Fallout 4 – Memories (Main Quest Part 5)

August 31, 2016


So Nick and I head back to Publik Occurances to give Piper the deets on what went down with Kellogg. Nick and Piper suggest I take Kellogg’s brain chip to the Memory Den for some answers as to how I can get to the Institute. Of course they both want to come with me as they are both as invested into this as I am–but of course I gotta take my partner Nick Valentine. Sorry Pipes, but ya ain’t charming, suave or robotic enough for me. Gotta stick with the detective.

So we make our way back to Good Neighbor where Nick talks to Irma, the owner of the establishment. Apparently these two go way back–maybe I’m a tad jealous, but it’s all pleasanteries.

So we head into the basement and see Doctor Amari. She explains the whole idea behind the memory den–people lie in this pod and get to relive their memories as many times as they want–provided they pay, of course. Kind of neat I suppose, very Fallout-esque. Probably also a decent way to make a living.

Anyway, she says she can help us with the bio-chip–but she’ll need to implant the chip into Nick’s brain and work from there.

Wait, wait hold up a bit.


But Nick reassures me it’s fine and we go ahead and plant the chip. I’m a bit worried but hey, gotta find my baby, right?

Fallout 4_20151224024947

Nick: “If I start crackling like an old grizzled mercenary, pull me out alright?” (OH SHIT SOME FORESHADOWING). But apparently Nick’s brain can’t handle the memories by himself so I gotta get connected too. Great.

So I get into one of those pod things and away into Kellogg’s memories we go.

…And we end up in some kind of space-brain simulation.

…This might be even more trippy than Tranquility Lane in Fallout 3, holy shit.

So I’m in this brain tissue cell thing and I go to fragmented memories of Kellogg starting from when he was a kid. Of course his dad’s a big of shit, big surprise. Damn it Bethesda, I have a feeling I know where this story is going.

Run away from abusive dad… Kellogg had a lover,and a young daughter. Turns out they got got killed–but Kellogg took revenge. Goddamn it Bethesda stop making backstories for assholes and making me sympathize with them. Kellogg’s still an asshole but damn.  Kellogg became a mercenary till he met up with the Institute.

Anyway probably the trippiest part of all this was seeing Kellogg’s perspective of Shaun’s kidnapping in Vault 111. And then looking at myself. WTF. Great I have to watch the husband die AGAIN? And damn that echoing shot really hits home.

Fallout 4_20151224155729

Then we see a memory of when Shaun stayed with Kellogg. Damn my boy’s a ginger, just like his momma. He’s kinda cute for a kid I guess, but we got him and some synth from the matrix leading him off and wtf is going on I’m so confused right now–DID THEY JUST FUCKING BEAM UP?


And of course I have a bit of sympathy again for Kellogg because it seems he kind of took in Shaun like a son and really wtf is happening. This shit is getting crazy. I find a file on the desk in the memory and I have to find Doctor Virgil, who is apparently hiding out in the Glowing Sea.

So I get back out of the simulation and I go to talk with Nick.


My heart went crazy. THE FUCK IS HAPPENING??

…But Nick goes back to normal and apparently Bethesda never pursues this storyline for the rest of the game. Why. Such wasted potential. Imagine if like you have to fight Kellogg!Nick. Would have been great. Oh well. Guess it’s just a temporary side effect of the brain implant. Nick’s back to being the good ol’ synthetic detective we all know and love.

So Nick tells me to stock up on some Radaway because the Glowing Sea is the site of the bomb drop 200 years ago. Great. Sounds fun. I always love eating rads for breakfast.

He also tells me about how he wants to get revenge for the original Nick and wants to get revenge for a dame he had back in the day, who was killed by a man named Eddie Winter. He’s still apparently alive because now he’s a ghoul. Wow. Sign be the fuck up I love a good dish of revenge.

And we’re off to avenge Nick’s lover. 😀

Image Credits: All screenshots taken by me except stated otherwise. Please do not repost without my permission!


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