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Surviving Legendary Difficulty

July 31, 2014

With a freshly bought Skyrim: Legendary Edition, I loaded the game in anticipation. Finally I could play all the DLCs. Finally, I could mod to my heart’s content. And I could raise the difficulty to the maximum, since Master wasn’t much of a challenge anymore.

Choose your destiny.

Choose your destiny.

I started a new game, quickly making an Imperial woman, named her Lyra, and awoke in a cell. I had installed the mod “Another Life” because I’d be damned if I had to sit through the opening credits for the billionth time (though I did end up accidentally picking it the first time around FFFUUU–) I talked to a statue of Mara, chose my life as a bandit and spawned in the middle of some tundra, wearing just a shitty set of fur armor and wielding a single iron sword. I looked around the bandit camp, unable to find a shield for the life of me. Oh well. Time to get going. Read the rest of this entry ?