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January 31, 2017

Just a small update.

To be honest, I don’t play Skyrim much anymore. I’m waiting for SKSE to be fully compatible with Special Edition, and in the meantime I don’t want to fight with installing mods for hours on end.

Also cuz I’ve been addicted to Overwatch…

So, what this means for this blog.

I think going forward it will be a more general-game focused blog (as seen with the Fallout 4 and Dark Souls posts). I’ve recently gotten Final Fantasy XV for Christmas so I’ll definitely be sharing my thoughts on the game (hopefully good ones). Of course, they’ll still be Skyrim posts here in there, who knows, maybe in the future they’ll be an epic mod, or by then the next Elder Scrolls will make its debut (but hopefully the wait won’t be too long). I’m still open to suggestions if there’s anything gaming (or Skyrim) related you want me to cover, just let me know in a comment I’ll consider it.

Anyway, see you in the next post~


My Favourite Skyrim Videos

December 31, 2016

Over the years there’s been many great Skyrim videos, be it machinimas or poops, music videos or skits, mod showcases or glitches. Some are shit, and some are just damned amazing. Here’s my collection of favourite videos/series.

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October 31, 2016

So after a few days of this:


…And not getting it to work (my dad fixed it eventually…don’t ask me how), I finally, FINALLY settled down to play.

First thing off the bat, game loaded in high settings for me…which is fine, except I got an abundance of screen tearing like no one’s business. Changed that to ultra, runs perfectly. Hooray!

Now what you’ll notice the most about this remastered edition is the lighting above all else.

God rays? Check!

God rays? Check!

Now that boring, unskippable wagon ride looks suddenly a lot more sullen in a misty morning as you’re being delivered to your death.

This game I decided to play vanilla to see what changes were in Special Edition. This time I went as a high elf who loves the Thalmor and basically hates everyone else. Hooray for racists! /s


What I’ve also noticed as I fought my way out of Alduin’s attack was the sharpness of everything. Textures were much more high-res, shadows were no longer blocky, and they’ve introduced a new depth-of-field effect (which can be toggled in the main menu if that bothers you).


Weather was a lot more…realistic feeling, at least to me. Rain came in on my way to Riverwood. However, unlike Fallout 4 the ground did not get wet from the rain, which is a bit disappointing but that’s another thing that can be easily fixed with mods.

The draw distance has also increased in game, which is nice. Now you can see things very far off fairly clearly.

Flying trees?

Flying trees?

…Provided you don’t toggle free flying camera and go too far, of course.


…Of course I haven’t been very far since I’ve been quite ill (hence the short entry) but I think I will install some texture mods in time for the first dragon fight, and we’ll see how good it looks then. Overall I’m very pleased, and I’m glad they changed the version to 64-bit, and removed the RAM limit.

Good job, Bethesda! Now I just gotta wait for SKSE to get converted over and I will be one very happy Dovahkiin~

(Image Credits: All screenshots taken by me. Please do not repost without my permission.)


Short Update

September 30, 2016

Unfortunately, this month isn’t very eventful.

I started playing Final Fantasy XIV with some friends this month, and got a new computer built so I haven’t had much time with Skyrim or Fallout 4. I did manage to play a bit of Nuka World and damn…shit’s crazy. And a bit difficult. But it’s probably because I have shitty gear and desperately need to upgrade.

TBH, I’m hyped for the remastered edition of Skyrim, and kinda holding my breath because I’m a bit worried about compatibility…but we’ll see. I’m hoping mods that I kind of find essential now (follower tweaks, body mods, survival settings, etc) will work with this new version but it’s a wait and see game. Hopefully things go so smoothly.

At least with the “new” rig I can experiment with some ENBs and graphic settings…hopefully I can make my game look pretty fucking nice this time around. I’m just not looking forward to re-modding the game, as most of you PC players know it’s extremely time consuming and something frustrating when you can’t exactly pinpoint what the problem is when things sometimes go awry.

But that’s my update. October 28th. Can’t fucking wait.



Fallout 4 – Memories (Main Quest Part 5)

August 31, 2016


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Mini Post: Bethesda @ E3

June 30, 2016

So if you’re like me you watched the Bethesda showcase at E3.

And probably were fucking disappointed, but pleased at the same time.

First off–Skyrim remastered. Yay for the console players who never get to experience the joys of modding–at best it’ll look just like a really decent ENB with nice lighting on PC. Too bad the reveal trailer didn’t show much. But, the good thing is console players will be able to play Skyrim modded–to a degree. Of course, if they fucking finish the mod support on PS4, jfc. Also I’m excited and worried to see the Nexus shit their pants over mod theft. The good news out of all this is that PC players who already own Skryim will get the HD remaster for FREE, which is good because I don’t think it’s worth rebuying if you’re already playing it modded. In that case it would be more of a downgrade, hehe. Just hope mod support gets ported over to the 64-bit version from the original 32–apparently it’s as simple as loading the old mod in the new creation kit and exporting it from there, but we’ll see. I rarely take Bethesda’s word of functionality to heart.

Secondly–dat Fallout 4 DLC. Well…Nuka-World anyway. I really could give less of a irradiated molerat’s ass about the Contraptions shit. I’ve barely figured out how to set up lighting in my house as it is, I get bored really quickly and just wanna go back out in the fray and shoot some super mutants or something. But hey if you got a boner for Rube Goldberg machines then by all means, but for me it’s gonna be kinda useless for me in the mean time. Creating your own vault seems kind of interesting,  but again I assume it takes an ass load of concrete and steel and who knows what else to make, but I wouldn’t mind being an evil fuckwit Overseer and running experiments on my dwellers…*rubs chin in thought*. Now…dat Nuka-World DLC is what I’m most hyped about. Set in an amusement park? Sounds fucking amazing, let’s hope the rides actually work (unlike the abandoned rollercoaster in New Vegas). Looks heavily-populated too, hopefully it’ll be like that upon release too. But, unfortunately…I’ve heard wind this is the last DLC Bethesda is releasing for Fallout 4…which to me sounds kind of unfair after the Season Pass price hike. We get two major expansions and four baby ones…hardly seems to justify it especially when Bethesda said, “they had a lot more planned”. But I guess we’ll see with the size of Nuka-World, and if it’s anywhere near the size of Far Harbor.

Oh, and Fallout Shelter got an update, too. I guess that’s cool.


Fallout 4 (Part 3)

January 31, 2016

This post is a continuation from the previous. Last post can be found here. To start from the beginning, click here.

maxresdefault (1)

Well I let my jolly group of settlers fuck off for the time being, yolo. Really I had more fun things to do, like…wander around. Top priority of a Fallout game, you know.

Anyway, I take Dogmeat and head out, by this time the sun has risen and it’s another beautiful day…well as beautiful as nuclear fallout can be. I’m listening to Atom Bomb Baby and bopping along when suddenly…a distress signal! And apparently it’s not too far away, coming from a police station just a bit further to my left. So Dogmeat and I gallivant our way over, shoot up some feral ghouls, and finally meet with some Brotherhood of Steel lunkhead.

…Let me tell you something.

I don’t like the Brotherhood of Steel.

I’m not sure why, maybe because they always struck me as pompous assholes (save for Veronica), but they just rub me the wrong way.

Of course since I automatically don’t like them when the leader asks for my help I in turn as him what’s in it for me.

Fallout 4_20151130165730


…Eh. But I guess I’m already here, guess I can lend the little shits a hand. Why not.

So he introduces himself as Paladin Danse of the Brotherhood of Shit. To be honest since this guy is an absolute snoozefest I can’t even remember what he wanted to do, something about retrieving a transmitter for some dumb reason or another, and how the Institute is bad blah blah. I loot the shit out of the Police Station, talk to some of his crew (Scribe Haylen is a lot cooler), we head out into the night to get this transmitter.

Let me tell you something. This man never shuts the fuck up. We’re practically running to the next location and he is going on and on and on about who knows because you know what? Maybe I wanna pick up some shit on the way there and he never fucking waits for anything.

Danse: “We need to get the transmitter–”

Me: “One sec let me turn down my radio here…”

Danse: “…blah blah Insitute…Brotherhood of Steel.”

Me: <_____< “Ah, forget it.” (turns Diamond City radio back on)

So we finally get to the building we need to go to, and Danse continues to talk about this damn transmitter. Of course I reply sarcastically to this guy every time, and boy, does he hate that!

Fallout 4_20151130204906

For someone who hates synths he sure talks about them a lot.

Of course we get ambushed by synths, I mean really, what else were we expecting here, except Danse is pretty much a fucking tank with his power armor and better armor so I basically let him do all the fucking work, because surprise, once again he doesn’t wait for me to loot shit so he’s off fighting stuff on his own.


I don’t know who made this gif but give them a fucking gold star holy shit it’s perfect.

Me: “K, bye.”

(obvious sounds of battle down the hall, then some muffled talking, and the fading sound of footsteps)

Me: “…Why did you need my help again?” >___>

So once I’m done with my looting conquest I finally catch up to the man, we get ambushed, I nearly die but yolo, Danse the man can save the day. We have to connect power to the elevators, no problem, with my amazing hacking skills we get the power back on in no time. Apparently you could have done this shit first and fried all the synths, but I didn’t so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway we take a ride in the elevator, Danse gets stuck because he’s huge and stupid, and we fight more synths before we get to the control center and get the Deep Range Transmitter. Mission accomplished, I suppose. By the time we leave the building, it’s morning, and Danse gives me a pretty bad ass energy weapon, Righteous Authority. Thanks dude, wish you’d have given me that earlier when I, y’know, needed it but hey, no one expected you to be smart so that’s okay.

Danse decides just from the mission alone, and ignoring my obvious sarcastic tone towards him and the Brotherhood, that I should join up with him.

Uhhh, let me think about that shit, bro.


Besides, I gotta go back to Sanctuary. Mama Murphy needs her special chair.

Fallout 4_20151130214053

Ignoring that there’s one right fucking behind you.

Guess I better get a buildin’. 🙂

Up Next: My Synthetic Valentine

Image credits: All screenshots by me. Please do not repost without permission.