My 10 Favourite Mods

December 30, 2014


Since I’ve been playing Skyrim on PC pretty heavily for awhile, I figured I’d give you my current mod set up (no ENBs though because I have a pretty sucky laptop). These are the mods that I couldn’t play without:

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

You kind of need this, and if you feel like you don’t, trust me, you will at some point. A lot of mods are script based, and in order for them to run smoothly you need to run this instead of the launcher.


At first I was kinda skeptical of SkyUI–I didn’t really like the look of the interface too much, but it kind of grew on me after awhile (plus for most of my mods to work they kind of relied on me having it). But the ability to sort items by the finest details (IE, the most important category–weight!), became really handy, so I think I’ll be sticking with it. 😀

Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Tired of the long-ass intro scene of the vanilla game? Look no further! In this mod you wake up in an unknown dungeon. You create and customize your character there, then walk up to a statue of Mara (I think it’s Mara…), who will give you about a dozen different options on how to start your game, for example, you are a bandit, you start in a bandit camp, or you could be working for the Thalmor, in which case you start in the Thalmor Embassy. Definitely a lot more interesting of a start to the game, and an interesting way to give your character more of a backstory right off the bat.


Party warming up by the fire.

Party warming up by the fire.

God, I love Frostfall. Honestly when I first heard of it, it sounded like it would be awful to play, considering how cold Skyrim is. Basically it’s a mod that makes you more susceptible to the harsh effects of the weather, ie hypothemia. You need to wear proper clothing, set up camp and make campfires to survive. It sounds like a chore, I know, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, I definitely think it adds a level of immersion into the game. I think my most memorable moment was wandering with no firewood or pickaxe, and I was too cold to pick up deadwood (or there wasn’t trees around, I can’t remember). I thought for sure I’d die of hypothermia, but I spotted a farm house in the distance. I promptly broke in, and sat in front of their fire until I was warm again. Thankfully they didn’t notice me until I tried to sneak over to their bedside drawers and steal some shit…oops.

Convenient Horses

Kind of a no-brainer if you use horses to get around most of the time like I do. This mod adds the ability to change your mount’s speed, health (or make as essential), armor, combat and following abilities. Not only that, you can learn a nifty skill where you can whistle for your horse, and she’ll come running right to you!

Amazing Follower Tweaks

Ever dream about having an entire team of warriors fighting dragons and coming along on your adventures, or doing a ridiculous dance for you? Look no further! AFT has so many options for customization, honestly I don’t even know all of them. You can have up to 15 followers at a time, humanoid or other, customize what they wear, and how they fight, whether or not your follow rides a horse when you ride (good, because now I don’t feel so guilty leaving Marcurio/Aela/J’zargo in my dust as I ride away on my trusty steed). Definitely a must-have if you plan on traveling with company.

Moonlight Tales & Werewolf Mastery

Now with were-boobies.

Now with were-boobies.

Moonlight Tales is a complete werewolf overhaul. There’s so much you can do with this, from infecting NPCs with lycanthropy to the colour of your beast side’s eyes. Not only that, but there’s also settings to sync your transformations with the phases of the moons, or what creatures would or would not be hostile to you in werewolf form (such as wolves). Plus there’s an option to re-equip all your equipment once you revert back to human form (THANK HIRCINE I NEEDED THAT SHIT!) Very cool stuff, if you like being a werewolf and completely destroying shit, this mod is perfect for you.


TESV 2014-08-01 20-14-57-14

Of course, you’d just get cat hair into everything. /racist joke

Probably the best follower mod out there, hands down. I have never met an NPC so animated, and so…chatty! He literally has thousands of lines, most of them gave me a chuckle. He reacts to different situations too, even ones I wasn’t expecting (like the time I went into one of my houses and my dog follower wandered off. Inigo mentioned “Now were did that dog go?” and proceeded to look for him!). He’s got a decent (but somewhat bizarre) backstory, and his own novel which apparently he’ll read to you.

Blue Bear Lodge

One of my favourite house mods, it’s a quaint cottage set just outside of Windhlem, complete with its own dock, and store. Everything is just set up so nicely, it’s well decorated, and with labeled storage you have no excuses to misplace anything! It even has a bathhouse underneath complete with guest beds. Simple and small, yet cozy & beautiful!

Blaze of Eventide 

Fucking bad ass firey horse. Healed by fire, nice touch. Pretty much all that needs to be said.

…And that’s pretty much it, at least for now. By all means, it’s not a complete list of all the mods I have installed, but it’s my favourite ones I couldn’t play without. Realistic Needs & Diseases almost made the cut, but I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with that one, so it gets an honorable mention for adding to the immersion.

Happy New Year!TESV 2014-12-04 22-43-29-86


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