Took an Arrow to the Knee

July 31, 2012

Really, Bethesda & M-Soft? REALLY?!

…Okay, okay. Old meme is old. And I didn’t actually take an arrow in the knee.

Just a quick post here…I haven’t really bothered playing Skyrim for awhile, hence why this blog has been kind of silent for the past few days (weeks). What I have done, was picked up Oblivion again on the PC, disabled a few of the mods, and tried it out for a bit to see if it would crash. It didn’t, so yay!! 😀

I’ll probably be playing a bit more of that in the coming weeks. Eventually, I will get Dawnguard, but that might be more into the fall, and by then, I assume most of you who read this blog on a regular will have already played a lot of the add-on. Oh well.

I’ve also been getting more into drawing/writing in these past couple of days, so I might post a short fanfic or two over on my Skyrim Fanfiction blog, which is here, at: A Dream of Sovngarde. I’ll also notify people here when/if something gets posted.

Sorry for the pathetic post. Hopefully this next month I’ll have something more prepared!!

Until then! 🙂



  1. Google
    The Quest For The Holey Tail
    [sic] for a quest to the best

  2. Hi c: just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up! 😀

    • Thank you!! 🙂

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