Touching the Sky – DAWNGUARD (Part 4 – Final)

May 31, 2015

This post is a continuation. To read the previous entry, click here.

TESV 2015-01-09 19-42-55-73

So off to Darkfall Cave. And they aren’t lying. It’s dark as fuck. And basically after wandering around blindly for a few minutes, I come across a bridge. And by now I know how this works. Of course the bridge fucking breaks. And wee, I fall down into a raging river below and ride the waves for who knows how long, until I get dumped in an even darker part of the cave. Yay.

So after fighting various things like spiders and Falmer, I come across this guy.

TESV 2015-01-05 20-24-18-51

His name is Gelebor, and apparently he’s the last of the Snow Elves–you know, what the Falmer were before they were betrayed by the Dwemer and became naked mole rats. Well he has a brother, but that’s his only surviving relative. His brother kind of went crazy, so if I kill his brother, he’ll help me obtain Auriel’s Bow, the bad ass weapon I need to kill Harkon once and for all. It’s hidden in the Inner Sanctum, at the heart of the Forgotten Vale. To get there I have to fill Initiate’s Ewer with water from the five wayshrines scattered throughout. But, to get there I need to make my way through the cave to get into the Forgotten Vale.

So after charging through the cave at as a werewolf (tired of Falmer and Chaurus geez), I find the first Wayshrine, fill the Ewer with water and find my way out of the cave (which took some time because I kept getting lost in the dark). I find this weird bubble place with a bed and stuff in a force field, not sure what’s up with that but anyway, I soon emerge into the snowy land of the Vale.

TESV 2015-01-09 19-10-37-49

…And by the gods is it ever fucking cold.

It was so damn cold I had no choice but to turn off Frostfall if I wanted to get anything done. Literally every time I collected firewood, I’d get too cold, I warmed up and by the time I got more firewood I’d be super cold again. Pershaps I should have brought wood with me, whoops. Oh well. Not a huge deal.

So scattered among the valley are four more Wayshrines. The first is easy enough to find, planted fairly close to the entrance, can’t really miss it…I had a fun time getting lost and getting smacked around by Falmer and Chaurus and Frost Giants (the fuck are these?!), but eventually I found a frozen lake.

Now if you’re like pretty much everyone who’s seen the Dawnguard trailer, you know exactly what’s coming. And yup, in a burst of epicness from below, twin dragons fly out from beneath the ice of the frozen lake and proceed in trying to eat me.

TESV 2015-01-09 19-26-36-32

I have to give Bethesda kudos on this fight, it’s pretty damn epic and unique. Not only do you have to fight TWO dragons, but I liked the added touch of them occasionally dive bombing into the lake ice and bursting back out in some random place. Definitely gave an interesting dynamic to the battle. Paired with Frostfall I’m sure I would have been fucked, falling into that frozen water would have killed me pretty quick, guaranteed.

…Now that was pretty much my highlight of the Vale. After this fight and getting the Word Wall I pretty much just wandered aimlessly for quite sometime because I kept getting lost and killed by Falmer. GODDAMN HAVE I NEVER HATED FALMER AS MUCH AS I DO NOW. I never thought I’d say this but I miss Blackreach. Damn. I finally figured out I had to go through a large, glitchy frozen cave filled with–you guessed it–FALMER!

A completely natural cave  formation. Yup.

A completely natural cave formation. Yup.

Eventually after falling off shitty Falmer bridges and having to climb all the way up again I emerge into a clearing…which is another Falmer camp. GODDAMN IT, BETHESDA! …But it leads to the last Wayshrine. I fill the Ewer and the gates to the Inner Sanctum are opened…

…Unfortunately I was a bit of an idiot and didn’t notice the gates so I left the area and went to go look for them. After wasting my time for about an hour, I mentally slapped myself silly and came back to where I was supposed to be.

I can appreciate some good architecture. Damn.

I can appreciate some good architecture. Damn.

I went in with my bow drawn, expecting some epic battle as soon as I stepped through those large doors. Instead I was greeted by…silence? The whole temple was suspended in time, Falmer and Chaurus frozen in place, caked with ice. Of course, me expecting the worst possible outcome fired a couple of arrows into each of them, nothing happened. Phew.

Well, that is until I took that potion of health out of one of their frozen fingers.

Soon all the ice exploded and the Falmer were back to life! Shit! Fortunately they weren’t too difficult to take out, and I soon learned whoever is holding treasure in those frozen fingers of theirs would probably come back to life as soon as I grabbed it. Which was fine, some of the stuff wasn’t really worth grabbing, others they definitely were. I got some items with interesting enchantments, a nice staff that deals 60 ice damage, sweeeeet.

Anyway, I enter a large room where I notice a certain evil brother Snow Elf sitting daintily on his throne chair.

Yup, this is going to be a battle.

Yup, this is going to be a battle.

After spewing some crazy at me, the Falmer break out of their icy shells and attack. It was a pretty long battle, and of course Vyrthur (the Snow Elf) as some weird ass barrier over him so I can’t actually touch him. Blah. And I’m not going to lie…I got fooled into thinking the battle was over when suddenly there was another hoard of Falmer and Chaurus….that nearly killed me.

TESV 2015-05-30 22-28-50-06

Finally Vyrthur decided he’s had enough and just blows up the whole chapel. I kid you not. All that impressive architecture…gone. Goddamn it, Vyrthur!

(By the way dodging falling pillars while being wounded from battle is not fun, trust me.)

Of course I get hit in the head with one and somehow not die, amazingly. I awake to Serana asking me if I’m alright, and then she confronts Vyrthur. Turns out he’s also a vampire. And he apparently made the prophecy about bloating out the sun using Auriel’s Bow and arrows dipped with the blood of a Daughter of Cold Harbor. Whoa holy shit.

TESV 2015-05-30 22-34-53-78

He explodes and we fight, which basically consisted of me shooting crossbow bolts at him while Serana and Marcurio distract him. I never said I fought fairly, hahaha!

We kill him, and Gelebor appears and we get the bow. He then blesses arrows so when shot at the sun, they can burst into sunlight or something to kill vampires. Fucking sweet.

Fucking finally. This bow better be god tier.

Fucking finally. This bow better be god tier.

So back to Dawnguard to rally the group to fight Lord Harkon at his castle. Let’s do this shit and finish it once and for all!

…Of course Agmaer hangs back because he’s a fucking pussy but that’s okay. MUH PA’S AXE.

So we storm the castle, and lucky me it’s a full moon that night and thanks to Moonlight Tales I have to turn into a werewolf, which isn’t much of a problem, it’s a bit too overpowered but whatever. I smack around some gargoyles and bam we’re in the castle. I slaughter a bunch of vampires, hunting them down to the point where I get ’em just as they’re awakening from their coffins. It’s like, “Good evening, tonight you die!!” Awesome.

TESV 2015-06-01 18-19-51-81

Isran and Durak have my back, such bros.

I get lost like an idiot of course, eventually clearing out all the vampires and having no idea where to go, no one is helping me figure that out because they’re just standing around yelling “kill all the vampires!” until I find Isran beside an iron gate. Duh.

TESV 2015-06-01 18-26-19-07

Serana and I enter a large cathedral-like room where we confront her father. They exchange words, you know the usual family drama (“My daughter died the day she chose to side with mortals.”), and then Harkon has the nerve to ask me for the bow after insulting my undead waifu. EXCUSE ME. You want Auriel’s Bow? Sure I’ll give you Auriel’s Bow, after I unload all her arrows in your cold undead body. TAKE THAT!!

This fight was actually pretty fucking difficult. Yeah, those sunlight arrows are pretty impressive and flashy, blowing up with sunlight and shit, but I had a hard time just hitting the motherfucker because he’s actually pretty damn fast. Plus he can turn into a swarm of bats. And summon gargoyles. Damn it. Plus he regenerates his health at certain points, but that’s ample opportunity just to rapid fire arrows into his gut. Hahaha!

I did it!!

I did it!!

So finally I beat him after running out of health potions and nearly dying. He cries about Serana’s betrayal like a little bitch and explodes into red goo. Beautiful. As I celebrate, Marcurio (who decided to take off all his clothes again for some unknown reason) and Isran finally show up–by the way, thanks guys for NOT having my back during the battle–and is Isran congratulates me on defeating Harkon.

And I guess that’s the end.

TESV 2015-06-01 19-07-23-84


Serana: “So you got any adventures planned?”

…Well I am curious about this Dragonborn cult I’ve heard so much about…

Image Credits: All photos taken by me unless stated otherwise. Please do not repost without my permission. Thank you.

(Happy birthday, sis!)


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