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Please Stand By (self-indulgent speculative mini-post)

October 31, 2015

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With only a few days left until the release (I know, back in June it felt like forever), and plenty of screenshots/gameplay videos leaked, fans are excited to get their hands on the new Fallout 4, myself included.

Unfortunately, I’m probably not going get to play it until maybe Christmas, unless I bother a few people I know and play at there place.

SO! What this upcoming release means for this blog;

If I get to play it soon, I’ll probably be doing both the following: posting my thoughts on the game mechanics and various other gameplay details here, and perhaps I might be doing a separate blog for a daily journal from the eyes of my lone survivor.

What kind of character shall I make??

Well, I definitely want to play a female. I just find the game way more relatible when I play as a girl. I’m probably going to be a nice person too, like I usually am. Though I might throw in some sarcasm here and there (can’t wait to fuck with the conversation wheel), I’ll definitely play on the good side of the spectrum first.

For SPECIAL stats?


Probably something like:

Strength – 2
Perception – 5
Endurance – 3
Charisma – 6
Intelligence – 4
Agility – 4
Luck – 3

I like having good Perception, at least in the previous games because it allowed me to see enemy markers on my HUD from further distances. Also lockpicking, because I need to get the good shit as quick as possible.

I want to also make an high Charisma character, just because I want to charm the pants off of people to get what I want. And apparently in this game the faction relationships aren’t openly displayed, so I guess I better get to playing people like the fiddle, hurrhurr.

Decent Intelligence and Agility because I like hacking computers and because I love to sneak…actually that’s how I played the entirety of FO3…I spent the whole time in the wasteland crouched, haha (I was scared shitless of things killing me). Also Agility + Perception = SNIPER TIME YEEEAHHH.

Also of course I’m going to fucking pick up Dogmeat immediately.

…Shit I can’t wait for this. Hopefully one of my friends will let me try it out until I can get some means of playing it myself.


Now excuse me while I pick up and try to finish New Vegas…