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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2013

In all honesty, I’ve always had this secret dream of dressing up at my character, and running around the woods screaming FUS RO DAH! Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent or balls to do so, so I guess I’ll just look at what other people come up with instead.

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s some amazing cosplay photos I’ve found:

nightingale_armor_cosplay_by_beebichu-d5r2gfbNightingale Armor Cosplay by Beebichu


Cicero Cosplay by Mech-Infect

haafingar_hold_guard___cosplay___skyrim_by_kim_san-d4yt7ry (1)Haafingar Hold Guard by Kim-san


Karliah by Aicosu

fus_roh_dah_by_vani-d5n3ij0Aela by vani


Dovahkiin by David Ngo

enhanced-buzz-20626-1328403590-76Beagle Dragonborn and Weenie Dragon by Alicia Spaid

(I claim no credit to these photos. I have linked back to the sources. If you own one of these photos, and wish for me to remove them from my site, please do not hesitate to contact me.)