The Spectral Assassin & I

February 9, 2012

…Do not get along at all.


Don’t get me wrong, he’s dreadfully useful, maybe too much so, since if I don’t get to ambush someone before they see me, I’ll need some backup because I’m not exactly a tank.

My Khajiit character just can’t stand him.

He talks…and talks…and talks…and talks some more. With a loud booming spectral voice, it gets especially annoying when talking to other NPCs, because he seems to be FIVE TIMES LOUDER THAN ANYONE ELSE.

Honestly, if he stopped saying the same things over and over every 30 seconds I wouldn’t mind him at all.

Any of this sound familiar?

“My Listener?”
“Lead and I will follow…Child of Darkness.”
“We are bonded now, you and I. Joined by the powers of the Void.”


Seriously, what happened, man? You used to be awesome in Oblivion…mainly because you didn’t really talk so much. Urgh.

Random NPC: “Oh, have you visited Morthal? I heard that this–”

Spectral Assassin: “In life, I was but a Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood, but you have been named Listener. There is no higher honor.”

Random NPC: “…when the sunsets. Strange, huh?”

Me: “…Wut.”

Or…sneaking around in the dungeon. I usually focus on listening for any signs of movement or life.

Me: (sneak, sneak)

Spectral Assassin: “Perhaps we should find a random stranger to murder… practice does make perfect.”

Bandit: “O HALLO THAR!!” (slice)

Me: (dies)

I wish there was a way to dismiss him, other than him dying. I smacked him around with my blades a few times before he became aggro in the Winking Skeever, so I had to stand on the bed and just shoot lighting up his ass. Geez.

And then after all that…I find out I broke a rule in the Dark Brotherhood and now have to pay 500 gold?! GODDAMN IT, LUCIEN!!

At least he’s as slow as other followers. So when I get on Shadowmere I usually just leave him behind…unfortunately then, when I actually DO need him…he’s nowhere to be found.

…And then he shows up AFTER I kiled whatever ambushed us.


I sound like a big complainer, maybe I am. But hey.

Other than that though, the Dark Brotherhood’s questline is pretty fun so far.  Maybe I’ll write my thoughts about it next time.

Spectral Assassin: “I live…again!”


Image Credit: UESP Wiki



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