August 16, 2014

The damage display on the bow is glitched, see below for actual damage output.



Read this post first for full explanation.

Specifics and comments below:


130% Fortify Smithing
32% Fortify Enchanting
130% Fortify Archery


Helm/Gauntlets/Rings/Necklace: 47% Fortify Archery
Bow: Daedric + Daedric Arrows, 563 damage without potion buff, 206 without gear or potion buff

Well, I finally, finally did it. After a lot of work (5 hours of looping alchemy & enchanting, and fully unlocking the enchantments are x% stronger perks), I fucking finally got it. I beat my boyfriend’s bow (Windforce). Hurrah!

Unfortunately, there’s a display glitch when I drink the Fortify Archery potion. Instead of showing the updated damage output of the bow, or even the damage updated after the archery buffs from the armor BEFORE drinking the potion, it reverts it to base Legendary damage, which is completely bizarre, but fuck it, the total damage is still shown at the bottom.

Psh, Windforce?

More like WindFART.


…Also ignore the fact I’m running on 1.4 shhhh NO ONE HAS TO KNOW.


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