Revisiting ESO

July 31, 2016


Now, if you’ve been around for awhile no doubt you’ve read my somewhat scathing review of Elder Scrolls Online a few years ago. Back then, it was the beta, sub only and was just in general, pretty buggy and mediocre. Since then however, they’ve switched to no subs, and stocking exclusive cosmetic items in their crown store, a premium form of currency (IE; your hard earned dollars to get something fancy that doesn’t give you game play advantages…unless you buy XP scrolls and things…though they give you 500 crowns when you buy the game, but that isn’t enough for anything). And, since it was recently reduced to half price in the Steam summer sale and my friends wanted to play something together I figured…hey why not?

It’s actually improved, quite a bit.

Despite the somewhat frustrating sign up process and slow email verification, I finally remade my account and logged in with some baited breath.

…That shit didn’t take 10 minutes to log in this time.

Granted, it still took awhile but I have a shit computer so whatever, it’s expected. The usual starter dungeon, escape Oblivion, blah blah, I covered it in my old post, it’s exactly the same as when I first played, in terms of questing. This time I remembered that I got lost before so I took extra effort to not repeat the same mistakes.


Probably a bad idea.

Anyway, I played Nord (of course), and emerged on the starter island somewhere in Skyrim. After about a hour of playing, I noticed how smoothly everything was. Very few frame drops (though I run at about 30 FPS so I guess our mileage may vary), no UI errors. I still didn’t understand crafting or smithing right away and it took a bit of tinkering around and asking for help before I at least kinda had the bare basics.

I’m back in Morrowind now so I haven’t traveled too far but I’m about level 10. I went with a Dragon Night build with a long-range slicing attack into which I just beat the shit out of things with a greatsword. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve gotten killed twice, one was because I accidentally hit an Ebonpact soldier while using said flying slice attack, but it’s still pretty fun.

But let me say travelling in this game gets pretty fucking annoying when you don’t have a mount. The cheapest in game mount is now 10,000 gold which is still a fucking lot if you think about it. I’ve been playing for about 25 hours now and I’ve only saved up about 3.5k. The good news is again, all mounts start with base stats whether you get them from in game stables or the crown store. The only thing that will continuously suck gold from you is doing daily upgrades to put stat points in your mounts (I think about 100g per day).


Want this cool ass wolf as a mount? Cough up $20 you filthy casual.

Back to the graphics, they’re pretty good, even on potato settings, and there’s barely load times between areas (unless you’re entering a building or you lag too hard). Perhaps that’s why the initial load takes so bloody long, but I suppose it’s worth it for stability while you’re playing.

Community? I’ve joined a trading guild but as expected the global chat is pretty mundane, with people asking to trade or raid dungeons for things. Which is fine, but sometimes you get this bit of gold to give you a chuckle while you’re in town trading scraps for a septim:


So, what do I think now? Is ESO fun? Mildly, yes. Still better with friends, I think, but solo play is fine as well. Will I dump money into the crown store? Maybe for a mount if I get too damn impatient. I do get enthralled at times with that Elder Scrolls charm that leaks through now and again, and it is a good time waster for when I’m bored. But I’m sure at some point I’ll be picking up Skyrim or Oblivion again and enjoying the single player experience again.

I’ll let ya’ll know if there’s any interesting quests that come about.


Mini Post: Bethesda @ E3

June 30, 2016

So if you’re like me you watched the Bethesda showcase at E3.

And probably were fucking disappointed, but pleased at the same time.

First off–Skyrim remastered. Yay for the console players who never get to experience the joys of modding–at best it’ll look just like a really decent ENB with nice lighting on PC. Too bad the reveal trailer didn’t show much. But, the good thing is console players will be able to play Skyrim modded–to a degree. Of course, if they fucking finish the mod support on PS4, jfc. Also I’m excited and worried to see the Nexus shit their pants over mod theft. The good news out of all this is that PC players who already own Skryim will get the HD remaster for FREE, which is good because I don’t think it’s worth rebuying if you’re already playing it modded. In that case it would be more of a downgrade, hehe. Just hope mod support gets ported over to the 64-bit version from the original 32–apparently it’s as simple as loading the old mod in the new creation kit and exporting it from there, but we’ll see. I rarely take Bethesda’s word of functionality to heart.

Secondly–dat Fallout 4 DLC. Well…Nuka-World anyway. I really could give less of a irradiated molerat’s ass about the Contraptions shit. I’ve barely figured out how to set up lighting in my house as it is, I get bored really quickly and just wanna go back out in the fray and shoot some super mutants or something. But hey if you got a boner for Rube Goldberg machines then by all means, but for me it’s gonna be kinda useless for me in the mean time. Creating your own vault seems kind of interesting,  but again I assume it takes an ass load of concrete and steel and who knows what else to make, but I wouldn’t mind being an evil fuckwit Overseer and running experiments on my dwellers…*rubs chin in thought*. Now…dat Nuka-World DLC is what I’m most hyped about. Set in an amusement park? Sounds fucking amazing, let’s hope the rides actually work (unlike the abandoned rollercoaster in New Vegas). Looks heavily-populated too, hopefully it’ll be like that upon release too. But, unfortunately…I’ve heard wind this is the last DLC Bethesda is releasing for Fallout 4…which to me sounds kind of unfair after the Season Pass price hike. We get two major expansions and four baby ones…hardly seems to justify it especially when Bethesda said, “they had a lot more planned”. But I guess we’ll see with the size of Nuka-World, and if it’s anywhere near the size of Far Harbor.

Oh, and Fallout Shelter got an update, too. I guess that’s cool.


Mini Post: Thoughts on Far Harbor DLC (no spoilers)

May 31, 2016


Alright, I haven’t gotten too far in the DLC, but hoo boy, let me say.

I like this shit.

Finally, a huge, full story-driven DLC with a giant island to explore, and intriguing story, new enemies and new people (and synths) to meet.

What more could I ask for?

And of course, since I’m a huge Nick Valentine fan, I’d ecstatic that Nick’s story interweaves into all this, using our detective skills to find a missing woman.

Except…there’s one problem.

Far Harbor’s fucking fog.

The amount of frame drops while traversing through the island is a bit alarming. Say goodbye to any sense of aiming, you’ll be lucky to set your sights on a wolf before getting bit in the ass because the PS4 is struggling so hard. Of course, the fog sets the mood, the island, after all, IS fighting the encroaching fog, but goddamn is it a bit overkill. I’m usually very VATS reliant but at this point I have no choice but to use it every fucking battle.

The good though? The story so far. It’s a morally grey area which, as of writing, has had me thinking in all sorts of ways, unsure who to believe or who is really the good guy here. Currently I’m doing a “murder investigation” quest given to me by a Miss Nanny and it’s hella fun, I think this might possibly be the most intriguing quest in the DLC, maybe even the entire game, next to the Secret of the Cabot house (and the town full of Mr.Handys, even though that’s not an actual quest). I think overall, I just enjoy dialogue driven quests more than combat. 😛

Anyway! I’m booting up my PS4 to play some more. I wonder what nasty creatures I’ll run into?



Fallout 4 – Revenge Against the Cereal Box (Main Quest, Part 5)

April 30, 2016

Alright, since we’re starting to get into spoiler territory, everything’s under the cut.

Fallout 4_20151204223330

Notice Piper just lurking in the background trying to get the newest story for Publick Occurances.

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Fallout 4 – An Unlikely Valentine (Main Quest, Part 4)

March 31, 2016

Fallout 4_20160406213912223

So getting to Park Street Station/Vault 114 wasn’t too bad–I mean, it’s been awhile since I’ve done it but I don’t remember any significant asskicking. However, entering the subway station was another story. I had Piper along with me, because why not. It’s important for someone to be my meat shield have my back due to my terrible aim. And of course, I’m met by goons with fucking machine guns.

Piper: “Blue, we’re surrounded here!”

Me: “Noooo shit!” (fires shitty weapon back at the thugs while hiding)

Goddamn I went through a lot of molotovs with these assholes. I finally got a chance to pick up a submachine gun from a ghoul thug’s dead body, boy did I make use of that. Time to eat some lead, bitches! Open up!

The subway leads to an entrance of Vault 114, and from there…more Triggermen.

Fallout 4_20151204170312

The entrance to my second vault!

Damn Piper though…runs ahead and gets mowed down pretty quick. Whoops. Guess I should’ve gave her some armor.

Piper: “Ow!”

Me: “Goddamn it, Piper. You need to stop going in kamikaze style. If you’re gonna do that at least throw some rolled-up newspapers.”

Of course since I suck I don’t exactly have a lot of stimpacks to spare for her so…I had a tendency to flee back and set down a shit ton of mines (last resort). I was also low on bullets. At this point I was furiously looting bodies looking for any type of ammunition while I fled backwards…shit was getting dangerous. I spammed the hell of VATS for what ammo I did have…and that’s when I experienced the teleportation glitch where if you aim near a wall you teleport in VATS until you’re in front of a wall. WTF?

Eventually I clear out most of the thugs, minus the main room. I sneak around the corner with a sniper rifle and limited ammo in hand. First try, I snuck in but got destroyed by some Triggermen guards and some asshole named Dino, who before entering the main room is busy talking to whom I assume is a Nick Valentine, locked up in the Overseer’s office bove. Second time, I tried luring out two of the guards without alerting Dino…I tossed a lot of mines that time, but I still died. Third time, guards weren’t around. Got back to the main hall and proceeded to shoot Dino in the face. He ducked behind a container, and every few seconds he’d peak his head out and I’d proceed to shoot him. He died pretty quick because he couldn’t see me. That wasn’t…too bad. I will still worried that the guards would suddenly appear to I proceeded with caution to the Overseer’s door and hacked it open.

Damn. I knew I was going to like this guy…err, synth. Also, fuck yeah Bobblehead!

I mean my god, you probably don’t know this but I have a boner for 1940’s noir detectives. I mean sure, this one’s falling apart and he’s got wiring exposed–but he’s still seductive in his own charm and whitty phrases. This Valentine’s got my heart. He explains that he got held up here for weeks on end–good thing he doesn’t exactly need to eat–turns out the runaway daughter case he was chasing was actually in love with Skinny Malone–the big baddy of the Triggermen. Geez, to get caught up in this shit!

Me: “Okay. Help me find my son!” (why the fuck would I say that?)

Nick: “Sure, I’ll be glad to help you out but right now we have more important things to concern ourselves with. Let’s blow this popsicle stand!”

So while we run through the Vault to escape, Piper kinda goes MIA, but whatever, I’m crouched behind this old time robot, hiding our asses as we try to escape. His commentary certainly spices things up–“I hear fat footsteps through the door”–so yeah, I’m pretty infatuated with this guy. New companion once things smooth over. Uh, who’s Piper again?

Unfortunately, our escape is botched by Malone and the runaway daughter–his girl now. She taunts us with a baseball bat and her voice is grating on the ears…ahhh fuck that shit.

Fallout 4_20151204180124

Damn it, I knew they weren’t going to make this easy.

Dumb bitch: “Awwww…poor little Valentine. Ashamed you got beat up by a girrrrl? I’ll just run home back to daddy, shall I?” (and yes, it sounds as annoying as it reads)

Malone: (shoots threats but sounds scared shitless) “Blah blah blah detective dick on my turf blah blah…don’t hurt me.” o:

Me: (facepalm)

Dumb bitch: “Oh no! Valentine must’ve sent her here to kill us!”

Me: “Wait, what? I didn’t know jack shit before I got here. I just want Valentine. You got a home you can go back to, why the fuck are you hanging around these idiots?”

(passes speech check) 😀

Dumb bitch: “Oh my God, you’re right! I’ve gotten all mixed up! I’m going home!”

Malone: “Darla? Where are ya going? Darla?!”

Maybe not so dumb bitch: “Back home, where I belong! This is goodbye for us!” (runs away)

Malone: “Oh come on, Nicky! It’s bad enough you cost me my men, now you cost me my girl too?!”

Me: “Uh…that was me that convinced her…”

Nick: “My friend did you a favour, Skinny. You always did have bad taste in women.”


Malone: (flustered) “You know what, Nick! I’ll let you go this time, but you have 10 seconds to get the fuck out of my Vault! 10…9…”

Nick: “Let’s skedaddle!”

Oh fuck, do we even have enough time?

Malone: “3…2…”


Malone: “1…”


Me: “Yess! We made it!! :D”

Nick: “Thanks for your help.” (backstory on how he’s a synth and he woke up in a trash can. Shit. He’s like a Chobit. Maybe secretly all synths are failed sex dolls I mean what) “Meet me back in Diamond City, and we can set up a case to find your missing son.”

Fallout 4_20151209191543

“Beep…beep.” :>


So guess what I did after that?

Back to Diamond City!

Image Credits: Screenshots taken by me. Please do not repost without my permission.


Fallout 4 (Part 3.5 – Diamond City)

February 29, 2016

Fallout 4_20151203215625

Sorry guys, short and sweet this time. School’s kind of a madhouse and I just don’t have the time or effort to write right now (I haven’t played in 3 weeks either).

So I decide to head on my way to Diamond City in the hunts for the mythical and famous detective “Nick Valentine”

…What a corny name, geez.

The directions to Diamond City are a bit confusing, let me tell you. There’s painted arrows pointing you to the direction of the city once you’re in the vicity of the city…but they aren’t too obvious, so you have to pay attention.

Also there’s a shit ton of super mutants just hanging around swinging around their nailboards and waiting to beat the shit out of me, yikes. Luckily though, they weren’t too hard to sneak by, and whatever was alerted got done by…baseball players? Oh right, Diamond City. Because it’s set in a stadium. Makes sense now.

So by the time I get to the doors there’s some mad woman yelling about not being let in and she’s flipping her shit. Of course that’s caught my interest now, so I listen. It goes something like this.

Woman: “You can’t keep me locked out!! I live here!!”

Security guy over an intercom: “Well…errr…I got orders from the mayor not to let you in!”

Woman: “Well fuck that guy! You better let me in! Grrr I’m so mad!”

Fallout 4_20151203215547

…And then of course she notices me and the dog just hanging out and staring at her like she’s the new circus sideshow. And then she gestures to me. Oh great.

Woman: “Oh look! You’re a trader from Quinsey? You don’t sayyyyy? You got a lot of shit to sell?” *wink wink*

Me: “Errr…sure?”

Security guy: “Alright I’ll open up.”

And the big ass doors pull back and I’m finally in. Awesome!

Of course Rob Ford Mayor Asshole comes up and starts bitching about the woman.

Mayor: “Piper! I thought I told security not to let you in!”

Woman (Piper): “Freedom of the press baby! Now go waddle on home!”

Mayor: (grumbles and walks off)

Piper: (turns to me and winks) “Meet me in my office later. We’ll bang, OK?”

…Erm okay.

So after this sly ass woman walks off I walk over to the security guard controlling the gate.

Me: “BTW, I’m not a trader from Quinsey.”

Him: “Yeah, I figured…Goddamn it Piper.”

Fallout 4_20151203220405

City at night.

Entering into the actually city-city (hell yeah one more gate and an actual loading screen) was kinda neat as it was night time already and everything was lit up and glowing. It was kinda nice…especially compared to Megaton in Fallout 3. But let’s be honest here, basically everything looks better than FO3. Also, cats. So I end up walking around, and meeting some the residents. There’s a barber shop, doctor, gun shop, chems shop, clothing store, you name it. Sweet jesus, it’s time to unload my shit and get some caps!

Woman storekeeper: “You’re a synth aren’t you?”

Me: “Sure, yeah. I’m a fucking synth BOO!”

Woman: “URGH! D: We don’t serve your kind here!” #synthracist

Me: “‘Kay.” (proceeds next door)

So eventually I manage to find Nick Valentine’s Detective Agency, and enter to find a woman looking over some paper work. I ask her if she’s Valentine by any chance, and she replies that Nick Valentine’s secretary and that he’s has gone missing on the last case. Fucking great. I go all the way here and the man’s MIA. She gives me the directions to his last known location–a Vault. Great, we know how well Vault runs go. SOMETHING FUCKED UP’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

So with a new location in mind I head back out into the city.

And I’m fucking greeted with this.


I take a seat at the bar in the middle of town and turn to the protectron server.

Protectron: “N a n i  s h i m a s h o  k a?”

Me: “Uh…yes?”

He gives me a big bowl of noodles and I eat in silence, slurping noodles while watching Riley mourn the bloody corpse of his now dead brother. Just another day in Diamond City.

Image & video credits: All taken by me. Please do not repost without permission.


Fallout 4 (Part 3)

January 31, 2016

This post is a continuation from the previous. Last post can be found here. To start from the beginning, click here.

maxresdefault (1)

Well I let my jolly group of settlers fuck off for the time being, yolo. Really I had more fun things to do, like…wander around. Top priority of a Fallout game, you know.

Anyway, I take Dogmeat and head out, by this time the sun has risen and it’s another beautiful day…well as beautiful as nuclear fallout can be. I’m listening to Atom Bomb Baby and bopping along when suddenly…a distress signal! And apparently it’s not too far away, coming from a police station just a bit further to my left. So Dogmeat and I gallivant our way over, shoot up some feral ghouls, and finally meet with some Brotherhood of Steel lunkhead.

…Let me tell you something.

I don’t like the Brotherhood of Steel.

I’m not sure why, maybe because they always struck me as pompous assholes (save for Veronica), but they just rub me the wrong way.

Of course since I automatically don’t like them when the leader asks for my help I in turn as him what’s in it for me.

Fallout 4_20151130165730


…Eh. But I guess I’m already here, guess I can lend the little shits a hand. Why not.

So he introduces himself as Paladin Danse of the Brotherhood of Shit. To be honest since this guy is an absolute snoozefest I can’t even remember what he wanted to do, something about retrieving a transmitter for some dumb reason or another, and how the Institute is bad blah blah. I loot the shit out of the Police Station, talk to some of his crew (Scribe Haylen is a lot cooler), we head out into the night to get this transmitter.

Let me tell you something. This man never shuts the fuck up. We’re practically running to the next location and he is going on and on and on about who knows because you know what? Maybe I wanna pick up some shit on the way there and he never fucking waits for anything.

Danse: “We need to get the transmitter–”

Me: “One sec let me turn down my radio here…”

Danse: “…blah blah Insitute…Brotherhood of Steel.”

Me: <_____< “Ah, forget it.” (turns Diamond City radio back on)

So we finally get to the building we need to go to, and Danse continues to talk about this damn transmitter. Of course I reply sarcastically to this guy every time, and boy, does he hate that!

Fallout 4_20151130204906

For someone who hates synths he sure talks about them a lot.

Of course we get ambushed by synths, I mean really, what else were we expecting here, except Danse is pretty much a fucking tank with his power armor and better armor so I basically let him do all the fucking work, because surprise, once again he doesn’t wait for me to loot shit so he’s off fighting stuff on his own.


I don’t know who made this gif but give them a fucking gold star holy shit it’s perfect.

Me: “K, bye.”

(obvious sounds of battle down the hall, then some muffled talking, and the fading sound of footsteps)

Me: “…Why did you need my help again?” >___>

So once I’m done with my looting conquest I finally catch up to the man, we get ambushed, I nearly die but yolo, Danse the man can save the day. We have to connect power to the elevators, no problem, with my amazing hacking skills we get the power back on in no time. Apparently you could have done this shit first and fried all the synths, but I didn’t so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway we take a ride in the elevator, Danse gets stuck because he’s huge and stupid, and we fight more synths before we get to the control center and get the Deep Range Transmitter. Mission accomplished, I suppose. By the time we leave the building, it’s morning, and Danse gives me a pretty bad ass energy weapon, Righteous Authority. Thanks dude, wish you’d have given me that earlier when I, y’know, needed it but hey, no one expected you to be smart so that’s okay.

Danse decides just from the mission alone, and ignoring my obvious sarcastic tone towards him and the Brotherhood, that I should join up with him.

Uhhh, let me think about that shit, bro.


Besides, I gotta go back to Sanctuary. Mama Murphy needs her special chair.

Fallout 4_20151130214053

Ignoring that there’s one right fucking behind you.

Guess I better get a buildin’. 🙂

Up Next: My Synthetic Valentine

Image credits: All screenshots by me. Please do not repost without permission.