Mini Post: DO WANT

September 30, 2013

tes_anthology_compilation-1024x729 (1)Did anyone else pee their pants a bit when they saw this?

Released almost a month ago, it’s the complete set of all the Elder Scrolls game, Arena to Skyrim.


If I had this I’d play through it from the beginning to end. Just to see the evolution of graphics and gameplay would be kind of cool to go through.  Hope they made it compatible with newer versions of Windows (at least I assume so, dunno about Mac computers, you guys are on your own!) Didn’t know Daggerfall was rated M, I think it has tits and that’s why, god for bid some boobies. Oblivion had boobies too, oh my god, M RATED!!11!1

Hefty price tag of $79.99 for all of this, but to be honest it looks more than worth it with the map as included content. I’m sure if you manage to get your hands on this you’ll be busy for many hours to come.

And yes, I’m hoping to get the Thieves Guild questline done hopefully within the next week or two. I’m like 90% completed, I should have the full review up soon (hopefully…too bad I’m fucking lazy).




  1. honestly if i had the money i would so buy it but i dont so i must be good so santa can shove it in my stocking

  2. I just want the maps. Maaaaaps. I can’t find them anywhere on teh interwebs, so I guess I could buy the set just for the maps? Maybe? Oh and Morrowind. Yesss.

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