Mini Post: Bethesda @ E3

June 30, 2016

So if you’re like me you watched the Bethesda showcase at E3.

And probably were fucking disappointed, but pleased at the same time.

First off–Skyrim remastered. Yay for the console players who never get to experience the joys of modding–at best it’ll look just like a really decent ENB with nice lighting on PC. Too bad the reveal trailer didn’t show much. But, the good thing is console players will be able to play Skyrim modded–to a degree. Of course, if they fucking finish the mod support on PS4, jfc. Also I’m excited and worried to see the Nexus shit their pants over mod theft. The good news out of all this is that PC players who already own Skryim will get the HD remaster for FREE, which is good because I don’t think it’s worth rebuying if you’re already playing it modded. In that case it would be more of a downgrade, hehe. Just hope mod support gets ported over to the 64-bit version from the original 32–apparently it’s as simple as loading the old mod in the new creation kit and exporting it from there, but we’ll see. I rarely take Bethesda’s word of functionality to heart.

Secondly–dat Fallout 4 DLC. Well…Nuka-World anyway. I really could give less of a irradiated molerat’s ass about the Contraptions shit. I’ve barely figured out how to set up lighting in my house as it is, I get bored really quickly and just wanna go back out in the fray and shoot some super mutants or something. But hey if you got a boner for Rube Goldberg machines then by all means, but for me it’s gonna be kinda useless for me in the mean time. Creating your own vault seems kind of interesting,  but again I assume it takes an ass load of concrete and steel and who knows what else to make, but I wouldn’t mind being an evil fuckwit Overseer and running experiments on my dwellers…*rubs chin in thought*. Now…dat Nuka-World DLC is what I’m most hyped about. Set in an amusement park? Sounds fucking amazing, let’s hope the rides actually work (unlike the abandoned rollercoaster in New Vegas). Looks heavily-populated too, hopefully it’ll be like that upon release too. But, unfortunately…I’ve heard wind this is the last DLC Bethesda is releasing for Fallout 4…which to me sounds kind of unfair after the Season Pass price hike. We get two major expansions and four baby ones…hardly seems to justify it especially when Bethesda said, “they had a lot more planned”. But I guess we’ll see with the size of Nuka-World, and if it’s anywhere near the size of Far Harbor.

Oh, and Fallout Shelter got an update, too. I guess that’s cool.


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