Mini Post: FALLOUT 4

June 30, 2015

Oh man.

Oh man oh man.

Bethesda has done it this time.


When the teaser trailer was released, I got hyped. When Bethesda’s E3 showcase happened, I was estatic. I mean, it was no surprise that it was coming, but wow. I am not disappointed in the slightest. Plus, what I love about Bethesda’s announcements, is that when they do make one–it isn’t 2 or 3 years before the game comes out. It’s usually within the year. So you’ll get excited, and stay excited all the way to November. Yes. Fallout is on the horizon.

So he’s my breakdown of some of the E3 showcase for it. Let’s do this.

So the game starts 200 years into the past, pre-war Boston to be exact. You’re a regular family man/woman, starting your day. There’s where you create your character.

fallout41Now a lot of people seem to be excited for this change in character creation….but I’ve seen it before. The Skyrim mod RaceMenu 3.0 (if I recall correctly) lets you sculpt your character’s face to your liking, so it isn’t really new to me. But, that being said it’s a first for Bethesda, and it’s a welcome change from the somewhat finicky sliders. Being allowed to select and shape different parts on the face seems to be a much better way to fine-tune your creation.


The dialogue is done quite differently as well. A choice is mapped to the four buttons of the game pad instead of the usual scroll menu. The descriptions for the choices are very vague–what you choose won’t be exactly what comes out of your mouth…which brings me to the next point. Your character actually talks, and has his or her own voice. Which feels very Bioware-like to me. Not that I’m complaining, it just seems a bit strange for Bethesda to go off into that route. I was also getting hella La Noire vibes, but I think that might’ve just been the 1950’s era speaking to me, haha.


I’m not sure if your baby’s name is defaulted to Shaun or what, but I’m totally for SHAWN and not SHAUN. Just saying.


So while you play around with shit in your pre-war home an announcement for the bombs dropping goes off and you head to the vault. I guess you kind of make it? Shit goes off though and–


Bam! You emerge from Vault 111 and everything has gone to shit. Luckily, you find your Mr.Handy pretty fast, and he tells you you haven’t eaten in 200 years. Which, of course doesn’t make a lick of sense, so I’m calling it now–you’re a fucking android with the memories of your old stuff. COULD THIS SHIT BE ANYMORE OBVIOUS?!

So after just fucking leaving without staying for breakfast, you leave Mr.Handy and wander off and–OH MY GOD IT’S EVERYONE’S NEW FAVOURITE DOG.


I MEAN, HE AIN’T THE ORIGINAL DOGMEAT BUT WHO CARES HE MIGHT AS WELL BE. The game has new commands, so you can order Dogmeat to fetch you shit, fight, etc. He’s man best friend. And he’s hella cute. It wouldn’t be the same without a dog.

…Now let’s just hope his HP isn’t shit and he doesn’t die within the first hour of meeting him, otherwise he’ll be the cause for constant save reloading.

...Did Mole Rats get smaller?

…Did Mole Rats get smaller?

It’s here we get a taste of the new VATS system…which pretty much looks the same as the old one EXCEPT! it’s way better in the fact that the game doesn’t pause itself when you use it. And for the FPS aspect of this RPG it kind of makes the game way better, it makes it less easy and more uninterrupted action, sure time slows when you use it but you still have to choose quickly. I like this.


Not sure why people are hating on the graphics, I still think they look pretty damn good, and with mods they’ll look even better. Really, did you come here to play a super pretty game with less content, or an awesome game with hundreds of hours of content? Stop bitching. The environments for this game look hugely diverse, so I can’t wait to get out there and explore that it has to offer. I mean, a city in a baseball stadium?! How cool is that??


Now, if I can just build a computer in time…

Also too bad about how limited that PipBoy Edition was. What a shame.

(More thoughts on the upcoming game to come!)



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