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Home Is Where the Dragon Soul Is

June 30, 2012

Home, sweet home…

“Where I lay my head is home.”

–Metallica, Wherever I May Roam

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the lack of any real selection in houses in Skyrim. By that, I mean, sure, there’s plenty of places to choose from, but really…none of them just feels like home.

For me, my first purchase of a home in Skyrim was made considering these factors:

-I have too much shit to carry, I need somewhere to store it.

With those factors in mind, I bought Breezehome first. My dog Meeko took his place in front of the fire, and Lydia annoyingly sat in the chair beside my bed, eating her favourite food while watching me sleep: bread.

Here’s my review of the homes in Skyrim (in my purchase order):

Score Guide:

 = Poor
 = Decent
 = Good
 = Very Good
 = Excellent


5,000, +1,800 if you upgrade. A reasonable price for a small home in the heart of Skyrim.

Breezehome is small. Like, ridiculously tiny. I’d be surprised if you could walk around the house with full gear, let alone with a dog and a follower and not knock something over. Yeah, that’s how small it is.

No display cases, mannequins. There are a few wall mounts, 2 chests, an alchemy table + satchel, and 2 small bookcases. Nothing amazing, but it’ll do. The only real disappointing thing is THERE IS NO ENCHANTMENT TABLES. URGH. And the closest one is all the way into Dragonsreach! What a pain in the ass, especially for heavy-enchantment users like myself.

Whiterun, close to the main entrance and beside the Blacksmith’s shop. Convenient, in that sense, and it’s close to all the main shops. But, as I mentioned above, nowhere close enough to an enchanter’s table. Blah.

Additional Comments: 
Nets you a free housecarl (like most of the other houses do), a bit an annoying one…Lydia…Good location for the beginning adventurer, for sure. The location and price are the best redeeming features here.



5,000 (if you use the cheat) – 8,000 +4,300 upgrades. A decent price for a 2-floor house, with more room than the previous home, an entrance to the home in both the city and outside the city, and close to the Thieves’ Guild, if you’re into that kind of business.

The space in this home is a step up from Breezehome, but it’s not that much more impressive. Besides having room, it just seems pretty damn boring, and most of the room is placed downstairs in the cellar, which is equally blasé, with or without any upgrades. Also, it’s quite dark…or at least, it seems like it is, to me.

A bigger bookshelf, a chest or two, an alchemy table (no satchel this time), an enchantment table (a big plus for me), 2 creepy moving mannequins, a bunch of wall-mounts. No display cases, but who gives a shit? Close to a pawn shop, the bar.

If you’re a rogue, and you have a penchant for shiny things that don’t belong to you, this is the home for you. Just a little further into the city, and you’ve got the Thieves’ Guild. The Black-Briar Meadery is also close. And with the entrances inside and outside the city, it makes it the perfect home for level 4 vampires who want to dump their loot or make a potion, and who desperately need to avoid hostile villagers at any cost.

Additional Comments:
Creepy housecarls staring at me and mannequins trying to stab me in my sleep…no thanks. Also, way too dark. And for some reason I always get lag when I first enter this house. Weird.

Vindrel Hall

8,000 (again, if you use the house-buying cheat, which you can simply google if you really want to use it) – 12,000 +4,200 upgrades. A decent price for decent sized house. It’s just a pain in the ass to actually be able to buy this house. Apparently a lot of people (including myself, on my second playthrough) had a hard time actually unlocking the requirements to buy this stupid place from the Jarl of Markarth. Damn glitches. Don’t worry Skyrim, I still love you. I love to hate you. ❤

I like it. It has only one floor, but multiple rooms and ample space. There’s the entrance hall, the dinning hall, master bedroom, housecarl’s quarters, an alchemy and enchantment room. It’s pretty fricken sweet. And stuff isn’t cluttered around so you can actually move around without knocking shit over.

With an alchemy table, an enchantment table, chests, a huge set of bookcases (love<3), a plethora of weapon racks, and multiple display cases for all you dagger fetishists. And a mannequin that thankfully doesn’t move around the house when you’re not home. Yay.

Set in the Reach, in the western most part of Skyrim, Vindrel Hall is perfect for all you Dwarven Ruins lovers. Set in the side of a mountain and higher reaches of Markarth, you have to run up a set of multiple staircases to get it. While slow to actually travel to it, getting back out is a lot faster as you just jump off the side of the rail outside and land on one of the vendor’s stalls. I’m sure they love that.

Additional Comments:
With Markarth’s towering stone structures, I don’t find this house really warm enough to call home. But I am currently using this house as it has the best space for my main character, and it doesn’t have a creepy housecarl staring at me while I sleep. So yay again.

Proudspire Manor

A steep 25,000 + 11,000 for upgrades. Yikes. Definitely not affordable for the budget adventurer (not that it’s hard to get money in Skyrim, it just takes time, and most of us have more important things to spend our hard earned septims on).

Three floors. Three. As I haven’t unlocked all the upgrades yet (my second Khajiit character could barely afford the house, and used all her money from the final major Dark Brotherhood quest to barely scrape enough septims to actually purchase it). There’s what looks to be a training room in the basement, and decorative stuff in the upper floor, but all and all, it seems kind of…bare? Perhaps I’ll edit this whenever I get around to playing my Khajiit assassin character again. Or not. Meh.

I assume it comes with basically…well…everything a Dovahkiin needs, but like I said, I haven’t bought all the upgrades yet. If you like lots of storage and multiple compartments to sort and store your stuff, then this might be the house for you. It also has a safe, which I thought was a nice touch…I store all my precious jewels in there. Shhh.

If you like the Imperial Legion, then you’ll like this house. Located in Solitude and not that far from the Blue Palace, it’s a nice luxurious home for the wealthy of us. The only downfall is it’s bloody far from the actual entrance into the city. But that’s not a huge deal.

Additional Comments:
Because I wanted to try all the houses, I didn’t actually have a home for my Khajiit for 92 freaking hours and until the whole completion of the Dark Brotherhood questline. Geez. I THOUGHT AHEAD, KIDS. I SAVED MONEY FROM DAY ONE. AND THIS IS WHY IT’S BEST TO ALWAYS STEAL THINGS. REMEMBER THAT. LIFE LESSONS HEARD FROM THE DOVAHKIIN RIGHT HERE, FOLKS.


Price:  (8,000 – 12,000 + 9000 upgrades)
Space: TBA
Fuctionality: TBA

Additional Comments:
Because my first character remained neutral in my first game, my second character glitched out (stupid ass Blood on the Ice quest…*grumble*), and my third character doesn’t have enough money yet, this is the only home I haven’t managed to get my hands on yet. So my review will probably be edited in sometime in the coming week or so. If you really want to know and can’t wait, my boyfriend really seems to like this house.

(Image Credits: UESP Wiki)

Stay tuned for the final editing of this.

EDIT 1: Urrgh, stupid formatting. Please be patient while I try to fix this. Grr…


(Mini) Mini Post: Most Overused (and Annoying) Lines in Skyrim

April 30, 2012

(Image Credit: Esthin @ TerrariaOnline forums.)

“Been to the Cloud District often? What am I saying? Of course you haven’t.”

I’m Balgruuf’s best friend. Fuck off.

“Think of doing any mercenary work? I think it might suit you.”

Thanks, I got think I got the message the first 600 times you’ve said it.

“…You…look a bit pale. Are you feeling alright?”

God, in the beginning of my first playthrough this never stopped. NEVER STOPPED. Until one day it did. So weird…o____O

“I am SWORN to carry your burdens…”

And this is why I dumped Lydia. Off a mountain.

“My cousin is out fighting dragons. And what
do I get? Guard duty.”


Are all my followers sick or something or just bored? Maybe next time I’ll just leave them in Blackreach. See if they’re bored then. >:D


Yes, I know, Marcurio. That’s why we love you, you little pack mule, you. ❤

“Wait…I know you.”


“You there. Stop shouting. It’s making
people nervous.”



“Loyal Cicero lives to serve.”

“I work for Belathor, in the general goods shop.”


“Need something?”

“M’aiq is done talking.”

Nooooo!! TALK MOAR!! D:

“Laa dee daa, tee hee hee~!!”

…I kind of miss this now, actually…:/


For gods sake, why couldn’t you just be quiet like Dogmeat was?!

“I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the–“





The Top 10 Characters That Should Have Been Marriable, But Weren’t

April 25, 2012

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been sort of busy in the real world, so I haven’t actually taken a lot of time to actually sit down and play some more Skyrim. And also because I rage quit every time I die a thousand deaths with my stealth character. RAGE.

So, over the past few months, I’ve browsed various websites and forums, and talked to friends and such about marriable NPCs in Skyrim. Most people I’ve noticed actually married Aela, from the Companions. Which, of course, I have no issue with, in fact, she was one of the candidates for my first character as well. But alas, I married Marcurio, one of the NPCs with a bit of a lesser role in the game in terms of quest-wise, but I’m happy with my choice. But, apparently Bethesda missed the marker on a few of these marriage candidate NPCs. Let’s begin the list, shall we?

11. Lydia

Now, this is a special case. When the game first came out, Lydia wasn’t an option for marriage. She was for most people, their first housecarl in the game. She is awarded (heh, I guess I’m making her sound like some kind of item prize or something…XD) to the player once becoming the Thane of Whiterun. Since this is actually a part of the main quest, it isn’t really avoidable. Now, if you’re like me and my second character, I just totally left her in Dragonsreach because I never bothered to purchase Breezehome in Whiterun. For a lot of people, though, she was their first follower, and probably went on a lot of quests with them. She’s completely loyal, stays in your home in Whiterun and protects your things shall you choose to leave her behind. And, if you call on her again, she’ll be at your beck and call, ready to slay anything, be it a bandit or a dragon. After all, she is “sworn to carry your burdens”. For a lot of people, this made her perfect “waifu” material. And why not? She’s a pretty important NPC. For months, people have asked why she isn’t a marriage candidate. Apparently though, when the game was realized, the option for marriage was glitched and never showed up in the dialogue box. For PC gamers, however, this wasn’t too much of a problem as they used console commands. But, anyone on the 360 or PS3 were pretty much screwed. That was, until Bethesda released the latest patch (1.5), and now you can marry Lydia!! Yay!! (Not that I really care all that much, but I know I lot of people out there are pretty happy about that!) :3

The Real List:

10. Carlotta Valentia

To be honest, I was a bit surprised at this one. When she asks you to help her stop Mikael from sexually harassing her, I thought perhaps she’d consider me as a good person that might be appropriate for her to at least TRY to consider romantically. But, then I realized on the other hand, since she already has a kid, and she’s been married before, perhaps she just isn’t really looking for a relationship at the moment, which is fine. I guess it makes the game a bit more realistic that way.

9. Hadvar

Now, I think a lot of people would have just skipped over this guy, mainly because during the first few days of Skyrim being released, I think a lot of people just went with Ralof because he wasn’t apart of the group that was trying to cut your head off. Hadvar’s a nice guy, he seems cool enough, although I guess if you decided to side with the Stormcloaks through the whole Civil War, he’d probably be killed or something, I don’t know…I thought he was pretty decent, but to be honest, he’s a bit too much of a pussy for my tastes…:/

8. Legate Rikke

I just like her. She’s a no-nonsense take charge kind of woman, and I like that. Kind of like Aela, in a sense. She would make a good wife to the Dragonborn, the only thing is, I think she’d be one of the characters I rather not end up converting into the doting housewife. It’s just too out of character for her. It would ruin my image of her (I’m not saying she couldn’t have a tender, loving side somewhere in there…XP). I just think she belongs on the battlefield.

7. Nazir

The only reason why Nazir is on the list is because, let’s face it: he’s a badass motherfucker. Maybe it’s because he’s voiced by the same guy who did Three Dog in Fallout 3, but he’s just so laid back and fucking cool. “Hey, honey. You’re back. You must be hungry I made you some food.” Just imagine that line in his voice. JUST IMAGINE IT.

6. Any Khajiit or Bosmer

Come on, Bethesda. You can marry mer, human, Argonian, but I can’t marry a freaking Khajiit or Bosmer? What if I wanted my Khajiit character to marry a Khajiit? Why did you not include this in the game? I mean, both Kharjo and Khayla are easy options for this if they were included, and this way you’d make everyone happy. Plus people think J’zargo is awesome (which he is), and, like the point I made with Nazir, I’d just like to hear him talk. “J’zargo notices you are back from your adventure. J’zargo did not make any food for you, or clean the house. J’zargo is much more important than that. Perhaps you shall make J’zargo a sandwhich instead, hmmm?” DO IT. But, hey, maybe Khajiit don’t believe in the concept of marriage or something. But to be honest, the exclusion of Bosmer marriage just puzzles me. It’s completely bizarre. WHY?

5. Vex

Vex is a hard gal to please. She’s a member of the Thieves’ Guild and takes her job very seriously, which might be the reason why she appears to be a bit of a bitch. Which makes it a bit more fun to try to woo her. Also, Delvin should stop trying to take peaks of her while she bathes…XD

4. Sapphire

Now, Sapphire is definitely a character I’ve heard a lot of “DO WANT” for marriage. She refuses to tell you her real name, and she’s a tough cookie with a tragic past. Maybe her mistrust of men is part of the reason why you can’t pursue a relationship with her, I don’t know. I did remember reading once somewhere someone said since they couldn’t marry her, they’d leave Sapphires in her house randomly as gifts for her. D’awww.

3. Ralof

Ralof is pretty much the first character you actually meet in the game. He gives you reassuring words before your apparent upcoming death, and he guides you to help the Stormcloaks, should you choose to side with him. He seems like a nice guy, and he’s the one I went with during my first playthrough of escaping Helgen. Ralof’s another character I’ve heard a lot of want for, and he definitely gets a vote from me!

2. Brynjolf

“Lass”. ‘Nuff said.

1. Karliah

Oh my god. Karliah is another freaking badass in this game. She’s a Nightingale, soft-spoken, and just a freaking awesome thief. And she’s pretty hot, too. I’m surprised she’s not a marriage candidate. COME ON, BETHESDA! AT LEAST LET THE OPTION BE THERE AFTER YOU FINISH THE THIEVES’ GUILD QUESTLINE. fdkljgfljkhlkf I have a lady boner for her. Seriously. And I’m not even done the Thieves’ Guild questline yet. NOT EVEN (…but almost…).

And there you have it, that’s my list of characters that are, “What?! You mean I CAN’T marry them?! BALLS!!” Of course, this is just my personal opinion, feel free to share yours.


I forgot to include Irileth. Another badass. But to be honest, I think she has a thing going on with Jarl Balgruuf. But that’s just my opinion.

Special Mentions: Every other hotstuff in the game I can’t remember. Apparently a lot of people like Astrid, Cicero, Skjor, Ancano (?!), etc.. But those you can’t marry for a pretty good reason (quest related, etc). Ondolemar (LOL), Balgruuf… Also that cool Orc follower, that I can’t remember his name. Maybe he is actually good for marriage…I should check…

Image Credits: UESP Wiki

Was there an NPC you wanted to marry, and were disappointed to find out you couldn’t? Who was it? Did you marry a different NPC instead?


Glutton for Punishment

February 12, 2012

It was a cold winter night, as I approached the Imperial soldiers at our rendezvous-point upon my steed Shadowmere. I dismounted, and Lydia finally caught up to join us. We were about to storm into Fort Dunstad.

For the Empire! (Nevermind the fact I'm in the Dark Brotherhood and well upon my way to ultimately assassinate the Emperor...Oh, the irony!)

We took out the archers with ease, and stormed into the battle grounds. The fight was bloody, blades flying from both Stormcloaks and Imperials.

Sure, pull out your mace when I get close. Just stand still and take it, cheater.

When it finally was all over, I started looting the bodies for arrows and helmets before I skipped over to find Lydia, so she could be my storage container.

“Lydia? Where’d you go?” I called as the Imperials patrolled their newly acquired fort.


And right there, between a dead Imperial and a dead Stormcloak, was a very dead Lydia.

Read the rest of this entry ?


Oh, Lydia.

February 8, 2012

Lydia beside her most favourite, most special chair in all of Skyrim…my chair.

You’re such a creeper, you. You stay in my house, eat my food, have your own bedroom and yet…you sit in the chair beside my bed. And eat bread.









“Honored to you, my Thane.”

Honored my ass, GTFO my house and go back to Dragonsreach.

I couldn’t really kill her in my first game, because I wanted my character to be good as possible. But, I have heared dropping items like food might get the spouse and Lydia to fight over it. Of course, my money’s on Marcurio winning. …But then I’d have to move Lydia’s body out of sight…hmmm. I’ll have to try it.

Or, I could bring her on a dungeon/dragon hunting adventure and just hopes she gets herself killed. I dunno.

The only non-lethal way to get her off the goddamn chair and stop staring at me is to get someone else (such as Marcurio or myself) to sit in the chair. Then Lydia comes in the room, stops RIGHT beside the chair and looks down at Marcurio as if to say, “Bitch, that’s MY spot.” Then stands there looking completely lost. She doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself when someone else has took her spot. And now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her leave the second floor. It’s creepy.

"Tell him to get the fuck outta my chair!"

“Tell him to get the fuck outta my chair!”

I mean, this happens with Iona in Riften, but at least she MOVES.  So it’s not quite as creepy. And she talks a lot less, too. So yay.

I don’t really want to move back to Riften, since Whiterun is the central hub of things (plus one of the few locations that has a smelter + forge (well, two forges)). But hey.

Maybe I’ll “accidently” FUS RO DAH! her off a cliff. Or maybe I could get Odahviing to step on her or something. I dunno.

Oh, Lydia, Lydia, Lydia. Please GTFO.

Image CreditThe Elder Scrolls Wiki/IGN

PS: Yes, I know I can technically make her “wait” somewhere, but then I can’t have anymore followers. Plus, she comes back after 3 days. She’s like the cat came back. She just couldn’t stay away…



The Most Annoying NPC of Skyrim

February 5, 2012

You see…I was going to make a list of the top 10 most annoying NPCs I’ve ever come across…but somehow…nine of them seemed rather trival compared to who got top spot (…Lydia came pretty close…).

This character is so annoying.







Oh my god, I have never encountered such an annoying voice in a game all my life. I wish their was a dialogue option for, “Please, Cicero…Shut the fuck up.”

Geez, who exactly did they hire to voice this guy? It’s brilliant, suits the character perfectly. Maybe a little too perfectly, since his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I rather listen to a Hagraven have sex with a troll then hear him talk. So kudos for Bethesda for making such a goddamn annoying character.

Someone, along with the “Make the Dogs Bark Less”, should make a “Mute Cicero” mod. Like, holy shit.

(Maybe I would feel a bit better if I could put that execution bag over his head, maybe that’ll muffle his incessant talking a little…? …Geez, having to get too close for comfort with the Night Mother and have to listen to him ramble…Wow.)

Shadowmere will make it alllll worth it…


Image Credit: The Elder Scrolls Wiki



February 1, 2012

I can't believe I paid for this guy 3 times.

Alright, alright, Marcurio. I’ll try to remember that for the next time. Now here, hold onto these dragon bones, this iron mace, and this ebony shield, and about half a dozen corundum ingots for me, kthnx.

(sigh) “Oh, very well, butmakeitquick!”

To be honest, I find followers good for these 3 things (in order):

1. To hold all my extra loot so I don’t become over-encumbered.
2. To provide support while fighting enemies.
3. To provide company and insight during a trek across the land. Because let’s face it, sometimes it gets lonely out there.

For the few followers I had, few were useful, and more were just annoying. The 3 reasons why they’re bad:

1. They’re an extra person to take care of.
2. They set off traps. All. The. Damn. Time.
3. They’re usually terrible for sneaking. I mean, really.

Would I rather travel on my own then? Well, it depends. Sometimes, yes. Other times, no. It just depends on what kind of character you chose to play as, and whether or not they’re up to par to actually help you out (i.e., pairing the opposites: ranged/melee, warrior/mage, etc.).

These are the following followers (heh), I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with so far:


"Honored to you, my Thane." PLZ GTFO MY HOUSE.

I think for most people, Lydia was probably their first follower (that, or Sven/Faendal from Riverwood). I kept her around for a little while, but I just found her line, “I am SWORN to carry your burdens…” to be incredibly annoying, especially HOW she said it. I parted ways with her pretty quick. I don’t even remember how good she was at fighting. I don’t think I would have kept her anyway.


"I like to kill things. Therefore, you should hire me."

Jenassa was my first hired helper. She was pretty damn good, once armored up with some Elven armor. She held up on her own pretty well, but I parted ways from her eventually (I think it was because of a Companions’ quest, which sometimes removes your followers). I say hi to her in the bar sometimes, other than that, haven’t really thought of her since. At least I earned her respect, provided she still holds true on that offer to join me again for free. Yay.


"So you think you can make it on your own then. We'll see about that."

I’m not sure why exactly I hired him, maybe it was his laughable arrogant attitude or something, but he far surpassed the previous companions I had before. I found him drinking away on a bench in Riften the first time I entered the city. It seems like he has endless magicka, or at least a lot of it, and, he tends to observe the actions and the areas we visit, and provides his input on it. I quite enjoyed exploring Skyrim with him, yes, even with his constant complaints about having to carry things. Geez. Unfortunately, he was removed as a follower several times as I completed quests for The Companions. Thus, I actually paid 1500 gold for his services. Worried that I’d have to waste money on him AGAIN, and plus he kind of grew on me, I equipped the Amulet of Mara and promptly married him. Damn, he makes some good home-cooked meals! Plus, I still take him on adventures sometimes (I’m less worried about him dying now that I have Healing Hands equipped). At least now, it’s free. Just wish he’d stop walking into traps all the time…and stop trying to sell me the stuff I give him to equip! 😛

Aela the Huntress

The only one who stayed as a...wait, spoilers.

I kinda kept her around for a bit here and there during Totem or Animal Extermination quests. Being an essential follower, she’s quite useful to use as a distraction. Unfortunately, due to a glitch, she keeps her default hunting bow, even when giving her a much better bow to equip. Also, I’m a bit disappointed she doesn’t use her other “power” once and awhile. That would have been cool. Us shield sisters watch each other’s backs. 😉


One of the few nice ones that actually welcomed me into the Companions. Yay!

She was okay. I didn’t kept her long, though. I just happened to be in Whiterun at the time, and she was just on hand. She’s prone to dying way too easy.


"Did I scare you?"

I fell in love with Farkas’s voice almost immediately after I met him. My love was further reaffirmed during the quest Proving Honor. I just thought he was so cool and sweet. I definitely had a hard time between choosing him, Aela, or Marcurio to marry. He was pretty useful, and his phobia is pretty relatable. He’s my bro.


Supposedly the "smarter" one of the two brothers.

I can’t really remember him to much (in terms of having him as a follower, of course. He’s pretty prominent in the Companions’ questline. I guess he was pretty good, never really had an issue with him that I could remember. I still like Farkas better, though.

Uthgerd the Unbroken

"I could take you. I could beat anyone in this city."

After a nice brawl near the beginning of the game and getting my 100 septims, I asked for her help a lot further in the game. She was pretty tough, but I lost interest in her quickly.


"If anyone sneaks up on us, I'll smell them coming. Or I will not. We'll see."

“Khajiit will watch your back.” Indeed they do. I asked him to follow me once I found his Moon Amulet. It took me awhile to track him down, considering he works as a guard for the Khajiit Caravans. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to keep him long (I just got him today, actually), before he was dismissed due to Aela giving me a Totem of Hircine quest. Hopefully I’ll be able to track him down again soon.


"J'zargo can learn magic from these men and elves, but they cannot learn to be as dashing as he. J'Zargo comes out on top."

Charming indeed. As charming as a Khajiit mage trying to kill me could be. Fortunately, you gain his respect after surviving the effects of his fire-cloak scrolls. To be honest, I actually found them useful (besides that one time I accidently hit Kharjo with it, and he tried to kill me. Whoops. I died anyway.), running kamikaze style at Draugr and annoying mages. Seeing as I just recruited him today, after hearing how useful he is (apparently his level cap is 81–the same as yours), I haven’t had much of a chance to use him, but his charming personality and strong magic attacks have won me over so far. I’ll just see how long this holds up.

It’s funny how I usually become over-cumbered even with a companion to hold all my stuff…guess it’s that greedy-ness.

Misc. Followers:


Bark! Bark! (pant, pant)

He’s a cute dog I stumbled across while venturing through the woods aimlessly. I felt sorry for him, plus I love dogs, so I took him with me (and took extra precaution to make sure he didn’t get killed–he’s actually at lot tougher than he looks). Unfortunately, he barks way too much (somehow I feel the other three dogs are probably the same way. Heh, Three Dog. XD), so I usually made him sit at my home in Whiterum in front of the fireplace. And, like all followers, he usually leaves if you make him wait too long. I retrieved him a second time after that, but the same thing happened and I haven’t bothered since. Nice dog, though, and a good fighter. Just really annoying. I wish he was a bit more like Dogmeat from Fallout 3 and bark a little less (Dogmeat actually very rarely barked, and when he did, it surprised the heck of out me). If he was a bit more like that, I’d probably make the effort to go get him for a third time.

Horse (Black, Palomino & Frost)

I like to run into battle and get eaten by dragons. 🙂

Quite useful when at lower levels, not only are the horses a way to travel quite quickly across the harsh terrain of Skyrim, the horses you actually own will assist you in battle when you dismount (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on what it is. Wolf=Fine. Elder Dragon=Not so fine). Especially in a party with a human and dog companion, plus an optional summon, it’s another useful aid to assist you in battle. If only my Palomino and Frost hadn’t disappeared on me…I swear they didn’t get killed, which leaves me with only my original horse, which I wanted to retire. At least now, with Katla’s Farm and Riften Stables (thanks to winning a brawl with the stable owner!) I can rid their horses for free. Just too bad they leave you as soon as you dismount.

There’s plenty of other followers to find, and perhaps I’ll switch them up even more. Perhaps they’ll be a second post about followers, perhaps not. We shall see.

Anyway, it’s quite late now and I’m ready to go to sleep. Until next time!

Image credits: UESP Wiki, Elder Scrolls Wiki.

Next Post: ??? (pending)