The Top 10 Characters That Should Have Been Marriable, But Weren’t

April 25, 2012

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been sort of busy in the real world, so I haven’t actually taken a lot of time to actually sit down and play some more Skyrim. And also because I rage quit every time I die a thousand deaths with my stealth character. RAGE.

So, over the past few months, I’ve browsed various websites and forums, and talked to friends and such about marriable NPCs in Skyrim. Most people I’ve noticed actually married Aela, from the Companions. Which, of course, I have no issue with, in fact, she was one of the candidates for my first character as well. But alas, I married Marcurio, one of the NPCs with a bit of a lesser role in the game in terms of quest-wise, but I’m happy with my choice. But, apparently Bethesda missed the marker on a few of these marriage candidate NPCs. Let’s begin the list, shall we?

11. Lydia

Now, this is a special case. When the game first came out, Lydia wasn’t an option for marriage. She was for most people, their first housecarl in the game. She is awarded (heh, I guess I’m making her sound like some kind of item prize or something…XD) to the player once becoming the Thane of Whiterun. Since this is actually a part of the main quest, it isn’t really avoidable. Now, if you’re like me and my second character, I just totally left her in Dragonsreach because I never bothered to purchase Breezehome in Whiterun. For a lot of people, though, she was their first follower, and probably went on a lot of quests with them. She’s completely loyal, stays in your home in Whiterun and protects your things shall you choose to leave her behind. And, if you call on her again, she’ll be at your beck and call, ready to slay anything, be it a bandit or a dragon. After all, she is “sworn to carry your burdens”. For a lot of people, this made her perfect “waifu” material. And why not? She’s a pretty important NPC. For months, people have asked why she isn’t a marriage candidate. Apparently though, when the game was realized, the option for marriage was glitched and never showed up in the dialogue box. For PC gamers, however, this wasn’t too much of a problem as they used console commands. But, anyone on the 360 or PS3 were pretty much screwed. That was, until Bethesda released the latest patch (1.5), and now you can marry Lydia!! Yay!! (Not that I really care all that much, but I know I lot of people out there are pretty happy about that!) :3

The Real List:

10. Carlotta Valentia

To be honest, I was a bit surprised at this one. When she asks you to help her stop Mikael from sexually harassing her, I thought perhaps she’d consider me as a good person that might be appropriate for her to at least TRY to consider romantically. But, then I realized on the other hand, since she already has a kid, and she’s been married before, perhaps she just isn’t really looking for a relationship at the moment, which is fine. I guess it makes the game a bit more realistic that way.

9. Hadvar

Now, I think a lot of people would have just skipped over this guy, mainly because during the first few days of Skyrim being released, I think a lot of people just went with Ralof because he wasn’t apart of the group that was trying to cut your head off. Hadvar’s a nice guy, he seems cool enough, although I guess if you decided to side with the Stormcloaks through the whole Civil War, he’d probably be killed or something, I don’t know…I thought he was pretty decent, but to be honest, he’s a bit too much of a pussy for my tastes…:/

8. Legate Rikke

I just like her. She’s a no-nonsense take charge kind of woman, and I like that. Kind of like Aela, in a sense. She would make a good wife to the Dragonborn, the only thing is, I think she’d be one of the characters I rather not end up converting into the doting housewife. It’s just too out of character for her. It would ruin my image of her (I’m not saying she couldn’t have a tender, loving side somewhere in there…XP). I just think she belongs on the battlefield.

7. Nazir

The only reason why Nazir is on the list is because, let’s face it: he’s a badass motherfucker. Maybe it’s because he’s voiced by the same guy who did Three Dog in Fallout 3, but he’s just so laid back and fucking cool. “Hey, honey. You’re back. You must be hungry I made you some food.” Just imagine that line in his voice. JUST IMAGINE IT.

6. Any Khajiit or Bosmer

Come on, Bethesda. You can marry mer, human, Argonian, but I can’t marry a freaking Khajiit or Bosmer? What if I wanted my Khajiit character to marry a Khajiit? Why did you not include this in the game? I mean, both Kharjo and Khayla are easy options for this if they were included, and this way you’d make everyone happy. Plus people think J’zargo is awesome (which he is), and, like the point I made with Nazir, I’d just like to hear him talk. “J’zargo notices you are back from your adventure. J’zargo did not make any food for you, or clean the house. J’zargo is much more important than that. Perhaps you shall make J’zargo a sandwhich instead, hmmm?” DO IT. But, hey, maybe Khajiit don’t believe in the concept of marriage or something. But to be honest, the exclusion of Bosmer marriage just puzzles me. It’s completely bizarre. WHY?

5. Vex

Vex is a hard gal to please. She’s a member of the Thieves’ Guild and takes her job very seriously, which might be the reason why she appears to be a bit of a bitch. Which makes it a bit more fun to try to woo her. Also, Delvin should stop trying to take peaks of her while she bathes…XD

4. Sapphire

Now, Sapphire is definitely a character I’ve heard a lot of “DO WANT” for marriage. She refuses to tell you her real name, and she’s a tough cookie with a tragic past. Maybe her mistrust of men is part of the reason why you can’t pursue a relationship with her, I don’t know. I did remember reading once somewhere someone said since they couldn’t marry her, they’d leave Sapphires in her house randomly as gifts for her. D’awww.

3. Ralof

Ralof is pretty much the first character you actually meet in the game. He gives you reassuring words before your apparent upcoming death, and he guides you to help the Stormcloaks, should you choose to side with him. He seems like a nice guy, and he’s the one I went with during my first playthrough of escaping Helgen. Ralof’s another character I’ve heard a lot of want for, and he definitely gets a vote from me!

2. Brynjolf

“Lass”. ‘Nuff said.

1. Karliah

Oh my god. Karliah is another freaking badass in this game. She’s a Nightingale, soft-spoken, and just a freaking awesome thief. And she’s pretty hot, too. I’m surprised she’s not a marriage candidate. COME ON, BETHESDA! AT LEAST LET THE OPTION BE THERE AFTER YOU FINISH THE THIEVES’ GUILD QUESTLINE. fdkljgfljkhlkf I have a lady boner for her. Seriously. And I’m not even done the Thieves’ Guild questline yet. NOT EVEN (…but almost…).

And there you have it, that’s my list of characters that are, “What?! You mean I CAN’T marry them?! BALLS!!” Of course, this is just my personal opinion, feel free to share yours.


I forgot to include Irileth. Another badass. But to be honest, I think she has a thing going on with Jarl Balgruuf. But that’s just my opinion.

Special Mentions: Every other hotstuff in the game I can’t remember. Apparently a lot of people like Astrid, Cicero, Skjor, Ancano (?!), etc.. But those you can’t marry for a pretty good reason (quest related, etc). Ondolemar (LOL), Balgruuf… Also that cool Orc follower, that I can’t remember his name. Maybe he is actually good for marriage…I should check…

Image Credits: UESP Wiki

Was there an NPC you wanted to marry, and were disappointed to find out you couldn’t? Who was it? Did you marry a different NPC instead?



  1. So f-ing frustrating that you can marry people with the companions and the college, but there are non available with the dark brotherhood and the thieves guild. Almost like bad people don’t get married. wtf is up with that? I’m a bloody assasin, I’m not about to marry some egghead miner or knight in shining armor. Also would like some kinda evil sorcerer for my necromancer

    • …I’ve actually never noticed that there was no one in the Thieves’ Guild or Dark Brotherhood that you could marry, which is weird because I do have evil characters, but yeah, now that you’ve pointed it out it seems a bit odd. I know people literally would give their right arm to marry Brynjolf. And why isn’t Serana marriable in the vanilla game??? Apparently she had marriage audio files that were never used upon the DLC’s release. Wonder why Bethesda cut it? She’s literally like the best woman in the whole game…I should definitely redo this list sometime! Anyway, thanks for commenting! 🙂

    • Take this. Use it well.


  2. RALOF!!!!!!!!! I love him! Why can’t he be miiiinnnnnneeeeee? (I think I kind of fell in love with him after reading 3 fanfics, including “Dear Ralof,”. You should check it out– I cried.) Hadvar I couldn’t are less about. But RALOF… He’s probably one of the most attractive characters in the game, too! Those ice blue eyes– that blond braid– those cheekbones… Mmmmmmmmm. I’m like crying now

  3. WTF!? U guys r right y cant we marry an assasin as i am an assasin i want to marry an assasin and nazir is the only other male assasin in the DB now cause i completed a quest. WTF!?

  4. Hey you can not marry skjor because him and aela the huntress love each other also further on in the companions storyline skjor dies

  5. I wanna marry Ralof, cause he like my freaking best man bud in Skyrim! 🙂

  6. Its stupid that you cant marry Ralof… 😱😥😭😭😭

  7. I wanted to marry legate Rikke SO much omg I’m in love lol



  9. My list would look somewhat different. I’m not sure of the order mind you, but it’d go something like this:

    Daighre — Mine worker near Markarth. Another single mom, struck me as very attractive. *puts on Mara Amulet* …. nothing. 😦
    Hroki (Markarth) — “Uh, honey, my eyes are up here” could have been a line of dialogue for this one.
    Narri (Falkreath)– Built like Hroki, fun personality (at least from what little she says)
    Vivienne Onis (Solitude)
    Karita (Bard in Dawnstar) — Hello!
    Idgrod-the-Younger (Morthal) — Pretty young this she is. Sweet. Jarl-to-be in fact. Who better to marry than a Dragonborn-Thane?
    Frea (Skaal Village) — Fierce, blonde, and amazing. “As long as we live near the Skaal”… I could have lived with that.
    And finally #’s 10 and 6 from your list.

  10. Karliah actually makes perfect sense. She and Gallus were clearly soulmates. That can be hard/impossible to move on from. But Brynjolf? Genuinely no reason there.

    I’ve always wanted to marry legate rikke, vex, sapphire (she was almost the first one that I really like in the game), karliah and irileth (btw, I’ve always had a real crush on her, I think she’s really hot, and I dunno why haha).
    Thanx for this list! :3

  12. I know, Ulfric Stormcloak is way too important and too busy to marry my Dragonborn… but I WANT HIM SO MUCH! Q_Q

  13. Aside from the obvious and most lamentable Serana, I definitely have Rikke, Sapphire, Vex, and Tonilia at the top of my list. Especially if you join the legion and make Legate yourself, Rikke would be perfect, but only if she could be a follower, because as someone else said, she isn’t doting housewife material. And amen to the Khajiit and Bosmer omissions. Just plain dumb. The list of omitted husbands is just too long. Fortunately, I can be content with Aela because, well, she’s as awesome as they come. But I must confess, I almost let Alduin have his way with me just so I could stay in Sovngarde and spend eternity with Gormlaith. *swoon*

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