Fallout 4 (Part 3.5 – Diamond City)

February 29, 2016

Fallout 4_20151203215625

Sorry guys, short and sweet this time. School’s kind of a madhouse and I just don’t have the time or effort to write right now (I haven’t played in 3 weeks either).

So I decide to head on my way to Diamond City in the hunts for the mythical and famous detective “Nick Valentine”

…What a corny name, geez.

The directions to Diamond City are a bit confusing, let me tell you. There’s painted arrows pointing you to the direction of the city once you’re in the vicity of the city…but they aren’t too obvious, so you have to pay attention.

Also there’s a shit ton of super mutants just hanging around swinging around their nailboards and waiting to beat the shit out of me, yikes. Luckily though, they weren’t too hard to sneak by, and whatever was alerted got done by…baseball players? Oh right, Diamond City. Because it’s set in a stadium. Makes sense now.

So by the time I get to the doors there’s some mad woman yelling about not being let in and she’s flipping her shit. Of course that’s caught my interest now, so I listen. It goes something like this.

Woman: “You can’t keep me locked out!! I live here!!”

Security guy over an intercom: “Well…errr…I got orders from the mayor not to let you in!”

Woman: “Well fuck that guy! You better let me in! Grrr I’m so mad!”

Fallout 4_20151203215547

…And then of course she notices me and the dog just hanging out and staring at her like she’s the new circus sideshow. And then she gestures to me. Oh great.

Woman: “Oh look! You’re a trader from Quinsey? You don’t sayyyyy? You got a lot of shit to sell?” *wink wink*

Me: “Errr…sure?”

Security guy: “Alright I’ll open up.”

And the big ass doors pull back and I’m finally in. Awesome!

Of course Rob Ford Mayor Asshole comes up and starts bitching about the woman.

Mayor: “Piper! I thought I told security not to let you in!”

Woman (Piper): “Freedom of the press baby! Now go waddle on home!”

Mayor: (grumbles and walks off)

Piper: (turns to me and winks) “Meet me in my office later. We’ll bang, OK?”

…Erm okay.

So after this sly ass woman walks off I walk over to the security guard controlling the gate.

Me: “BTW, I’m not a trader from Quinsey.”

Him: “Yeah, I figured…Goddamn it Piper.”

Fallout 4_20151203220405

City at night.

Entering into the actually city-city (hell yeah one more gate and an actual loading screen) was kinda neat as it was night time already and everything was lit up and glowing. It was kinda nice…especially compared to Megaton in Fallout 3. But let’s be honest here, basically everything looks better than FO3. Also, cats. So I end up walking around, and meeting some the residents. There’s a barber shop, doctor, gun shop, chems shop, clothing store, you name it. Sweet jesus, it’s time to unload my shit and get some caps!

Woman storekeeper: “You’re a synth aren’t you?”

Me: “Sure, yeah. I’m a fucking synth BOO!”

Woman: “URGH! D: We don’t serve your kind here!” #synthracist

Me: “‘Kay.” (proceeds next door)

So eventually I manage to find Nick Valentine’s Detective Agency, and enter to find a woman looking over some paper work. I ask her if she’s Valentine by any chance, and she replies that Nick Valentine’s secretary and that he’s has gone missing on the last case. Fucking great. I go all the way here and the man’s MIA. She gives me the directions to his last known location–a Vault. Great, we know how well Vault runs go. SOMETHING FUCKED UP’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

So with a new location in mind I head back out into the city.

And I’m fucking greeted with this.


I take a seat at the bar in the middle of town and turn to the protectron server.

Protectron: “N a n i  s h i m a s h o  k a?”

Me: “Uh…yes?”

He gives me a big bowl of noodles and I eat in silence, slurping noodles while watching Riley mourn the bloody corpse of his now dead brother. Just another day in Diamond City.

Image & video credits: All taken by me. Please do not repost without permission.


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