Fallout 4 – Revenge Against the Cereal Box (Main Quest, Part 5)

April 30, 2016

Alright, since we’re starting to get into spoiler territory, everything’s under the cut.

Fallout 4_20151204223330

Notice Piper just lurking in the background trying to get the newest story for Publick Occurances.

Getting back to Diamond City, I meet with Nick in his office. Eventually the conversation leads back to my son’s kidnapper–Kellogg. Apparently Nick knows exactly who I’m talking about, and tells me he used to live in the city with a 10 year old boy, whom everyone assumed was his son. Now that’s kind of weird. Shaun was just a babe when he was kidnapped…Oh geez, isn’t it obvious we were frozen again??

Of course in-game me doesn’t seem to realize that, and Nick explains Kellogg was a mercenary, and he left the city quite some time ago. But, being the detective that Nick is, he suggests we snoop around the abandoned house and try to get a clue as to where he might’ve gone. I couldn’t pick Kellogg’s lock to get inside because I’m a fucking shitty lockpicker so I went to Mayor McDouchebag’s secretary and bribed it off her. It wasn’t too hard, she’s an easy chick to fluster.

Once I got inside, Nick and I split up to investigate. I find a button under a desk to reveal Kellogg’s secret sex dungeon or something, and apparently he’s a chain smoker.

Nick: “I have an ol’ pal that can help us track Kellogg down.”

Lo and behold, we leave the house with cigarettes in hand and who is this old pal of Nicks?


Me: 😀

Dogmeat takes a stiff, somehow doesn’t get dog cancer from the cigar and runs off, and we follow. Man, Kellogg must really smell like cigars. Gross. We follow him for quite a ways…and I mean it was pretty fucking far.

We ran into feral ghouls. We ran into raiders. We even ran into a yao guai. Yikes!

Fallout 4_20151204231236

Finally, we get to a place called Fort Hagen and it’s fucking surrounded by turrets. Which I guess aren’t too, bad they aren’t exactly hard to take out unless you’re a fucking pleb and stand in the line of fire (like I occasionally do).

It’s not too difficult, though a bit long to get to Kellogg. A hell of a lot of synths, but it’s nothing I’m not used to. We shoot the shit out of the bad guys and then come face to face with my husband’s killer, who apparently just finished an orgy with some naked synths.

Me: “Where is my son?! Where is Shaun?”

Kellogg: “What the cliche? ‘So close, yet so far away?’ That’s Shaun.”

Me: “Fuck you fucker!!”



Smug bastard.

So basically he tells me Shaun is with the Institute, safe and sound, but older than I’d expect. I’d figured it by now. He tells me he won’t tell me where Shaun is, so we dance with laser pistols and grenades and it’s a bit of a struggle, but I make it and kill the smug (and slightly sexy) son-of-a-bitch. No wonder he was kicking his ass, he’s got a bad ass pistol. Sweet. Also I take some brain chip out of his brain (gross), and Nick tells me to go to the Memory Den to take a look at Kellogg’s memories. Maybe this would bring us closer to my son.

I can only hope.


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