Waiting for ESO

January 31, 2014


I’ll admit, when I first heard a MMO was being made for the Elder Scrolls series, I was thrilled. Mainly because at the time, I was more heavily into Skyrim and the modding project being made for multiplayer in it. I wanted to slay dragons with my friends, and fuck around with NPCs. So when an online game for the Elder Scrolls was announced, I was pretty damn excited. I could share my adventures with my friends, we’d kick ass together using magic, swords & bows and whatever else. It sounded pretty damn awesome.

Of course in the beginning, there were rumors and developmental issues. Zenimax stated there would be no first-person mode, the character models basically looked like shit, and a lot of fans were unhappy with this. Thankfully, they corrected those issues. There was also doubt whether the one “mega server” they were planning to use would support the massive amount of players.

There was a lot of shit flying over the lore not being completely accurate either, but let’s face it, the lore has been expanded on before, plus with mythology and legends there’s always some wiggle room–since most of the time legends are spread through word of mouth. There’s bound to be errors and inconsistencies anyway.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this project for awhile. In the early months following the announcement, I grew skeptical. But as the project grew and more details were realized my worries subsided somewhat. I was never really into MMOs that much–too much grinding and technical operations–I wanted something much more immersive and fun. And it looks like the Elder Scrolls Online might fit that bill.

I did sign up for the BETA about a year ago–totally forgot about it until I saw this in my inbox:

eso email2

…about two days too late.


Chances are, with a “stress test” I wouldn’t be able to get in anyway…but goddamn it would have made a great article! Of course I wouldn’t be allowed to post pictures and videos, but I’d sure as hell write about it! …Now I check my email twice a day on the off-chance they invite me in again. *crosses fingers*


And now they’ve announced the “Collector’s Edition” (above) which includes a Molag Bal statue, art book and the ability to play as an Imperial (among other, slightly less notable perks). I mean, it sounds pretty fucking sweet for only $100, but honestly with a monthly fee to play I don’t know if I want to shell out that much money for a game I don’t even know is going to be any good or not. There’s been little to no actual gameplay footage, besides what Bethesda/Zenimax put out, so it’s not much to go by. Plus with no actual specifications, I’m a little hesitant to purchase on day one. Honestly, I’ll probably just wait it out a bit to see how the gameplay footage looks and the reviews pan out.

I’m excited, though. The cinematic trailer looks sweet as fuck and I can’t want to see more!



  1. I can assure you that ESO is amazing. I was excited when I saw the collectors edition too, albeit a little disappointed with some of the bonuses. (Play any race with any faction? What is this crap?) Have a look at a post i made with regards to it if you’re interested



    • I’m not that crazy about playing Imperial, because my heart is already set on Nord, but some of the extra stuff it comes with (the physical edition, statue, art book) look really sweet. I missed the opportunity to buy the Skyrim CE, which I’m really regretting now. So maybe I’ll shell out the $100? 😛

      And thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to check out your blog post! 🙂

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