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Mini Post: Sticky Fingers

December 31, 2013


Since my Dovahkiin challenge is going terribly, I’ll reminisce about my time in the previous installment.

Making money is hard in Oblivion.

Maybe it’s because you constantly need to buy things (unlike Skyrim, which when you get to a certain point, you don’t really need to spend any dough because you basically have everything you need).

Because I’m impatient and really want a horse/house/cool armor as soon as I start the game, I resort to stealing petty things, like potions and books.

…Then I realized I needed to start the Thieves’ Guild quest first. Damn it.

I actually found that joining the other guilds let you have free access to silverware, so I’d steal a vase here and there, some goblets then run down the street just so I could sell them off for maybe 2 or 3 septims each.

After I ran out of silverware, it was back to the Thieves’ quest. Once I got a fence to sell to, I decided some heists would help out. The jewelry shop in Imperial City was a favourite hot spot of mine–break in in the dead of night, open all the cases I could (before I ran out of lockpicks…’cause damn, in Oblivion they’re way harder to find than in Skyrim!), and just basically steal all that gold and shit. Hell yeah.

Red Diamond Jewelry (Image Credit: UESP Wiki)

Red Diamond Jewelry (Image Credit: UESP Wiki)

But the jewelry store took awhile to restock so I had to find other places to rob.

One night, I realized maybe being a robber wasn’t my forte.

I had broken into this store (also in Imperial City, I think it was the weapons shop if I recall properly). I had successfully looted all the axes and bows I could carry, but the value just didn’t seem like it was enough.

I decided to check up stairs. Maybe they had a safe in their bedroom?

My greedy little fingers worked the lock with much difficulty. Pick after pick broke. Finally, when I was about to give up I tapped the last pin into place and–

The door opened.

I reminded myself to go in and out as quickly as possible. I took off my shoes to be more sneaky, and entered.

“Bark bark!”

Oh fuck.

Of course I’m not that smart so I tried a invisibility spell and hide in the corner but it was a bit too late to that. The owner of the shop ran outside and the next thing I know I got a guard in front of me calling me criminal scum while a dog tries to hump my leg. True story.


Foiled by a dog. Goddamn it.

Guess it’s back to silver utensils…

(Sorry this post is so shit–Happy New Year~!!)