Mini Post: “Mey Dovahkiin, Geinmaar Nis Aan Aar. Aan Dovah Alok Fod Mu Fent.”

March 12, 2012

"Geh. It is my promise, Dovahkiin. But do not expect me to be at your beck and call. I am not your pet."

Sorry for the long title.

Also my dragonspeak kind of sucks, forgive me.


So, for today’s adventure I decided to load up an older save, namely the last save for my first character, level 39 female Nord, Lilian. I was in the middle of getting these stupid artifacts, by which, is quite annoying (I think the quest was called “Forbidden Legend” or something along those lines…longest quest ever). Got that shit done after fighting 40 billion Draugr, kinda didn’t know what to do after that, figured I’d finish the other quest on collecting blood from different races. I only had the Falmar left to collect, so I went off in search of Dwarven Ruins (what? Where else do you find the Falmar? inb4 Blackreach).

Amusingly, by the Dragon Bridge (and quite predictably, in fact), an Elder Dragon appeared. Loading this save solely for an epic dragon battle, I prepared myself and shouted,


…I died before he even got there.

When it actually DID work later on…

…It wasn’t nearly as epic as I thought it would be.

Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty cool…until the stupid Ice Dragon just randomly flew away. Lame.

Since then I’ve summoned Odahviing lots of times. It’s pretty fun, but I don’t want to overuse it. Somehow it just makes me think I’m just taking him for granted.

Fighting two bandits and a frost spider? Not worth it.

Fighting a bear? Not worth it.

Fighting a whole bunch of Forsworn? Worth it.

Fighting two saber cats? Worth it.

Fighting Imperial guards who get pissed at you because you didn’t walk away fast enough even though you couldn’t really move that fast because you’re over-encumbered? Kiss my Dovahkiin ass.

Fighting a spriggan, a few forsworn, a spider and a bear all at the same time? Totally worth it.

Hell yes.

What I like about Odahviing is he doesn’t leave until ALL your enemies are dead. Or, at least, it doesn’t seem like he does. Which I’m actually very grateful for.

…How I wish I could have summoned him when I was inside Bthardamz fighting the Afflicted. It wasn’t exactly hard, I had an orc follower, but man that was a fucking long dungeon. Like, holy shit. And they get super annoying when you don’t manage to kill them in sneak mode with a single arrow, because if there’s a lot of them they all swarm at you and puke all over you. >_<


Well, at least I got a cool Daedric shield! 😀


Back to Odahviing…

I was about to summon him when I was faced with a lone single Master Necromancer on top of a tower. Since I didn’t have that much faith in myself against the a mage alone, I was going to summon him.


And she fell off the tower. Yay.

Also, there was this one time I was trying to get back to an orc stronghold near Markarth, when a Frost Dragon LANDED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I BARELY ESCAPED WITH MY LIFE, I HAD NO POTIONS, I CALLED ODAHVIING, WHO HAD NOT YET ARRIVED AND I COULDN’T BECOME ETHEREAL.

…So I ran like hell, chugging down a ethereal potion. I made it to the stronghold, thank the nine. I have no idea what happened with the battle outside. It could have been epic, who knows.

Then all the orcs got pissed at me for trespassing and I died right after being named bloodkin.

Orc Chief: “Thank you for the gauntlets! You are now considered one of us. You are welcome in any of our strongholds across Skyrim, bloodkin.”

Me: “Yay!! Thank you!!”

Random Orc: “You’re not supposed to in here!!”

Me: “…Shit!”

Random Orc: “Pay 10 gold or die!”

Me: “K, I’ll pay.”

(gets killed a second later)


When I came out, the Frost Dragon was still flying around, Odahviing was nowhere to be seen. If he really came to help at all, is still unknown.

Odahviing, you disappoint.

But then again, maybe it’s time I fight my own battles.


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