Posting Legend

Regular Posts

Most posts are regular posts, which means they’re just about Skyrim in general. Not really about any specific quests per say, just about random experiences while adventuring. They may or may not contain game spoilers.

Mini Posts

Mini Posts are usually quite random posts to get a small particular experience off my chest during my playthrough of Skyrim. If you’re into short reads, this would probably be more suitable for you.

Mini Post #1
Mini Post #2
Mini Post #3
Mini Post #4
Mini Post #5
Mini Post #6
Mini Post #7

News Posts

Exactly what the title says. News about upcoming Bethesda games/features.

A Small, Nonsensical Update

Questline Posts

These posts either mention a specific questline (usually the main quest or guild related), or cover the whole questline. Do be warned, all of these posts contain extensive spoilers. They usually include a warning for spoilers.

Civil War
Glutton for Punishment
I Fight For The Emperor…Then I Kill The Emperor (Imperial Side, Working Title. Coming soon.)

College of Winterhold
An Eye for an Eye

Blood Moon Rising

Dark Brotherhood
The Most Annoying NPC of Skyrim
The Spectral Assassin & I
Hail Sithis!

Main Quest
The End is Near
I Finished the Game!!
Dovah Frunt, Kotin Strunmah
Mey Dovahkiin, Geinmaar Nis Aan Aar. Aan Dovah Alok Fod Mu Fent.


The Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies of Skyrim
The Most Annoying NPC of Skyrim
The Top 10 Characters That Should Have Been Marriable, But Weren’t
The Most Overused (And Annoying) Lines In Skyrim
Home Is Where the Dragon Soul Is
Favourite Cities
The Biggest Bad-Asses in Skyrim
The Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies of Skyrim (Redux)

Special Posts

That’s exactly what they are. Special. A post I feel is of important significance. You’ll very, very rarely see these. Also, you guessed it…SPOILERS!

Special Post #1
Special Post #2
Dawnguard Post #1 (Coming Soon — Whenever I actually get my hands on the add-on.)


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