A Small, Nonsensical Update

May 25, 2012

Angry Alduin is angry. Very angry…
…What else is new?

Well, I apologize for the lack of updates here. With Diablo 3‘s recent release keeping me busy, I haven’t had much time to actually sit down and play some Skyrim.

I do have a post in mind already, but I need 12k first to actually post about it. So I’ve been playing in short bursts to work up the cash. First stop: the Honeybrew Meadery. Gonna steal as much as I can from that place, then sell it to the fence. Hell yeah, quick gold get!!

Once that’s done, I’ll have another article ready.

What’s new?

Well, I got a used HDTV, which I just set up yesterday. I don’t have any HD cables to go with it so Skyrim doesn’t look super sexy yet, but I’ll see if I can get a cable for cheap…(hopefully). At least now, it’ll be a lot easier to read the texts on the screen (not that Skyrim ever had this problem…but a lot of the other 360 games on the old TV did…Dragon Age 2, I’m looking at you!)

The 1.6 Beta update for PC users just came out today, and the only new feature added in besides a few more bug fixes is mounted combat.



Forget the stupid human on his back, we all know the horse is the real hero of this story… HORSEBORN!



But to be honest, after watching an IGN review of it…it doesn’t look so easy to do. I mean it looks cool…but the horses are just too darn hard to maneuver. :/ Also, no mounted magic, which sucks giant dragon balls…

(Now we just need mounted followers and my life will be perfect…<3)

And I’ve been watching a bit of the Elder Scrolls online news here and there…and I can’t say I’m impressed just quite yet…But I think my thoughts on that will be for another entry, once more news and things come out…

(Also, no dragons. What. FUCKING–)

…To be honest though, I’M WAY MORE PSYCHED FOR DAWNGUARD!!




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