Dark Dragon Crossing

June 18, 2012

(Image Credit: Elec1 @ Skyrim Nexus)

Every once and a while, I get bored with just doing quests and sorting inventory. Every once and a while, I like to go out and slay dragons like a complete bad ass (usually, it doesn’t work out so well).

So, I went to the usual dragon-sighting hot spots as usual:

Just outside Markarth – Nothing.

Dragon’s Bridge – Nothing.

Just outside Riften – Nothing.

Darkwater Crossing – BINGO!!

Every single time, every damn time, I fast travel to Dark Water Crossing, there’s always been a dragon there to greet me. Even two, sometimes. Anyway, I came across and Elder AND an Ancient. And unlike the times were two dragons appeared before, these two actually stuck around.


The battle took an hour. I grabbed my enchanted glass bow (73 dmg + fire and ice effect), got some ebony arrows and fired them all at the Elder first (get the weakest out of the way, you know?) I called Odahviing, and the epic battle of three dragons commenced.

I shot arrows when I could, and I observed Odahviing defending me as the dragons did aerial loops and crazy dives. What was good about this fight was that the two enemy dragons actually went after each other for awhile. Meanwhile. the stupid NPCs of Darkwater just kind of sat around there campfires like this was some common occurence (which, by the way, it very well may have been, since dragons seem to swarm there).

Eventually the battle dragged away from the village, and into a bandit camp which was completely annihilated. I used Become Ethereal to dodge attacks when needed (which, by the way, with Otar’s elemental defense boosts, saved my ass a few times).

What actually helped save my ass. Thank you, Otar. ❤

Finally, I used Dragonrend to get the Elder to the ground, on top of this small mountain. I pulled out my recently found Daedric battleaxe, and went to take the final blow.

The Elder dragon breathed fire on me, and I went to dodge.

…And I fell off the cliff and died.






The next day I played again, killed the Elder, and finally I only had the Ancient left. Booyah!!

He ate me.


I did finally manage to kill him, and with a surge of pride at killing two tough-ass dragons, I absorbed their souls and felt MY SUPAR DOVAHKIIN POWER!!

Odahviing bid me a fare-thee-well and I stood around feeling bad ass.

Because that’s what a Dovahkiin does when he/she’s not slaying dragons.

Just being a motherfucking bad ass.


(Image Credits: UESP Wiki & Elder Scrolls Wiki, unless otherwise stated.)


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