Wandered Into Oblivion

September 30, 2012

Hey guys. Just in case if any of you were wondering where I’ve been in the past few weeks, well, not very far. I’ve been sick in bed for the majority of it, and when I’m awake I’m not really doing much of anything. Sounds exciting, right?

I haven’t played much of Skyrim, but I did start a new character (completely evil, just a general asshole who doesn’t give a shit about everyone), just something to fuck around with one morning when I couldn’t sleep. I’m gonna try doing that werewolf RP where you HAVE to change every full moon, so we’ll see how that goes! I’d like to try to play Skyrim more realistically, by that I mean, sleep every night, eat a meal everyday, no fast traveling, etc. Just something to do I guess until I get my hands on Dawnguard.

Sigh. If I ever have a chance to…


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