Mini Post: What I Want to See in the Next Elder Scrolls

February 28, 2015

Now you may or may not have noticed last month’s previous poll asking where you’d like to see TES6 take place, and a good majority of you said “Elsweyr!” which is exactly what I want, basically the polar opposite of Skyrim. Lush jungles & deserts, exotic creatures, Khajiit everwhere (I love the Khajiit), tons of Skooma and Moon Sugar…ahh, the life. THAT’S what I’m hoping for, anyway. But I won’t be disappointed if it’s somewhere like Valenwood, or Black Marsh for that matter. A new Elder Scrolls game is a new Elder Scrolls game. And I can’t wait for whatever Bethesda cranks out. Of course, seeing how Fallout is overdue for a new installment, I’m pretty sure that’s coming out first, and I’m not complaining. Sometimes you just wanna pick up a sniper rifle and wander the wasteland.

Anyway, here’s a small list of things I’d like to see in the vanilla version of Elder Scrolls VI (though I realize most of this could be added into Skyrim via modding, but hey).

Equipment Durability

I’d like things to have a potential to lose stats with use, maybe not as quickly as Oblivion, but I’d like to be able to repair things and upgrade and stuff. Skyrim’s smithing wasn’t too bad, I mean you’d could crank out some pretty amazing shit after grinding constantly. I dunno, perhaps it would be more interesting to be forced to use a secondary weapon if you’re on the road with nothing to repair your Ebony sword, so instead you have to use an Orcish war axe instead or something.

Hardcore Mode

Fallout: New Vegas had it, why couldn’t TES6? Eat, drink, sleep, farm & brave the elements. Something optional, but it should have been in the vanilla game. I know a lot of people aren’t into that kind of thing, since it’s a bit tedious, but there’s a lot of players out there who like to add-on a touch of realism to the game, and a survival mode would be a great addition.

Better Bookshelves

TES6 better have more books, and more places to store them. None of the vanilla houses had enough space to hold all of Skyrim’s literature, so I’d like to be able to have a neat player home where I could display and browse my collection with ease. C’MON BETHESDA, YOU PUT ALL THESE BOOKS IN AND NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO HOLD THEM??? I WANT A LIBRARY, DAMN IT!

Harder to Obtain Gold

Now I’m not talking about ESO‘s difficulty of obtaining gold (hahaha, how you like 2 gold for your dungeon run?? BE PREPARED TO DO 7000 RUNS TO GET A HORSE!!!), but after like 3 hours of playtime in Skyrim you could literally buy everything. And even after then, money becomes kind of pointless because everything you make is like a million times better than whatever is out there to buy.

Building on that…

Some Kind of Economy System

I’m thinking a bit like Fable‘s, you can invest into shops/taverns/inns, maybe buy them for a certain amount, then get a return after x amount of days, slowly making your gold back and then some. And maybe have the economy change based on your actions, like if you rob a port certain goods don’t get through/prices go up/etc. Just a thought.

Customizing Your House

Not like Hearthfire, because Hearthfire was kind of shit, TBH. I mean like having the ability to move your bed/bookshelves/decorations/etc around because THAT’S the kind of customization I want. If I want to move the alchemy table to the corner of the room, I should be allowed to do it!


Why does Fallout have mirrors but Skyrim doesn’t have any functional reflective surface at all? I know they’re built on different engines, but come on. Also maybe the ability to customize armor?

Better Spouses

Maybe not quite to the intimate detail like SexLab provides, but more options like hugging/kissing/holding hands, I dunno. Something cute.

More Pets

Taming things like wolves, or spiders, or Minotaurs maybe just a bit unlorefiendly. I’m thinking instead of just cats or dogs, maybe have a bird of prey you can teach to send messages, or hunt your dinner for you?


I like rolling around in Dark Souls. I want to roll around in Skyrim to avoid my enemy’s pimp hand. Fancy battle manuevers would be awesome, instead of just block & stab, block & stab.


Please. Just please. We already missed the opportunity to slay dragons with our friends. I don’t really want multiplayer, or any competitive fighting. Just some dungeon runs with a buddy. Pretty please??

But hey. Watch Bethesda adds shit I’d never even thought of. Hopefully it’ll be for the better.

I’m looking forward to whatever will be announced at E3 2015.




  1. I do hope it will be good. I was dissapointed by Skyrim (I go more in depth in my post) and I hope this will be better.

  2. Durability was a great concept in Oblivion/Morrowind, one that forced you to go prepared to a dungeon etc. I’d like to see that come back too, though I’m sure there are pc mods for it.

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