An Eye for an Eye

April 2, 2012

I finally finished the College of Winterhold quests.

Geez, it took awhile.

And they weren’t exactly an interesting bunch of quests, either.

Spoilers for The College of Winterhold questline.


I’m not sure what made me decide to go up to Winterhold, maybe I just wandered there, I dunno. But when I went to cross the bridge to the college, a Dunmer named Faralda stopped me.

Faralda: “And why are you here…?”

Me: “Uhhh…I just want to see what it looks like inside…?”

Faralda: “…BULLSHIT. To even enter the college, one must show signs of magical power.”

Me: “Uhhh…okay. Sure. I’ve got plenty of (weak) spells. Which one do you want me to do?”

Faralda: “FIREBOLT! The one you don’t have!! TROLOLOLOL!!”

Me: “…”

Faralda: “Ha! But don’t fret. I have just the thing. A spell tome for only a mere 30 septims.”

Me: (grumbles) “…Con artist.”

After I Firebolt’d by way through, I rushed to the doors of the college and ran into one of the most annoying people ever: Mirabelle.

Mirabelle: “After I have finished showing you the grounds, we can talk.”


Luckily, on my first playthrough, she didn’t glitch out like I mentioned a few posts before with my second character. Geez.

I actually thought the free room & board was pretty neat. At least now, I won’t have to rent a bed at the local inn anymore. Plus, I got another free storage container, which always comes in handy for a lazy bastard like me.

When I first joined the class, the students were complaining to the teacher. To be honest, as a kind of voyeur, I was kind of interested how this argument would play out. But, of course, since I’m the main character, the Dragonborn, the teacher Tolfdir just had to ask my opinion, since I’m apparently the quiet one.

Tolfdir: “So, what do you think about all this?”

Me: “Uh, what?”

Tolfdir: “What do you think the class should do?”

Me: “Uh…I dunno, aren’t you the teacher here?”

Tolfdir: “I just wanted to hear your opinion.”

Me: “Uh…okay. How about, ‘I don’t give a fuck’?”


All The Students: (yawn)

Tolfdir: “Oh, and you can be my assistance in this demonstration.” >:D

Me: “…Yaaay. But I don’t actually know any ward spells.”


…I just love people shooting fireballs at me for educational purposes. I think perhaps J’zargo would have a been a better partaker…

And of course, after that’s done, Tolfdir tells us to “practice amongst ourselves”. I saw nothing of the sort. Shortest lesson ever.

I talked to each of the students there.

Brelyna was a Dunmer that, to be honest, wasn’t very interesting. She’s a nervous sort of person due to pressure from her family back home.

Onmund:  “It’s good to see another Nord here.”

Me: “Uh…yeah. Back atcha, bro.”

Onmund: “Nords usually hate anything that has to do with magic…”

Me: “…No shit.”

Seemed like a nice enough fellow.

J’zargo…oh J’zargo.

And you better read the following line in his voice.

J’zargo: “You are new, yes? Have you mastered the expert level destruction spells yet?”

Me: “Uhh…no.”

J’zargo: “That is good. J’zargo will learn them first.”



(…still haven’t learned any expert level destruction spells as of writing this) /guilty

Downward Spiral

Now, I don’t really remember how Tolfdir thought that investigating and disturbing an ancient crypt was a good idea, BECAUSE IT’S NOT.

Onmund was right when he said it felt bad disturbing the dead. But I’m sure the dead didn’t feel bad. Everyone should have listened to Brelyna…

Draugr. Draugr everywhere. Draugr here, draugr there, draugr everywhere. And I had no help. Thanks a lot, I’m sure you all tried so hard to come protect your novice student. Geez.

I'm starting to think that maybe I should have put the draugr higher up on the list of enemies I hate the most. So annoying...

And to be honest, I’m not really sure I got the whole point of the questline, I mean with the ghost guy from the Psijic Order  was kind of interesting, but I started this questline a few months ago so I don’t remember all the details.

I just remember hating draugr.


Anyway, we end up finding the Eye of Magnus and bring it back to the college and plunk it down right in the middle of the Hall of Elements, because somehow, everyone thinks it’s a great idea to have a powerful, ancient artifact WE KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT close to everyone because hey, nothing harmful could come of it, right?


Why do I have a feeling this won't end well?



"For the last time, no we don't have a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid. Drevis still has it out on loan and I can't find him anywhere."

So anyway, I went up to go find the grumpy orc librarian, Urag gro-Shub, who told me very frankly to find some three lost books some renegade mage ran off with awhile back to Fellglow Keep. Yaay. There better not be anymore draugr…

And let’s be honest here, I was kind of already bored, so I kind of wandered away after this point to do more interesting quests at the time. To be honest I barely remember any of this. Obviously I managed to get the books, got them back to Urag gro-Shub…and sorry, I have no idea what happened after that!

Anyway, I get back to the college and Tolfdir is just so amazed by this humongous ball of glowy-ness, he tells me it’s nothing like anything he’s ever seen before. Of course, just when he’s getting into talking about the mysteries of the Eye, a little whiny Thalmor High Elf whom I briefly met before when I joined shoved his way through like a little bitch, and demanded I follow him to talk to some mysterious “stranger”. The whole time I followed him, he whined and complained to me how he doesn’t trust me and demands I tell him shit. How about…no? Maybe when you grow some balls and stop being such a pussy, princess.

The guy from the Psijic Order shows up again, freezes time like a badass and tells me more shit I can’t remember. But it was some sort of warning. After he disappeared Ancano freaked out and demanded I tell him everything. Of course, I didn’t. If I was going to tell anyone, it would have been the Arch-Mage.

So, STFU, Ancano. Suck it!

Revealing the Unseen

For some reason, at first I thought it was a buffalo. A pretty buffalo, though.

Now, around here was when I got back into the questline, finally after 100-something hours that I really should finish it or something. I went to the ruins Mzulft (yay…you all know, along with the draugr, how much I hate Dwarven machinery…). When I finally got the crystal and found Parathus, then made it to the Oculory, I have to admit, it was pretty darn cool (once I actually managed to figure it out, that is…). The guy assisting me, Parathus gets all freaked out because it’s not what he expected. Well, geez, it’s not like it’s my fault. I got it working. Don’t blame me if you’re disappointed or something.

Then the magically appearing man yet again made his appearance and urged me back to the college (which I was going to head there right after, anyways). Apparently Ancano flipped out and made all these magic abnormalities appear (by the way, Arniel, you’re a fucking conjurer mage, why the hell are you punching everything?!), killed the Arch Mage (whom I never really developed an attachment to since I barely ever saw him, so his death didn’t really phase me, but I did like his accent…) and, just to be more annoying, made this crazy-ass magical barrier around himself and the Eye.

“Hahaha!! I’m awesome!!”

Uh, we’ll see about that…

Mirabelle’s dying wish was to get me to find the Staff of Magnus, which again, I had to go dungeon crawling for (of course. Geez, Ren, are you forgetting what you’re playing?).  The dungeon itself wasn’t all too bad, I mean, lots of Draugr Death Lords, but it wasn’t something me and Marcurio can’t handle, right sweety?

Marcurio: “Here, this is for you. I’ll have a fresh batch for tomorrow.”

…How the fuck are you making these apple pies?!

The Dragon Priest was kind of a joke…Wait, was this the dungeon with the Dragon Priest? Yeah, it was. Basically I did the ol’ door trick, hit ’em with an arrow, hide behind the door until he stops searching for you, then hit him again, etc. Unfortunately, I messed up somewhere in that foolproof formula, and he came out after us. I dodged his ice storm attacks, FUS-RO-DAH!!‘d him a few times, used the Ice Form, and Ethereal when my health was too low, and hit ’em with the Staff of Magnus. Boo yeah, drain that magic. Win dat shit, yo.

Thinking it’s finally over, Marcurio and I made our way to the exit.



Some Arcano-lackey.

Thalmor Guy: “Hahahaha. Honestly didn’t think you’d make it this far. …Now give me the staff.”

Me: “Ancano?”

Him: “No! I am Estormo!”

Me: “Well geez, how am I supposed to know? You all look the same with your hoods up…”

Estormo: “And now you dieeee!!”


And then I wanted to FUS-RO-DAH!! him and knock him out in one shot like in a Youtube video I saw awhile back…but shamefully, to say…

He kicked my ass.

And I had to fight a whole bunch of draugr again. But not the Dragon Priest. Thank god I saved right after that.

Second time, he wasn’t so lucky. I hid and dodged his attacks, then used the Staff and sucked the magic out of him. When he ran out of that…it started to take his health. Marcurio had the pleasure of finishing him off with his crazy ass lightning spells. Yay.

Hoping there were no more interruptions, I made it back to the College in one piece and broke Ancano’s barrier. Eat that.

Get ready for some ass-kicking, traitor!

Tolfdir: “Use it on the eeeyyyyeee!”

And so I did.

Actually, for awhile, I thought I was supposed to hit Ancano with it, maybe that too, I dunno, but I concentrated on the eye, and my associates finished off Ancano.

Finally, done at last.

The man from the Psijic Order appeared again and congratulated me, saying thank you, and that the world was not ready for such powerful magic. No shit. Now take it back!

So, they all raised their arms and everything glowed and–

The game froze.

I almost rage-quit’d.

But I didn’t.

I had to do all that shit again, all that Ancano and Eye of Magnus bullshit (it actually went a lot faster this time, we all kicked some ass!!), listen to the magic guy and then, this time it didn’t freeze.

And the Eye was gone.


And I became the Arch Mage. Wooo.

The room is pretty cool…but I still like the Wizard’s Tower from Oblivion better. It was a little less blue.

At least I got to keep the staff.


I had a small amount of satisfaction telling Drevis the Illusionist he was actually invisible, when he wasn’t. I just wished they followed up on that hilarity, because it has a lot of potention.

But I most certainly enjoyed Brelyna practicing her spells on me. That was actually pretty damn funny.

Me: “Everything is greeeen.”

Brelyna: “Oh, dear, I um…sorry? Just give me a second, let me see if I can fix that!”

Brelyna: “Oh, where did this cow come from! Now it’s a dog! Go away, dog! Go home!”

Dog: “Bark!”

And to this day, it’s still here.

Annoying Onmund.

Onmund: “C’mon! Go! Get outta here!!”

Dog: “Bark!” (tail wag)

I guess they all have a new roommate now. Someone to keep them company, now that I’ve moved into the Arch-Mage’s quarters.

Overall, what did I think of this questline compaired to the other Factions so far (minus the Thieves’ Guild, I haven’t finished that one yet)? Pretty boring, to be honest. And pretty short, too. I mean, it had its moments, but for additional playthroughs, I definitely won’t be rushing to complete this one again.

Image Credits: UESP Wiki, The Elder Scrolls Wiki, Unknown

(PS: I can’t believe how long it took for me to find those trap doors underneath the staircases. Honestly…!)


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