Surviving Legendary Difficulty

July 31, 2014

With a freshly bought Skyrim: Legendary Edition, I loaded the game in anticipation. Finally I could play all the DLCs. Finally, I could mod to my heart’s content. And I could raise the difficulty to the maximum, since Master wasn’t much of a challenge anymore.

Choose your destiny.

Choose your destiny.

I started a new game, quickly making an Imperial woman, named her Lyra, and awoke in a cell. I had installed the mod “Another Life” because I’d be damned if I had to sit through the opening credits for the billionth time (though I did end up accidentally picking it the first time around FFFUUU–) I talked to a statue of Mara, chose my life as a bandit and spawned in the middle of some tundra, wearing just a shitty set of fur armor and wielding a single iron sword. I looked around the bandit camp, unable to find a shield for the life of me. Oh well. Time to get going. I check my map and head off towards Winterhold, the closest city. It was a long, long walk. On the way I noticed something I never did before–a frozen mammoth body in a chunk of ice. I did manage to find a shield nearby, but I ran into hunters fighting giants…got chased by said giants, then killed by a pack of wolves. Lost the shield. Alas. Easy come, easy go.

Just a typical stroll through Skryim...

Just a typical stroll through Skryim…

After respawning close to where I started, I made the long trip back. This time, two mages were fighting. Wisely, I stayed hidden while I let one kill the other. Unfortunately, the surviving one had seen me and attacked me, I managed to defend myself by drinking almost all the health potions I had. And then wolves attacked me. Again. Just barely surviving, I dragged myself into town, stopping in the inn and buying what supplies I could. My ultimate goal? Get to Riften, make some money, and hire someone so I won’t get my ass kicked in relentlessly. Sounds easy enough. I headed out in the evening, staying on the path towards Windhelm. On the way there some random Redguard insulted me. Me, wanting to be a bad ass, punched him in the face. THIS WAS A VERY, VERY BAD IDEA. After realizing I was definitely going to die from his sword, I ran back towards Winterhold, him chasing me all the while. I assumed the guards would put a stop to this, but I quickly learned they do not give a shit. I ran into the inn again, “Help!” I exclaimed, the Redguard close on my heels, we circled around the fire pit while the patrons exclaimed, “Fight! Fight!” THANKS A LOT, YOU’RE REALLY HELPING ME. I tried lowering my weapon to see if he would de-aggro. Nope. Died. Respawned in the inn. He’s still chasing me. Try to get a hit in here and there. Died again. Died. DIED. YOU DIED.

Me, getting my ass beat.

Me, getting my ass beat.

Let me explain something to you. In Master difficulty your damage output is 0.5x and your damage taken is 2x. Hard, yes, but fairly easy to overcome after time. In Legendary, it’s a meesily fucking 0.25x, and your damage taken is 3x. WHICH MEANS ALMOST ANYTHING CAN ONE SHOT ME. I KEPT RESPAWNING IN THE INN WITH THIS CRAZY ASSHOLE CHASING ME. I DIDN’T HAVE AN EARLIER SAVE YET. So I did the one thing that might save me. I punched the Jarl of Winterhold in the face. “By order of the Jarl, stop right there!” screamed a guard. OH THANK GOD. “You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?” TAKE ME TO JAIL, YES PLEASE. Now, since I’m a stubborn kind of fool, when I was in jail I thought it would be a great idea to try and break out. Why not? I threw fire magic at the Frost Atronach guarding my cell. Seemed to work for awhile, but because I was such a low level with such little Magika, it took a bit of stop and go for anything to happen. Surprisingly enough, the Atronach just took it. Well, that is until I left to go eat in the real world and loaded the save back later. He proceeded to beat my ass in while I chanted “I’M SORRY I’M SORRY!!” I definitely started regretting my life choices.

I also had failed to notice I had no lockpicks. So the whole endeavour was completely pointless.

I’ll kill it…eventually.

Well, after five days in jail I was finally let out to continue my adventure. I headed out for Windhelm (again)…and was attacked by wolves. Again. Luckily, it wasn’t too far from the city so I had a guard come help me take them out (and by that I mean, he did most of the work, hehehe). After the wolves died, I stopped into a mine, mined a bit, stole some shit and headed out. Once again, fucking wolves. Except there was like three or four of them and I was already running low on health potions/food so I ran back into the cave. They didn’t follow of course. Finally after playing peek-a-boo a few times a miner came out to help me and I went out to find all the wolves dead. Hooray! Got to Windhelm later that evening, spent enough time crafting to make myself a shield, picked up a bow and stole the shit out of everything….unfortunately I was a gold piece short of a ride to Riften so I just stole a fucking horse, haha. Rode it straight there, past wolf attacks (three fucking times, what is this, wolf season?!)–and finally, finally got to Riften.



I slept for the night, then woke up in the morning, stole a bunch of gold then began my alchemy training–I mean why not? Need the health potions, and I need the money. Once I grinded a bit, and had enough gold to hire my favourite mage, Marcurio, I went to go steal Frost the horse so I finally had something to ride on. Surprisingly, that quest wasn’t too hard. I only died once. I used the best technique I had for fighting people–stand on a bed while they run around the edge it, and punch them in the face when they get too close. It’s fucking flawless. After that, I headed for Falkreath. Now with Alternate Life you can do the “Unbound” quest like in the beginning of the game, but it runs a bit differently–instead of being arrested, you come across the remains of an already destroyed Helgen, and find an Adventurer’s Journal on a burnt body. That leads you to the cave you come out of–but you have to go in backwards, and eventually you find Ralof & Hadvar–both asking for a health potion. I gave one to Ralof because I like him better. Hadvar then got crushed by falling rocks? Lol?? Oh well. We head back out of the cave and down to Riverwood–and it pretty much follows the vanilla main quest from there. Marcurio and I finally arrived at Whiterun pretty late at night, talked to the Jarl about the dragons, then I joined up with the Companions. By then it was pretty late and time to sleep.

He was so pooped he couldn't make it to the bed.

He was so pooped he couldn’t make it to the bed.

The next day we headed out to Bleakfalls and let me just reinstate the fact–I fucking hate Draugr, so I wasn’t looking forward to this, especially on the difficulty I was on. I only died once in that dungeon–surprisingly, for some reason Vigilants of Stendarr had taken out half the bandits at the beginning–casually walking out of the dungeon as I went in. Even the Draugr didn’t kill me (I kept behind Marcurio most of the time, firing off arrows as support). It was that goddamn huge ass “Wounded” Frost Spider–wounded my ass! That thing took me out in one hit, basically I had to dance around it on my second try, waiting for it to aggro from me to Marcurio. Goddamn. Even the boss Draugr wasn’t too bad–but maybe because I have to fight like a coward now while Marcurio basically does all the work. Well, such is life. Followers aren’t affected by the handicap so they can do a lot more damage than I ever could. I fast traveled back to Whiterun after the quest was completed, because fuck doing a walk-only playthrough of Legendary difficulty. And of course, it was off to kill the dragon outside of Whiterun. I’m not going to lie, I was actually looking forward to try out fighting a dragon on Legendary–there was no doubt in my mind I was going to get my ass kicked, but I was ready. …Well I thought I was. I stood on the top of the lookout tower, firing my arrows like crazy. Fire rained from above and I burnt faster than I could open my inventory to heal. FUCK. The second try I was a bit more cautious, handing in the building and firing arrows out the window whenever the beast came near. Of course, that meant I didn’t really do much of the work, once again, but a win was a win and I got the dragon soul so I’m not complaining this time.

A hail of iron arrows rain from above!! Hahaha!!

A hail of iron arrows rain from above!! Hahaha!!

I was starting to think maybe Legendary wasn’t that bad. Maybe I just needed to level up some more, let my follower tank the damage, make some bad ass potions, it’ll all be fine. At least, that was what I thought before I was killed by a mudcrab. maxresdefault (2) Fuck my life.

Total Death Count: 13

Image Credits: All images were taken by me, except for the last one. I don’t know who took the last one.


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