An Elder, An Ancient, A Frost & A Certain Red Dragon

April 12, 2012

Not exactly any of the above, but it pretty much displays an epic dragon-ambush. And I have better armor.

Oh my god.

I just had the most epic dragon moments in the past few days.

Minor spoilers…

The first happened just outside of Markarth.

Now, at the time I was level 46. and collecting some ingredients to up my skills in Alchemy. As I walked around with Marcurio and Meeko the dog (I finally found the Stray Dog a few days before, but he disappeared on me after I told him to wait…and it was less than half an in-game day). The sun was setting, and it was late evening. As I caught a few fish in the river close to the stables, I heard a roar from above.

Hmmm. A dragon fight? Well, okay then. I’m pretty sure it’s not a friendly dovah coming to say hello.

Needless to say, it was a angry dragon (lulz). And an Elder, too, to boot.

Kind of excited, I grabbed my bow and began firing shots off into the air, in a vain attempt to hit it while it swooped by like nobody’s business.

…Then while it was flying around it turned grey and blocky, like it was just the base model or something. o__O

What is wrong with yoooouu!!

So while it was having texture issues, I fought it with all my strength…

And died.

Damn, I SWEAR I’m weak to fire or something. D:

I respawned inside of Markarth again. I exited immediately, in a vengeful state. This time I dived into the river, killed a slaughterfish, and dragged it to the Khajiit, and threw it into their fire in hopes of cooking it (it just rolled off…). Then cue the expected roar, and surprise!! A dragon attack!!

And then as it got closer and swooped over me I fired an orcish arrow into its belly, our eyes met.

And in that moment I realized it was a motherfucking Ancient Dragon.


At the time, I was level 46, so I wasn’t exactly expecting top-tier dragons to come out just yet. But here it was, all ancient and dragon-y, getting ready to roast me alive and have me as the main dish with a little slaughterfish on the side.

Somehow, I don’t think that would be enough to satisfy his appetite.

So I said to myself, “Awrite!! MY FIRST ANCIENT DRAGON FIGHT, BRING IT ON!!” And I took up my glass sword, and my Spellbreaker shield, and ran at the beast, hacking and slashing.

And then I got burned to death.


He was almost dead, too.


WTF was I doing fighting close up, with no healing potions?



I went outside again, this time WITH RAGE BURNING WITHIN ME and went to go fight this goddamn dragon FOR THE LAST TIME.

I killed the slaughterfish. No dragon.

I went swimming down the river. No dragon.

I went to talk to the Khajiit Caravans. No dragon.

Giving up, Marcurio, Meeko and I continued down the road to the North.



Bring it, bitch. This time I’m prepared. BRING. IT.

…And it was a weak-ass Frost Dragon. Fail.


I beat it, but it wasn’t nearly as epic as it could have been.

And what’s even funnier is the fact that EVERYONE, guards, Khajiit merchants, stable hands, miners, EVERYONE fought THIS dragon, but not the OTHER two before. What, were they too difficult for them?!?


Anyway, I got my first victory against an Ancient Dragon a little while later. I carefully planned it as, when he’s in the air, fire arrows. Summon Odahviing for backup. When the Ancient lands, raise Spellbreaker, and bash when needed, and take a swipe with my glass war axe. Raise shield. Take potions when needed. Rinse and repeat.

It was probably the longest dragon fight I ever had, but I finished it (even with the horrid lag that tends to happen occasionally during dragon fights…WTF?). 😀

…Too bad you don’t really get anything special from defeating them. But at least now, dragon fights are starting to get interesting again…

Later, I was walking just outside of Windhelm, where I was ambushed by not one, but TWO FREAKING ANCIENT DRAGONS. WTF?!?

These guys were super annoying, too. Swooping close only to breathe fire and frost on their prey then take off again. Geez. And adding Odahviing into the mix made it even more epic, although confusing. I only managed to kill one, the other one took off like a chicken.

The guards were no help…

For my epic Odahviing moment, it happened when I was going to find a word wall “a friend” had tipped me off to somewhere in the Reach. Getting there was a hassle. First, I had to climb over these crazy-ass mountains just to navigate. Second, Forsworn. EVERYWHERE!

Yeah, I had to scale that.

I wanted to try out a new shout so I gave Storm Call a chance.

Worst idea.


Lightning struck all over the place, hitting the Forsworn, me, and kills Marcurio.


Needless to say I died in my rage of vengeance (which I obviously never got).

The second time around, I never even made it close to the Forsworn camp, and just died. Blah.

Third time, and still with a bit of curious morbid fascination with Storm Call, I left Marcurio behind and ventured out in my own (very risky, ah!).

So I snuck around, got out my glass bow, and sniped the few Forsworn. It felt so good.

However, I presence was alerted shortly afterword, and I whored out Sanguine Rose like a pussy and charged into battle. I called Storm, lighting bolts struck, rain poured down, and shit just got crazy.


Me: “Really? Because I just smell rain and fried bodies…”

Dremora: “FDJKGHFDJKG!!” (sword clatters to the ground as he dies)

Not long after the few random Forsworn fell, the rain died and the skies cleared. I returned to my sneaking stance.

I then came across a bridge, and settled just out of sight of three Hagravens and the Briarheart they just resurrected in front of a Word Wall. I readied my bow, with absolutely no plan in mind (that’s usually how do I do things, hehe). I aimed…and fired.

A Hagraven shrieked, and the battle began. Once I realized they loved to throw what I like to call “fire bombs”, which I guess are a bit too much for Spellbreaker, I jumped under the bridge and hid.

As they came closer I shouted…


A few seconds later the tell-tale roar sounded and I jumped back into battle alongside my dragon friend. Unfortunately, those fire bombs proved a bit too much for me, and I was forced back, out of health potions, and I sat in the distance watching Odahviing do his thing.

Suddenly, he took off, leaving the four enemies still there.

A crash from behind me, and he landed, looking at me.


What the hell is he doing?! I thought. You’re supposed to draw attention away from me, not bring it to me!!

Odahviing: “Hmph. Do you really think I was going to do all the work myself?”


I got ready to help fight when I got another fire bomb to the face. I’m sure if the game allowed it, he would have rolled his eyes. With that, the red dragon stepped in front of me, as if protecting me as he Yol Toor Shul‘d those poor fools.

Bam. Dead.

With the last of them gone, he took off in a mighty gust of wind and returned to wherever he goes, leaving me alone to claim the Word. At least it was a worthwhile one this time, the second word to “Become Ethereal”…I hate having to fight my way to a Word Wall only to have a somewhat kind of useless Shout I don’t particularly want or need…


Thanks, Odahviing. You’re a true bro.

So this post, I dedicate to you.

Drem Yol Lok, Zeymah.

Image Credits: Unknown, The Elder Scrolls Wiki

(PS: When I leaped off a ledge to leave the area and landed in a pool below, a ghost named Azzadal told me this was actually Bard’s Leap Summit and he died when he tried to jump off. Uh, what? TOTALLY wasn’t expecting that…)




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