Brotherhod hideout (like, even closer than the Falkreath one). The only bad thing I’ve noticed with Dawnstar is the fact that dragons seem to really like spawning there…

Markarth – 1 vote

It’s nestled in the mountains. And I like mountains. Hint: This blog is named after one.

I can see why this wasn’t a popular choice, also. At first, I hated Markarth. I hated how everyone there was basically an asshole, and how it was set on Dwemer ruins (they give me the creeps). Seriously, I had never felt more unwelcome than I was there. Plus the Forsworn were pretty much everywhere outside of the city, so getting there was a bit of a pain in the ass….But eventually, the scenic mountain views and waterfalls kind of grew on me, so…ehh. Maybe it’s because my main character currently lives there, I don’t know.

Whiterun – 4 votes

I can see why people like Whiterun. It’s pretty much the first major city you actually go to, and it’s the central hub of things. Lots of things to do and see here, but after awhile Whiterun just seems a bit…boring. Like you’ve been there, done that. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the place, and Jarl Balgruuf is probably still my favourite Jarl in all the nine holds (he’s my bro, yo!). Plus, it has the Companion’s main place, too bad that annoying preaching Talos worshipper planted himself just outside of it…urgh. Plus…does anyone else find it mildly disturbing there’s a skeleton floating in the water under Dragonsreach?!

Riften – 4 votes

I LOVE RIFTEN. To me, it might be my favourite city. It’s set in an autumn-like forest (which by the way, is my favourite season), it’s got the Thieves’ Guild, it’s got a lake, it’s got a cabin house you can live in, the orphanage, you get married there, there’s bears everywhere…wait…fuck. FUCKING BEARS ARE MOVING IN

Basically Riften in a nuttshell.

Solitude – 5 votes

The big winner right here, folks. Actually it’s probably my least favourite city, but I can see why people like it. First off, the location is fucking fantastic. A city set on a high rock over looking the sea? Yes. A harbor and lighthouse? Yes, please! Old buildings with a lot of medieval flavour? Got that, too. Sheogorath? Yep. A fucking huge mansion you can buy for the steep price of $25,000? Hell yeah. Being greeted with a beheading upon your first visit there? …Hooray. FUCKING RUINED IT, DAMN IMPERIAL STRONGHOLD–

Nothing’s perfect, but at the same time everywhere’s wonderful.

Hell, some days I’ll just take a hunter’s cabin in the woods and relax there, or spending an evening with Paarthurnax, watching the aura borealis from the top of the Throat of the World. 🙂

Image Credits: UESP Wiki, The Elder Scrolls Wiki, WallChan (??)



October 26, 2012

I remember back when I used to play Skyrim almost religiously, spending most of my free time just killing dragons and beating people up, after I’d put the controller down and head to sleep, I had visions of dragons flying in my head.

(…Bad joke).

What I mean is, I had pretty weird dreams about Skyrim.

My first dream had something to do with the College of Winterhold. I was an apprentice mage there, trying to learn a frost spell or something. When I had finally figured out, I almost blew up the college! Needless to say, they weren’t very happy.

But what I usually dream about is using shouts.

I’d dream about using them in everyday situations. I game I spammed Aura Whisper, so naturally in my dream I’d whisper, “Lass” and I’d be able to see whether there’s anyone sneaking up on me in another room, or whatever.

I’ve also FUS-RO-DAH‘d attackers away from me on occasion.

I’ve used Slow Time too, which is helpful. 🙂 (Though I’ve never actually used that shout in game!)

I think the very coolest thing I’ve done though in my dream, is yell O-DAH-VIING! to the skies and watch as this huge-ass dragon lands in front of me. Any of dream-attackers or dream-zombies that are there usually turn tail and run.

And then I’d get on Odahviing’s back and get a ride to school/work. 🙂