Special Post: The End is Near

February 3, 2012

Whenever I get close to an end of a game (at least, the main quest, anyway…but some games don’t let you play after it’s completed), I tend to drag it out as long as possible. I take my time, I don’t rush into it, and I enjoy it. I think about how long it took me to get to where I’m at, and what kind of game I played up until then.

…And to be honest, it makes me a little sad.

For example, when I played Final Fantasy X a long time ago (it was my first Final Fantasy, to be honest), I played 36 hours of it, before finishing it a few months later. The first time I completed it, I was surprised at the ending, but I felt quite satisfied. The second time I played it…I almost cried. It’s that kind of finality, the end, what you’ve enjoyed for days/weeks/months/years…the main story comes to a close. And it’s never quite the same the second time you do it…not only because you KNOW what happens…but also because it’s just not the first time…the excitement of the unknown.

Thus, I’m almost to the end of Skyrim’s main quest. Almost at the end of beating Alduin, the World Eater.

Honestly, I felt the main quest was really fun, but it seemed sort of short (I weaved in and out of it through the whole 130 hours of playing). There were some annoying parts, sure, but some of my favourite quests WERE from the main questline. I liked to see how the story played out, how the other characters changed and grew (and my own, too). I liked fighting dragons like a badass Dovahkiin mofo. I really got into it as I got further along…for example, during “Season Unending” I actually TALKED to the screen, but it was all in trying to become more engaged to the story (BTW, I remained neutral, if you haven’t picked sides in the Civil War quests you’ll know what I mean).

It was also interesting to see what kind of character mine had become. I went into this game without an idea for what kind of style or class I wanted to play. I experimented in virtually everything…well, except I was terrible at pick-pocketing, so I kind of gave up on that. 😛

I played how I would really react if I was in such situations, so really Lilian, my first character, was like a badass Nord version of myself…but more brave and crazy.

Unfortunately (or not), I hadn’t unlocked all the dragon shouts…or found them, for that matter.  Guess I can save it for the next playthrough. Which is exactly why I try not to do too much during a first run.

When I’m done the story, I’ll probably fuck around a little, finish the other non-main quests, level up to 50 and get my last few perks (I’m almost level 39 now). Then I’ll focus on my other characters, Käianne (stupid name, I know), a evil Khajiit, and Lilith, a full-of-herself Wood Elf mage.

So Lilian, my Nord couterpart, it’s been a great run. You’ve been a good character to begin my adventure and introduction into Skyrim.

Let the final battle commence!!

(PS: I haven’t beaten the Main Quest in Oblivion yet. Oh, I am so bad! :P)

Image Credits: Elder Scrolls Wiki, Bethesda Softworks


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