May 6, 2012

Every time I see this…I look into Dovahkin’s eyes…and Skyrim’s Main Theme starts playing in my head. Ooooooohhhhh OoooohHH OOOHH OOOOHHHHH!!!! …GODDAMN IT!!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one excited about this. I’ve been pretty much checking Bethesda’s blog every other day for the past two weeks hoping to hear of some DLC, something, and finally…

(in Cicero’s voice) A little, teeny, tiny teaser…


Now, I know a whole lot of people are bitching about the 360 having the exclusivity for the first month or so, but you know what, this was pretty much common knowledge even before the game came out. Look at this way, PC users:

-You have a never-ending supply of mods. Hush.

PS3 users:

-Well, you guys have been short-changed enough now, but think of it this way…maybe when it comes out on your console all the bugs and shit will be all ironed out (hopefully…you know how Bethesda games are at launch…buggy as hell!!)

I have a 360, so I’m not going to complain. Even if I didn’t get the DLC first (which actually, I probably won’t buy it at launch anyway…I can’t, unless they do a physical disc, as I don’t have LIVE), I still had enough adventuring and dragon-ass kicking to tide me over in the meantime.

I am curious to what it’s actually about. Hopefully it’s an epic, EPIC expansion, like they did with Oblivion (which I never really got into, Shivering Isles, I mean, just haven’t gotten to it)…but I hope you don’t have to start a new game to fully take advantage of new features and things…):

Some people are speculating the glow-y eyes are vampire-esque…maaaybe. Dunno how it would work with the werewolf players, though. Or it could be the souls of the dragon the Dovahkiin has absorbed…maybe you get some new storyline with that? I mean, you only need so many dragon souls to unlock shouts, after which, they become pretty useless…I’d like to see Bethesda do something with that…more epic than the souls-to-perks PC mod…Hmmmm…

I keep thinking though:


Dawnstar, Mythic Dawn


A fort. For some reason I think of forts, lol.


Sounds epic.

I can’t wait.




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