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Revisiting ESO

July 31, 2016


Now, if you’ve been around for awhile no doubt you’ve read my somewhat scathing review of Elder Scrolls Online a few years ago. Back then, it was the beta, sub only and was just in general, pretty buggy and mediocre. Since then however, they’ve switched to no subs, and stocking exclusive cosmetic items in their crown store, a premium form of currency (IE; your hard earned dollars to get something fancy that doesn’t give you game play advantages…unless you buy XP scrolls and things…though they give you 500 crowns when you buy the game, but that isn’t enough for anything). And, since it was recently reduced to half price in the Steam summer sale and my friends wanted to play something together I figured…hey why not?

It’s actually improved, quite a bit.

Despite the somewhat frustrating sign up process and slow email verification, I finally remade my account and logged in with some baited breath.

…That shit didn’t take 10 minutes to log in this time.

Granted, it still took awhile but I have a shit computer so whatever, it’s expected. The usual starter dungeon, escape Oblivion, blah blah, I covered it in my old post, it’s exactly the same as when I first played, in terms of questing. This time I remembered that I got lost before so I took extra effort to not repeat the same mistakes.


Probably a bad idea.

Anyway, I played Nord (of course), and emerged on the starter island somewhere in Skyrim. After about a hour of playing, I noticed how smoothly everything was. Very few frame drops (though I run at about 30 FPS so I guess our mileage may vary), no UI errors. I still didn’t understand crafting or smithing right away and it took a bit of tinkering around and asking for help before I at least kinda had the bare basics.

I’m back in Morrowind now so I haven’t traveled too far but I’m about level 10. I went with a Dragon Night build with a long-range slicing attack into which I just beat the shit out of things with a greatsword. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve gotten killed twice, one was because I accidentally hit an Ebonpact soldier while using said flying slice attack, but it’s still pretty fun.

But let me say travelling in this game gets pretty fucking annoying when you don’t have a mount. The cheapest in game mount is now 10,000 gold which is still a fucking lot if you think about it. I’ve been playing for about 25 hours now and I’ve only saved up about 3.5k. The good news is again, all mounts start with base stats whether you get them from in game stables or the crown store. The only thing that will continuously suck gold from you is doing daily upgrades to put stat points in your mounts (I think about 100g per day).


Want this cool ass wolf as a mount? Cough up $20 you filthy casual.

Back to the graphics, they’re pretty good, even on potato settings, and there’s barely load times between areas (unless you’re entering a building or you lag too hard). Perhaps that’s why the initial load takes so bloody long, but I suppose it’s worth it for stability while you’re playing.

Community? I’ve joined a trading guild but as expected the global chat is pretty mundane, with people asking to trade or raid dungeons for things. Which is fine, but sometimes you get this bit of gold to give you a chuckle while you’re in town trading scraps for a septim:


So, what do I think now? Is ESO fun? Mildly, yes. Still better with friends, I think, but solo play is fine as well. Will I dump money into the crown store? Maybe for a mount if I get too damn impatient. I do get enthralled at times with that Elder Scrolls charm that leaks through now and again, and it is a good time waster for when I’m bored. But I’m sure at some point I’ll be picking up Skyrim or Oblivion again and enjoying the single player experience again.

I’ll let ya’ll know if there’s any interesting quests that come about.



March 30, 2015

TESV 2014-12-14 20-31-22-51

Well off into the Shadow Realm Soul Cairn!

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Mini Post: What I Want to See in the Next Elder Scrolls

February 28, 2015

Now you may or may not have noticed last month’s previous poll asking where you’d like to see TES6 take place, and a good majority of you said “Elsweyr!” which is exactly what I want, basically the polar opposite of Skyrim. Lush jungles & deserts, exotic creatures, Khajiit everwhere (I love the Khajiit), tons of Skooma and Moon Sugar…ahh, the life. THAT’S what I’m hoping for, anyway. But I won’t be disappointed if it’s somewhere like Valenwood, or Black Marsh for that matter. A new Elder Scrolls game is a new Elder Scrolls game. And I can’t wait for whatever Bethesda cranks out. Of course, seeing how Fallout is overdue for a new installment, I’m pretty sure that’s coming out first, and I’m not complaining. Sometimes you just wanna pick up a sniper rifle and wander the wasteland.

Anyway, here’s a small list of things I’d like to see in the vanilla version of Elder Scrolls VI (though I realize most of this could be added into Skyrim via modding, but hey).

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Waiting for ESO

January 31, 2014


I’ll admit, when I first heard a MMO was being made for the Elder Scrolls series, I was thrilled. Mainly because at the time, I was more heavily into Skyrim and the modding project being made for multiplayer in it. I wanted to slay dragons with my friends, and fuck around with NPCs. So when an online game for the Elder Scrolls was announced, I was pretty damn excited. I could share my adventures with my friends, we’d kick ass together using magic, swords & bows and whatever else. It sounded pretty damn awesome.

Of course in the beginning, there were rumors and developmental issues. Zenimax stated there would be no first-person mode, the character models basically looked like shit, and a lot of fans were unhappy with this. Thankfully, they corrected those issues. There was also doubt whether the one “mega server” they were planning to use would support the massive amount of players.

There was a lot of shit flying over the lore not being completely accurate either, but let’s face it, the lore has been expanded on before, plus with mythology and legends there’s always some wiggle room–since most of the time legends are spread through word of mouth. There’s bound to be errors and inconsistencies anyway.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this project for awhile. In the early months following the announcement, I grew skeptical. But as the project grew and more details were realized my worries subsided somewhat. I was never really into MMOs that much–too much grinding and technical operations–I wanted something much more immersive and fun. And it looks like the Elder Scrolls Online might fit that bill.

I did sign up for the BETA about a year ago–totally forgot about it until I saw this in my inbox:

eso email2

…about two days too late.


Chances are, with a “stress test” I wouldn’t be able to get in anyway…but goddamn it would have made a great article! Of course I wouldn’t be allowed to post pictures and videos, but I’d sure as hell write about it! …Now I check my email twice a day on the off-chance they invite me in again. *crosses fingers*


And now they’ve announced the “Collector’s Edition” (above) which includes a Molag Bal statue, art book and the ability to play as an Imperial (among other, slightly less notable perks). I mean, it sounds pretty fucking sweet for only $100, but honestly with a monthly fee to play I don’t know if I want to shell out that much money for a game I don’t even know is going to be any good or not. There’s been little to no actual gameplay footage, besides what Bethesda/Zenimax put out, so it’s not much to go by. Plus with no actual specifications, I’m a little hesitant to purchase on day one. Honestly, I’ll probably just wait it out a bit to see how the gameplay footage looks and the reviews pan out.

I’m excited, though. The cinematic trailer looks sweet as fuck and I can’t want to see more!


Bethesda Launches Online Store

March 27, 2013



See, I was originally gonna write about the Elder Scrolls Online, but I think I’ll save that for later.

Anyway, I wandered into the Beth Blog today and saw they launched an online store, full of Elder Scrolls merch!

There isn’t much in there, there’s a Dragonborn statue, some cool hoodies and tees, but you know what I’d really want?


Of like maybe the Skyrim symbol, or the divine’s amulets…






Or a dragon statue, since I missed out on the collector’s edition. 😦

Too bad I have no money. Luckily, they don’t have a lot of stuff to make me want to spend it.



Mini Post: Where the Hell Are You Going?!

February 28, 2013

So it’s not much of a secret I haven’t been playing much Skyrim lately, or Oblivion for that matter, so I’ve been a bit dry on updates here.

Well, I got one.

It’s not a big one but it’s a post.

I recently picked up Oblivion again for a bit, hoping to familiarize myself with the controls so I could start seriously playing again. I found myself in the arcane tower in Imperial City, having no idea what quest I was on and why I was there.

Basically, I ended up leaving the city, grabbed my horse and road off to the south. What was supposed to be a scenic adventure didn’t last long.

I was first ambushed by a spriggan. Fine, kill that. Then immediately afterward I got punched in the face by a frost atronach, conjured by some asshole hobo wizard. I awkwardly whipped out my sword, hit him half a million times (my demon horse did all the work of course), and cried triumphantly as I killed him, got some frost salts and waited for my health to slowly regenerate from my state of near-death.

Phew. I am such a tough ass warrior chick. Kicking ass.

“Oh, there you are! It’s time to go into the Imperial Castle! Follow me!”


I turn around it’s a redguard that I don’t even remember holding a torch and beckoning me to follow. What quest is he from?!

“Who the hell are you again?!” I asked by he ignored me obviously, again beckoned me to follow and set off along his merry way back to where I just came from.

Alright. Guess I’m going this way.

I ran up to him to catch up (it was like three steps, really) and followed him.


…He walks about 10 steps a minute.

What the fuck.

Getting impatient, I jump on my horse and ride ahead slightly, thinking it might be like Skyrim and the NPCs will just catch up to you. I mean, I’m going the right direction anyway, I didn’t get very fair from Imperial City, so it’s not like I didn’t know the way back.

About a minute into riding, I turn around and wait for him to catch up.

He never showed up.

I began riding back and he’s FUCKING STANDING WHERE I LEFT HIM MOTIONING ME TO FOLLOW. I go behind him and suddenly he starts walking again.

It was then I realized I had to stay RIGHT BEHIND HIM THE WHOLE DAMN WAY BACK.


So, basically what I did is set the auto-walk on Oblivion, and loosely held the mouse in place as I ate some cookies.




So, we get in the city and guess what?

We’re still walking as slow as dicks.


“C’mon, this way!”

Holy shit.

To be honest I don’t even know where we ended up. I eventually got bored wasting my one hour of gaming time waiting for this ass to get lost and troll me stupid.



Honestly riding with Martin and his lackey took much less time. At least it was interesting.

In Skyrim they don’t really have this issue, you can leave the NPC behind, get to the destination before them and they’ll haul ass just to catch up to you.

Unless you’re Irileth, Jarl Balgruuf’s housecarl, who tends to run off in a completely different direction than the tower you’re supposed to be killing your first dragon at, the five guards all behind her blindly following before turning a 180 and running back in the right direction. I mean, WTF?

And seriously, what IS up with people in Skyrim saying half a sentence before exciting or entering a building and leaving you hanging?

“Not many visitors here in Riv–” (disappears through door)

Funny though. At least they don’t waste any time.



January 30, 2013



One year, wow. 500+ hours in Skyrim (which is my guess), 200 in Oblivion. That’s almost a whole month spent playing Elder Scrolls games!

Since then I’ve made over 40 posts detailing my adventures in Skyrim.

My favourites:

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Dovah Frunt, Kotin Strunmah (glitchy dragon fun)

Hail Sithis! (Dark Brotherhood questline overview)

Hearthfire (speculation on the DLC before it came out)

Here’s a question for you, what content would you like to see in the future? I plan to cover more Oblivion, finish the Thieves’ Guild and have my thoughts on the Elder Scrolls Online.

Thanks for sticking around with me and my semi-illiterate posts and ramblings. Here’s to 2013.