Let That Arrow Fly

December 1, 2012

Image Credit: DralelM @ SkyrimNexus

So for the past week or so I’ve been in a bit of a friendly challenge with my boyfriend. Basically, he has a bow in his game for his Dunmer Nightingale. He showed it for me back before he stopped playing, and I was amazed by the amount of damage it did. Back then, my bow probably topped at 43, if I was lucky.

He named his bow Windforce.

Holy shit.

Since then I’ve realized there’s plenty of cheats and exploits to make your bow do crazy amounts of damage, upwards of a million or more. But, to do that completely legit, without the Falmer helmet glitch, without console commands, without anything like that.

Brace yourself for numbers and shit no one cares about.

I upped my conjuration skill to 90, so I could get to the Atronach Forge and make a Daedric bow. I also got a +25% smithing bracers from the random crafting, so that was a plus. Then I filled the smithing perk tree.

Basically what I did was an endless cycle of make potions to raise enchanting level—>level up enchant item with fortify alchemy or smithing—>make potions to raise smithing or enchanting—>improve weapon or armor—>get lots of shit that fortified archery.

What I ended up with for smithing enchantments were 25%, 25%, 20%, 19% + 71% fortify smithing potion.

What I had for archery enchantments were 40%, 29%, 30%, 30% + 81% fortify marksmanship potion.

Yet this still wasn’t enough. The fuck was I missing?

Then, after I turned off the XBOX I went to bed thinking, “…I never maxed out Overdraw, did I…?”

…Damn it.


So the next day I did that so it was double damage, then upped Alchemy to 60%, which also took forever, even after using the Ognum Infinium to level up (ran out of perks for it so I really need to level, plus upping it from 63 to 80 is kind of a pain in the ass and takes forever).

I set to work. First, I made the potions to fortify enchanting, got that up to 21%. Then I enchanted items to fortify alchemy. Then I made more potions to fortify enchanting. Then I enchanted items to do fortify smithing. And I made a few fortify marksman potions, too.

By the way, my archery, smithing and enchanting are all at 100. Alchemy is only 63.

Basically the enchanted items  ended up like this:

Alchemy: 20%/20%/19%/19%
Enchanting potion: 21%
Smithing: 25%/25%/20%/19%
Smithing potion: 86%
Archery: 40%/31%/31%/31%
Archery potion: 86%

So taking my bow to Skyforge (I got so tired of walking back and forth at Markarth), I put on my smithing equipment and drank the potion, and set to work.

Once the bow was fully upgraded, I dawned my archery equipment and drank the marksman potion. I held my breath, and checked the numbers…

This is what I ended up with.







Again, I figure if I find better enchanted equipment or raise my alchemy level to max it would probably kick Windforce’s ass, but I already spent hours doing this so really, what’s the point?

You win. I admit defeat. Windforce is the superior bow…

…For now. >:D

…In the meantime what should I name and enchant my badass bow? 😀



  1. Will you be adding an Enchantment to your bow?

    • Yes, definitely! 🙂 It’s just that I’m not quite sure what I want for it yet, though…:S

  2. Well, the name of your bow should reflect your enchantment so it is kind of dependent on your enchantment. At least that is how I go about naming my items. For instance your boyfriends bow; instead of “Windforce” I probably would have called it something like “Inferno Blaze” or something to represent the burning effect it has.

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