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October 31, 2016

So after a few days of this:


…And not getting it to work (my dad fixed it eventually…don’t ask me how), I finally, FINALLY settled down to play.

First thing off the bat, game loaded in high settings for me…which is fine, except I got an abundance of screen tearing like no one’s business. Changed that to ultra, runs perfectly. Hooray!

Now what you’ll notice the most about this remastered edition is the lighting above all else.

God rays? Check!

God rays? Check!

Now that boring, unskippable wagon ride looks suddenly a lot more sullen in a misty morning as you’re being delivered to your death.

This game I decided to play vanilla to see what changes were in Special Edition. This time I went as a high elf who loves the Thalmor and basically hates everyone else. Hooray for racists! /s


What I’ve also noticed as I fought my way out of Alduin’s attack was the sharpness of everything. Textures were much more high-res, shadows were no longer blocky, and they’ve introduced a new depth-of-field effect (which can be toggled in the main menu if that bothers you).


Weather was a lot more…realistic feeling, at least to me. Rain came in on my way to Riverwood. However, unlike Fallout 4 the ground did not get wet from the rain, which is a bit disappointing but that’s another thing that can be easily fixed with mods.

The draw distance has also increased in game, which is nice. Now you can see things very far off fairly clearly.

Flying trees?

Flying trees?

…Provided you don’t toggle free flying camera and go too far, of course.


…Of course I haven’t been very far since I’ve been quite ill (hence the short entry) but I think I will install some texture mods in time for the first dragon fight, and we’ll see how good it looks then. Overall I’m very pleased, and I’m glad they changed the version to 64-bit, and removed the RAM limit.

Good job, Bethesda! Now I just gotta wait for SKSE to get converted over and I will be one very happy Dovahkiin~

(Image Credits: All screenshots taken by me. Please do not repost without my permission.)