Home Is Where the Dragon Soul Is

June 30, 2012

Home, sweet home…

“Where I lay my head is home.”

–Metallica, Wherever I May Roam

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the lack of any real selection in houses in Skyrim. By that, I mean, sure, there’s plenty of places to choose from, but really…none of them just feels like home.

For me, my first purchase of a home in Skyrim was made considering these factors:

-I have too much shit to carry, I need somewhere to store it.

With those factors in mind, I bought Breezehome first. My dog Meeko took his place in front of the fire, and Lydia annoyingly sat in the chair beside my bed, eating her favourite food while watching me sleep: bread.

Here’s my review of the homes in Skyrim (in my purchase order):

Score Guide:

 = Poor
 = Decent
 = Good
 = Very Good
 = Excellent


5,000, +1,800 if you upgrade. A reasonable price for a small home in the heart of Skyrim.

Breezehome is small. Like, ridiculously tiny. I’d be surprised if you could walk around the house with full gear, let alone with a dog and a follower and not knock something over. Yeah, that’s how small it is.

No display cases, mannequins. There are a few wall mounts, 2 chests, an alchemy table + satchel, and 2 small bookcases. Nothing amazing, but it’ll do. The only real disappointing thing is THERE IS NO ENCHANTMENT TABLES. URGH. And the closest one is all the way into Dragonsreach! What a pain in the ass, especially for heavy-enchantment users like myself.

Whiterun, close to the main entrance and beside the Blacksmith’s shop. Convenient, in that sense, and it’s close to all the main shops. But, as I mentioned above, nowhere close enough to an enchanter’s table. Blah.

Additional Comments: 
Nets you a free housecarl (like most of the other houses do), a bit an annoying one…Lydia…Good location for the beginning adventurer, for sure. The location and price are the best redeeming features here.



5,000 (if you use the cheat) – 8,000 +4,300 upgrades. A decent price for a 2-floor house, with more room than the previous home, an entrance to the home in both the city and outside the city, and close to the Thieves’ Guild, if you’re into that kind of business.

The space in this home is a step up from Breezehome, but it’s not that much more impressive. Besides having room, it just seems pretty damn boring, and most of the room is placed downstairs in the cellar, which is equally blasé, with or without any upgrades. Also, it’s quite dark…or at least, it seems like it is, to me.

A bigger bookshelf, a chest or two, an alchemy table (no satchel this time), an enchantment table (a big plus for me), 2 creepy moving mannequins, a bunch of wall-mounts. No display cases, but who gives a shit? Close to a pawn shop, the bar.

If you’re a rogue, and you have a penchant for shiny things that don’t belong to you, this is the home for you. Just a little further into the city, and you’ve got the Thieves’ Guild. The Black-Briar Meadery is also close. And with the entrances inside and outside the city, it makes it the perfect home for level 4 vampires who want to dump their loot or make a potion, and who desperately need to avoid hostile villagers at any cost.

Additional Comments:
Creepy housecarls staring at me and mannequins trying to stab me in my sleep…no thanks. Also, way too dark. And for some reason I always get lag when I first enter this house. Weird.

Vindrel Hall

8,000 (again, if you use the house-buying cheat, which you can simply google if you really want to use it) – 12,000 +4,200 upgrades. A decent price for decent sized house. It’s just a pain in the ass to actually be able to buy this house. Apparently a lot of people (including myself, on my second playthrough) had a hard time actually unlocking the requirements to buy this stupid place from the Jarl of Markarth. Damn glitches. Don’t worry Skyrim, I still love you. I love to hate you. ❤

I like it. It has only one floor, but multiple rooms and ample space. There’s the entrance hall, the dinning hall, master bedroom, housecarl’s quarters, an alchemy and enchantment room. It’s pretty fricken sweet. And stuff isn’t cluttered around so you can actually move around without knocking shit over.

With an alchemy table, an enchantment table, chests, a huge set of bookcases (love<3), a plethora of weapon racks, and multiple display cases for all you dagger fetishists. And a mannequin that thankfully doesn’t move around the house when you’re not home. Yay.

Set in the Reach, in the western most part of Skyrim, Vindrel Hall is perfect for all you Dwarven Ruins lovers. Set in the side of a mountain and higher reaches of Markarth, you have to run up a set of multiple staircases to get it. While slow to actually travel to it, getting back out is a lot faster as you just jump off the side of the rail outside and land on one of the vendor’s stalls. I’m sure they love that.

Additional Comments:
With Markarth’s towering stone structures, I don’t find this house really warm enough to call home. But I am currently using this house as it has the best space for my main character, and it doesn’t have a creepy housecarl staring at me while I sleep. So yay again.

Proudspire Manor

A steep 25,000 + 11,000 for upgrades. Yikes. Definitely not affordable for the budget adventurer (not that it’s hard to get money in Skyrim, it just takes time, and most of us have more important things to spend our hard earned septims on).

Three floors. Three. As I haven’t unlocked all the upgrades yet (my second Khajiit character could barely afford the house, and used all her money from the final major Dark Brotherhood quest to barely scrape enough septims to actually purchase it). There’s what looks to be a training room in the basement, and decorative stuff in the upper floor, but all and all, it seems kind of…bare? Perhaps I’ll edit this whenever I get around to playing my Khajiit assassin character again. Or not. Meh.

I assume it comes with basically…well…everything a Dovahkiin needs, but like I said, I haven’t bought all the upgrades yet. If you like lots of storage and multiple compartments to sort and store your stuff, then this might be the house for you. It also has a safe, which I thought was a nice touch…I store all my precious jewels in there. Shhh.

If you like the Imperial Legion, then you’ll like this house. Located in Solitude and not that far from the Blue Palace, it’s a nice luxurious home for the wealthy of us. The only downfall is it’s bloody far from the actual entrance into the city. But that’s not a huge deal.

Additional Comments:
Because I wanted to try all the houses, I didn’t actually have a home for my Khajiit for 92 freaking hours and until the whole completion of the Dark Brotherhood questline. Geez. I THOUGHT AHEAD, KIDS. I SAVED MONEY FROM DAY ONE. AND THIS IS WHY IT’S BEST TO ALWAYS STEAL THINGS. REMEMBER THAT. LIFE LESSONS HEARD FROM THE DOVAHKIIN RIGHT HERE, FOLKS.


Price:  (8,000 – 12,000 + 9000 upgrades)
Space: TBA
Fuctionality: TBA

Additional Comments:
Because my first character remained neutral in my first game, my second character glitched out (stupid ass Blood on the Ice quest…*grumble*), and my third character doesn’t have enough money yet, this is the only home I haven’t managed to get my hands on yet. So my review will probably be edited in sometime in the coming week or so. If you really want to know and can’t wait, my boyfriend really seems to like this house.

(Image Credits: UESP Wiki)

Stay tuned for the final editing of this.

EDIT 1: Urrgh, stupid formatting. Please be patient while I try to fix this. Grr…


One comment

  1. Pretty fair and accurate assesment of the houses. I always wondered why the small villages like Markarth didn’t have a house to buy. Maybe they will have a DLC for that.

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