Top 10 Dragon Shouts

July 31, 2015


Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a top 10 list of anything, so I’d figure a list for the best and most useful shouts (in my opinion) was an order. Of course, this ranking is pretty loose, I tried setting them in order but like most gameplay elements shouts have more usefulness depending on the situation.

Also mild spoilers.

Anyway, let’s get to it!

10. Ice Form

Nothing is funner than turning an enemy into a solid block of ice, and watching his body slide down a mountain. Also good to get away from overpowered opponents as it completely freezes them for a few seconds.

9. Whirlwind Sprint

Picked up way too many dragon bones and can’t make it back to your house and drop off your loot within the next 100 years? No problem. Use this shout and shoot forward a few feet. Sure, it’s useful, but it still has a cool down, but thankfully it isn’t very long. It’s also extremely useful to get away from enemies in battle–even if it’s just for the briefest of moments (ie, don’t use against bandit archers). Also don’t use near a hill. You’ll go straight through the air…then fall and die. No directional control.

(NOTE: This shout kind of always glitched for me on the 360 version. Even with the full shout unlocked, I’d yell….”WULD!” …and then a minute later I’d scream, “NAH KEST!” …Dafuq?)

8. Become Ethereal

Another good option to avoid oncoming death. Going to get caught in a firey inferno by dragon? No problem, just become a ghost! It’s a good shout to avoid injury…whether it be by foe or by nature. Also good for fast travel…stuck on top of the Throat of the World and want to get down without taking all 7000 steps? No problem, just use this shout and throw yourself off the cliff. Instant fast travel…mind you, if the shout doesn’t wear off before you hit the bottom…

7. Dragon Aspect (Dragonborn DLC)

What’s more bad ass than turning into a dragon? Not much…and unfortunately this shout doesn’t do that either. But! You can take attributes of a dragon, such as improved armor and health, and your attacks are quicker and hit more harder. Plus, if your health falls below 50%, you get an Ancient Dragonborn to fight with you….whaaaa. That’s awesome. Too bad you can only use it once per day.

6. Slow Time

If you’re a marksman, this is your shout. Hell, no matter your play style you’ll find this shout useful. You’re also affected by this shout, but not nearly as much as the world around you. This makes dodging incoming blows a lot easier–and if you’re lucky–you might even catch a few arrows mid air!

5. Soul Tear (Dawnguard DLC)

Nothing sounds more bad ass in name than this shout. SOUL TEARRRRRRRRRRR…err. Using this shout drains a target 300 health points on impact and once they die they become ressurected to fight for you as the undead for a full minute. Damn.

4. Unrelenting Force/Cyclone (Dragonborn DLC)

Now I know these are two entirely different shouts, but they kind of have the same basic idea. Unrelenting Force is a staple in the game, being the first shout you learn. At full power it comepletely knocks back your enemies, which is quite useful standing on a bridge or any other high point. Cyclone also has a knock back, but instead tosses your enemies in the air for a good few seconds and even does damage based on your mini tornado. Both shouts feel and look bad ass, definitely makes you feel awesome being the motherfucking Dragonborn.

3. Aura Whisper

Despite not being number one on my list, it’s my most used shout by far. Equivelent to Detect Life minus the heavy mana drain, with a simple whisper you can see lifeforms through walls. Plus, unlike Detect Life it detects the undead and Dwarven automatons so it’s pretty awesome. The only downfall is that there’s no indicator to tell whether it’s a friend or foe. Highly useful. It unfortunately has a minor (and semi-perminent) graphical glitch causing your character’s eyes to perminately glow. However, this can be fixed via console or the 1.3 version of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. Console users? Tough luck. Reload an earlier save?

2. Bend Will

Bow to me, dovah! This shout lets you temporarily make allies out of enemies–but who cares about that, what you’re really going to use this shout for is TAMING DRAGONS!! Dragon riding, hell yes! I mean, it’s not the perfect dragon riding simulator, but there’s mods for that. Still, there’s nothing cooler that being the strongest dovah, making other dovs do your bidding.

1. Call Dragon/Summon Durnehviir (Dawnguard DLC)

Image Credit: kynarreth @ tumblr

Image Credit: kynarreth

Wow. I abused the hell out of this post end game. Odahviing is a complete bro. You call him, he’ll be there as soon as possible, and he doesn’t leave until all your enemies are dead. No matter what. ALL OF THEM. You’re in trouble? Call him and trust me you’ll feel a wave of relief wash over you once you hear his roar. He may not be the most powerful, but it depends on what level you beat the game at. It’s quite the show to see him battle two Ancient Dragons in the sky. Durnehviir is another dragon you can call via Dawnguard DLC, but he is retreated as an actual summon, as he comes from the Soul Carin. You also learn the Soul Tear shout from him, so it’s a pretty good idea to summon him occasionally, whether you need the big guy or not. You can’t go wrong with more dragon friends, am I right?

Special mentions: Storm Call (looks amazing, but will probably kill your followers), Animal Alligence (get those bears out of here), Clear Skies (if you get tired of rain), Elemental Fury (hit faster and stronger), Fire Breath (you can’t be a dov without some fire breathing). and Call of Valor (get some help Sovngarde). Hell, even Throw Voice. Because it’s the worst one.




  1. Cool list! Personally, storm call is number 1 to me. It’s the dragonborns ultimate attack, especially if you use dragon aspect with necromage and the stability perk. All of those active make it last over 3 minutes. frost breath with the dragonborn book ability active makes ice form obsolete. I’ve also fallen in love with elemental fury. It’s crazy powerful with those perks active I mentioned. Slow time can be used almost non stop, but once again with all those perks I mentioned lol xD

  2. Hey, melon nose!

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