May 31, 2012

Epic. (Image Credit: computerandvideogames.com)

So, just a few hours ago, Bethesda released the trailer for Dawnguard, about a week earlier than their would be E3 announcement. Not that I’m complaining of course…shit looks mighty epic. 😀

(If you want to view the trailer, a quick Google search will suffice, at the time of viewing I was #304, so feels pretty good to be on top of this stuff!! 😀 …Or maybe not…since it has a couple thousand likes…WTF Youtube?!)

So, it looks like this add-on will focus on these vampire-like creatures, who want to block out the sun with the use of an Elder Scroll. The player’s choice in this is to either fight them or aid them. If you choose to fight them, you become one of the Dawnguard, a group of humans dedicated to hunting down these vampiric-creatures. If you choose to help the vampires…well, you become one of those fearsome night creatures.

OH SHIT, SON. (Image Credit: Game Informer)

Inevitably, I think what will catch the attention of players the most besides the new transformations and mysterious story, is the possible addition of crossbows (as seen in the trailer), demonic mounts and other new weaponry (oh and in case you missed the news about the 1.6 patch, yes, mounted combat is included!!).

And yes, this DLC is still XBOX 360 exclusive for the first month or so. More details shall probably be given at this year’s E3. Stay tuned!! 😀

(PS: I just wanna give a special birthday shout-out to my awesome sister!! 😀 Love you, you crazy n00b!! ❤)


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