My Favourite Skyrim Videos

December 31, 2016

Over the years there’s been many great Skyrim videos, be it machinimas or poops, music videos or skits, mod showcases or glitches. Some are shit, and some are just damned amazing. Here’s my collection of favourite videos/series.

  1. Dragonborn Comes Cover by Malukah

If you’re a fan of Skyrim and searched it on Youtube, you’ve come across this video. Sung beautifully by a female gamer, it’s a haunting cover of the ode to the Dragonborn. Now you can even mod your game to have bards sing Malukah’s covers of the game’s songs.

2. Gamer Poop – Skyrim series by mans1ay3r

If you’re easily amused and enjoy some good ol’ crude humor with a side of ridiculousness, than this is the series for you. Each video in the series has several million views, and there’s even a few infamous memes that came out of it (see below). He’s also done Gamer Poops for Mass Effect, Oblivion, and more recently, Fallout 4.

3. Song of the Dragonborn – Sovngarde Chant by jessismith

A beautiful video to accompany a beautiful cover of the chant of Sovngarde. Not much more to say.

4. Skyrim for Pimps by GameSocietyPimps

Not sure why I love this series so much but the banter between the hosts is pretty hilarious. My favourite out of the series is Soggy Balls the Khajit.

5. Skyrim by Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens

A beautiful rendition of the Skyrim theme on violin accompanied by Peter’s vocals. The cosplay and Nordic looking setting really makes this a great video.

6. Dovahbear by Bowz

What if Dovahkiin was a bear? It would be fucking amazing.

7. Skyrim Mods Weekly by MxR

Why should you mod Skyrim? To make it more immersive. And to add titties of course. MXR reviews the latest and greatest Skyrim mods in a humorous way. He’s since moved onto Fallout 4 Mods but still does Skyrim occasionally. Here’s a random episode. Have fun watching 200+ episodes. 🙂

That’s all for now. I’ll be adding more once I remember some. 🙂





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