ESO Beta: Round 2

February 28, 2014


Something happened a few weeks ago that I didn’t tell you guys.

…I got invited to another session of the Elder Scrolls Online beta (and this time I read it on time, and actually got to play!).


I hastily downloaded the client and impatiently waited 30+ GBs to download and install.

I was so excited for this shit, I couldn’t wait to play it and review it for you all.

…Then I read this in the email:

Remember that the contents of this test are confidential and that to participate, you must accept our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). You are not permitted to share anything from the test, including screenshots, details, or videos.


Well…that’s a problem.

What I can say, is this. I played it, and I had a lot of fun (well, for awhile anyway)…I just couldn’t tell anyone about it.

“You do not talk about Fight Club ESO.”


Well…good news is…

I got invited back!!

And this time, no stupid Non-Disclosure Agreement, so once I play this weekend I’ll be able to post anything I want about it!

I’ll be continuing my adventure from the last beta session, as a Nord female archer/warrior.


Not an exciting screen shot.

I’m so excited, can’t wait to share my experience with you all!! 😀



  1. Nice maybe I’ll see you in there. I am currently playing a nord as well though I did create a character for every “class” and faction lol send me an email if you want my userID

    • I should do that…but I’m losing interest pretty fast + work so I don’t really have the time to cover as much as I wanted to. 😦

      • I honestly don’t know how you could be losing interest unless you are trying to power game in a beta, I did that once, I don’t recommend it. As for work and RL it should always take president and games should be something fun to do when you have down time. I think that’s how a lot of people get burnt out, and stop having fun. Maybe stop grinding, if you are, and enjoy the lore and things around you, just don’t feed the trolls. hehe

      • Trust me I’m not power grinding at all! I’m just having a hard time with a lot of things (in game), which is what frustrates me. The lockpicking + smithing system is hella confusing to me, maybe because I never got the tutorial on the smithing. I guess I’ve been so caught up trying to see as much as possible that I haven’t really taken the time to learn a lot of things. :/

      • OMG lock picking is the worst! I finally figured it out though it only took me 3 days and 3 characters. Blacksmithing I can see as being a pain too but not as hard as lock picking.

      • By the time I actually understood the basic concept, I ran out of lockpicks. 😦

      • yep was and still is rather frustrating.

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