A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

February 14, 2012

From the one quest in Oblivion I didn’t do…but I thought it was appropriate for this post.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, and I’m bored, I figure’d I’d talk a bit about love in some Bethesda games, and the interesting points about them. Yes, there is love there, not the love of killing, or stealing, no, I mean actual person-loves-another-person (or themselves) kind of love.

Minor Spoilers for Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas.


I can’t say I’ve gotten that far in Oblivion (there’s still so much to do!), but I’ve seen a few examples here…uh, most of them are a case of domestic violence, or resentment…so I guess it’s…er…more about heartbreak than it is about love?

There’s the couple in Bruma in the quest Two Sides of a Coin, the one where the woman wants you to get info out of her husband in prison. It got quite messy that quest…she was greedy and wanted the treasure her ex-husband hid…and he wanted me to kill her. What love.

…I told him I killed her when I didn’t, turns out she got killed anyway by someone else, and I still got the treasure. Yay.  Not sure what happened to the hubby, though. Got myself a good amount of loot out of the whole deal. Sweeet.

…The other uh, “love”, I witnessed was in Chorrol, at the Rimalus and Rena Bruiant’s house (remember the woman who had the two dogs, Bailey and Kezune, and took them everywhere with her? That’s the couple I’m talking about). I broke in one day to find Rimalus beating his wife, but mostly the dogs. I killed him, saved Bailey, and his wife absolutely did not care about his death. Another crisis adverted. You’re welcome, Rena.

Supposedly there’s another quest in Oblivion were you have to set a couple up, but I’ve never gotten it. Perhaps I’ll take the time sometime soon and check it out.

…Which actually relates to the next game…


I just found out (yesterday, in fact), that you can do love quests for the Temple of Mara. It’s definitely cute, I liked the first couple you can set up.

Fastred: “But I thought you only cared about your fishing…”

Klimmek: “What’s the point of fishing if there’s no one to share your catch with?”


Of course, there’s the whole “getting married” thing, which is new to the TES series. You put on an Amulet of Mara, walk around and see who’s exactly interested in you.

…Except I’m a bit of a heart breaker. Actually, I do it for fun.

Guy: “I want to marry you! In fact I’d marry you twice!”

Me: “…Interested, are we?”

Guy: “Yes!! And you?!”

Me: “Nope, sorry.”

Guy:” …Hmph. Okay…”

(Rinse, and repeat. You get the picture.)

Although, I find it cool you can marry a member of the same-sex, too. There’s a lot of female NPCs I like in this game, but for my first character, sorry, Marcurio won over the ladies this time.

Fallout 3

Besides the unconditional love of a parent/child, this game had a bit of “love” moments in it. The first I can think of is the obvious Catherine/James (your parents), but a more prominent scene in the game begins in Rivet City.

A Nice Day for a Wedding is the quest I’m talking about. Angela is in love with an acolyte named Diego, and she wants your help to get them together. There’s several ways you can complete this quest, but for me I got a happy ending…although it did glitch out and I never got to see the wedding. 😦

Fallout: New Vegas

Well, besides the fact you can sleep with the guy who shot you in the head–yes, I’m talking about Benny–I found a few sad stories in this game.

One, you have the prostitute in Gomorrah casino, who is desperate to find her boyfriend Carlitos, and wants to escape. That quest was a bit tricky, it took a few tries (usually it ended with Carlitos being killed by the Gomorrah family…sigh), but once I got them free, I was really happy.

Two: Craig Boone.

“What is it?”

Boone just made me sad. You meet him in Novac. He tells you the story of how someone in the town sold his wife to slavers. The only way you can recruit him as a follower is to find who did it, and let Boone snipe them. The mission was quite satisfying in terms of sweet revenge, provided you actually took the right person out and not just anyone. But if this is why Boone is so stoic…it makes me really sad. Even the quest name, One for My Baby just makes it sadder. He’s such a bad ass…

Me: “So, do you ever take off the beret?”

Boone: “No.”

…So yeah. Happy Valentine’s Day.

This seemed a lot more pleasant in my head…hmmm.

Maybe I’ll marry an Argonian this time…Argonians are cool…

Image Credits: UESP Wiki/Unknown/Fallout Wiki


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