October 26, 2012

I remember back when I used to play Skyrim almost religiously, spending most of my free time just killing dragons and beating people up, after I’d put the controller down and head to sleep, I had visions of dragons flying in my head.

(…Bad joke).

What I mean is, I had pretty weird dreams about Skyrim.

My first dream had something to do with the College of Winterhold. I was an apprentice mage there, trying to learn a frost spell or something. When I had finally figured out, I almost blew up the college! Needless to say, they weren’t very happy.

But what I usually dream about is using shouts.

I’d dream about using them in everyday situations. I game I spammed Aura Whisper, so naturally in my dream I’d whisper, “Lass” and I’d be able to see whether there’s anyone sneaking up on me in another room, or whatever.

I’ve also FUS-RO-DAH‘d attackers away from me on occasion.

I’ve used Slow Time too, which is helpful. 🙂 (Though I’ve never actually used that shout in game!)

I think the very coolest thing I’ve done though in my dream, is yell O-DAH-VIING! to the skies and watch as this huge-ass dragon lands in front of me. Any of dream-attackers or dream-zombies that are there usually turn tail and run.

And then I’d get on Odahviing’s back and get a ride to school/work. 🙂


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