Short Update

September 30, 2016

Unfortunately, this month isn’t very eventful.

I started playing Final Fantasy XIV with some friends this month, and got a new computer built so I haven’t had much time with Skyrim or Fallout 4. I did manage to play a bit of Nuka World and damn…shit’s crazy. And a bit difficult. But it’s probably because I have shitty gear and desperately need to upgrade.

TBH, I’m hyped for the remastered edition of Skyrim, and kinda holding my breath because I’m a bit worried about compatibility…but we’ll see. I’m hoping mods that I kind of find essential now (follower tweaks, body mods, survival settings, etc) will work with this new version but it’s a wait and see game. Hopefully things go so smoothly.

At least with the “new” rig I can experiment with some ENBs and graphic settings…hopefully I can make my game look pretty fucking nice this time around. I’m just not looking forward to re-modding the game, as most of you PC players know it’s extremely time consuming and something frustrating when you can’t exactly pinpoint what the problem is when things sometimes go awry.

But that’s my update. October 28th. Can’t fucking wait.



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